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  1. well if you tell us the books you want ill have a look and sell them to you as a whole!
  2. se kinehya- baba harnaam singh rampurkhere wale book added nitnem cd - prof. satnam singh ji sethi
  3. The meaning of sikh baptism is now also available to buy! (amrit ki hai translated into english )
  4. fateh ji, as many of you might know at sri guru singh saba gurdwara coventry, we have a library with alot of books,cd's,tapes etc... we have decided to sell them on ebay so that people who like reading books but cant come to the library can buy online! ill keep the topic updated when new items are put on sale! At the moment is: Bhai sahib bhai randhir singhs auto biography Bhai rama singhs: in search oof the true guru get yours now as im sure they wont last long! Also if theree are any book requests please do let us know and well try find for you! http://shop.ebay.co.uk/merchant/tarn
  5. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=110347699168
  6. i quite like the one you have at the moment, nice and simple, khalsa colours, khanda, has the word sikh in it. Looks smart
  7. we have a thick punjabi dictionary at sri guru singh sabha library which opens sunday 11-1:30. If youre local, pop in and get one i think we only have 2-3 left. otherwise i will be putting quite a few books on ebay for sale, ill let you know when its on there
  8. so which of those things you just mentioned that we should do are you going to do? what im trying to say is that we have a habbit of saying we should do this and do that but we dont do it ourselves. We expect other people to read what we are saying so they do something! if someone says get posters made for distribution, you dont have to be no big graphic designer for it to happen, even paint can do the job, all we want to do is give the sangat that dont know about 84 the information they need. bhul chuk maaf
  9. there are quite a few people involved at the moment but just havent gave their numbers in but they are keeping track of them!
  10. keep digging into that khajana for treasure people, all gold in there!
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