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  1. Correction - Just checked there is no hukamnama but Signature of Dasmesh Pita on one of the hand written pothi kept at Guru Ram Rai Darbar and some of the items shown to sangat every year during Jhanda Mela which is currently going on till 21st April.
  2. You are joking right ? Let me tell you what else is in Guru Ram Rai darbar dehradun ... Shasters and kalgi of Guru HarGobind Sahib .... Hand written pothi of Bhai Gurdas copied from 1st Sroop of Guru Granth Sahib .... Hand written hukanama and a teer of Guru Gobind Singh given to Ram Rai and yes Kundal Dress and Joda of Guru Har Rai Sahib. Should we disown these treasures because they are with Ram Raiyas ? Do you know the Guru Granth Sahib compiled by Guru Arjun Dev is with Dhirmaliyas even today should it be disowned as well ?
  3. Keep it where a Christian would keep it.
  4. You are confusing between brhamin caste and brhamin seat. When you read gurbani it never talks about the caste but the authority and claimed monopoly on a group of people. These verses also implies of sikh religious/political preachers but why would they translate it as it should be.
  5. There are more chances of winning a battle by luck then by any tantra or mantra. This is what Guru Nanak writes in babur Bani Whomsoever the Creator would confound, He first forfeiteth his virtue. Countless pirs tried their miraculous powers to halt the Mir (Babar) as they heard of his approach. He burned ancient seats and houses strongly built and cast into dust princes after severing their heads. Yet no Mughal became blind and no magic of the pirs worked.
  6. Sikhism is easiest religion but 20th century scholars creating their on mareyada is making the most difficult religion in world. You can do chandi di war at any time and there is no need to recite it all night if you are doing it after sunset. The basic mareyada for any bani is you recite it when you feel like reciting it.
  7. I have set a reminder for 31st Dec 2021 in my google calendar. I will bump this thread.
  8. Rightly said but sadly we dont have a plan neither we are willing to have one. The only plan sikhs have is what to do in next langar and what should be the decoration off next divan.
  9. We are confident about Khalsa Raj but in reality we cant even take our Gurdwaras back from Badal dal.
  10. Someone here on the forum said that people in satyugh were 30-50 feet tall that make dinosaurs cute pets of satyugh. May be Brhama riding a swan is actually a pterosaurs.
  11. Vishwamitra has two mentions in rig veda and ramayna (where he is related to Parshurama again satyugh avtar of Shiva). He was creator of Gaitri Mantra to me he was in satyugh. Guru Gobind Singh ji wrote 24 avtar katha how many of these avtars from satyugh ? How come when Dharma has 4 legs God has to take a form to save his Bhagats and Dharma again and again as opposed to duapar treta or kalyugh ? The definition of satyugh and what happened in satyugh dont correlate ? Why is this question offending you ?
  12. Vishvamitra was shiromani rishi he was such big japi tapi that he could create a universe of his own and control it but he fell for kaam when he saw Urvashi sent by Inder again satyugh
  13. Bhagat Parladh was in satyugh his father killed every citizen in his kingdom who believed in God.
  14. Adultery Prostitution Gambling etc happened in satyug treta and duapar as well.
  15. Wait for a new date by the end of 2021 may be 2030 ...
  16. Whats the connection between kalki avtar and Khalsa raj anyhow ?
  17. So you also believe Bhai Daya Singh was rebirth of Luv Son of Lord Ram as mentioned in Khalsa Mool Mantra you shared and why All bhagats took birth in same caste like Bhagat Dhana was a jatt which took birth as Himmat singh again a jatt and same goes with Bhagat namdev and all punj peyare are caste ties so strong ?
  18. I dont know why punj peyare told you not to keep kirpan in your hair. Infact the only shaster recovered from the angitha of dasam pita was his kirpan which he kept in his hair. Go to youtube search for shaster darshan hazoor sahib. Secondly the current form of kirpan/gatra was just a century old. When british annexed punjab they banned all types of public weapons including kirpans and after few years this ban was lifted and later hukamnama was issued from the Akal takth sahib about the size of kirpan hence the modern kirpans came into being and gatra was adjusted accordingly. Before this on
  19. I am not promoting it I am just emphasizing on a fact which all most all sikh youth fail to understand is what we may find today as inappropriate might be the common practice during Guru Jis time.
  20. Sikh flags color and symbol were different in different regions. The current symbol is modified version of symbol more common in Patiala reyasats during Raja Amar Singhs time and was adopted after Singh Sabha movement. There was no one symbol or color of nishan sahib before the current khanda. White color was common in Ludhiana Pothohar sindh and areas around and in afganistan blue and yellow color was common in majha todays amritsar lahore sailkot etc and red and orange was common in malwa and hill areas of punjab among sikh population. The Nishan Sahib which Guru Gobind Singh ji send with
  21. If your great grandfathers is from Punjab they used opium. Each and every household in Punjab till early 1900s had opium in their kitchen. Dont believe me just call the oldest person alive in your family and ask.
  22. As per Hinduism cows and elephants are seen closest to humans as an identity. They are aware of existence of God thats why they are respected. Cows are claimed to be as a last jooni out of 84 lakh before you get a human body. So killing cow is equivalent to killing human being spiritually.
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