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    There are 3 types of karma : 1) The first type are the karmas we done in our last life which we cannot change we have to pay for these no matter what. 2) The second type is karmas we done in our many past lives which are called our store karma, for e.g. if u killed 1000 chickens u might pay for about 100 chickens in ur next life but the rest of the burden gets carried on ur future lives after that. 3) The third type is the karmas we do in this life which will determin our future. I know we can't remember what we did in our last life but we should try to be carefull what we do in this life.
  2. Every soul is a drop of the great ocean GOD, when a drop merges into the ocean the drop becomes the ocean and the ocean becomes the drop. In reality every soul is god but it has to find god and merge into god before the soul realises this fact, how can that be done? the soul and god live in the same place but have not met each other yet, they live in the human body. If someone has lost a key in there own house but they are looking for it outside they will get tired and not find the key but if they look inside there house they will find the key and open the door. The soul instead of searching f
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