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  1. lyKw pVIAY hir nwmu iPir lyKu n hoeI ] laekhaa parreeai har naam fir laekh n hoee || Read the account of the Name of the Lord, and you shall never again be called to account. puiC n skY koie hir dir sd FoeI ] pushh n sakai koe har dhar sadh dtoee || No one will question you, and you will always be safe in the Court of the Lord. jmkwlu imlY dy Byt syvku inq hoeI ] jamakaal milai dhae bhaett saevak nith hoee || The Messenger of Death will meet you, and be your constant servant. VAHEGUROOO
  2. dhin raathee aaraadhhahu piaaro nimakh n keejai dteelaa || Worship the Lord in adoration, day and night, O my dear - do not delay for a moment.
  3. could the sangat share there most personal and favourite thuks or pangteea or shabad that mean so much to them or just love the meanings or anythng so this moorakh and sangat can learn more abt and find sum meaning in what our beautiful guru sahiba say to us.. please il srtrt off.. avar n fool anoop n paavo ||1|| rehaao || I cannot find any other flowers worthy of the incomparable Lord. ||1||Pause||
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    There're so many good ones!!! yh btttttt im sure many of the sangat have lisened to almost all of them as the list hasnt been updated much recently andd theres no harm the more keeertan the better :|
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    Vaheguroo ji ka khalsa vaheguroo ji ki fateh could anyone please do veechaar on this shabad.. Why seek safety from a lion, if one is to be eaten by a jackal?
  6. vaheguroo vaheguroo vaheguroo vaheguroo vaheguroo
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    Maybe you guys could post some of your fave tracks..( i think the fave keertan sticky needs updating maybe ..
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