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  1. Khalsa is spiritual, we have covered that point off - please kindly read the posts above and refrain from SHOUTING (!) No one on this thread is challenging the qualities of Bhai Surinder Singh Sodhi. The question concerns about what happened to his killers and why many people link their gruesome murders with Sant Jee, including many pro-Sant Jee youth? Fundementally, instances like this and others are in many ways Human Rights abuses and we need to be careful of simply linking ourselves to them as some means of settling scores or seeking justice, particularly if Sikhs, whether pro-Khalista
  2. Seeing that Bikramjit Singh and Balpreet Singh 132 appear to be away from the forum, I would request that Bilja Singh who is a learned and passionate Man on all matters Khalistan (as shown under his debate with Prabhu Singh) and Taksal to perhaps kindly set the record straight to the points arising above.
  3. It comes from Guru Gobind Singh Ji accepting gifts / giving "asheervad" / marking his approval with the use of his Teer whilst being on his Asthaan. In Hazoor Sahib bhog and acceptance of items like Rumallas for Guru Maharaj is still blessed with a Teer. The Kirpan Bhet is adapted from here, since it is the most common shastar of the Khalsa.
  4. This is a great and much need (and very long awaited) step from the SGPC, hopefully we can see some positive steps come from this quickly.
  5. Akali Sodhi is right about the following: 1. The Hariavela Nihangs do exactly the same thing as the Buddha Dal nihangs - i.e. Goats are chatka'ed at their camps and Sukha is also prepared despite their leader being a tee-total vegetarian. 2. Those who like to indicate that Baba Santa is not the Jathedar, I believe you should perhaps reconsider given the following: - Baba Surjit Singh has been declared as a the NEXT Jathedar to be, and - Baba Balbir Singh Akali, although a one time detractor of Baba Santa Singh owing to the Akal Thakt incident, has now sought forgiveness and his Dal (whic
  6. Dear "khalistan_the_only_answer" if you are going to quote Bhai Desa Singh, please do so in full and not simply choose the bits YOU like (much like most fanatical sikh organisations today). The same rehitnama clearly mentions it is acceptable to eat a jhatka'ed Goat, just not in the Langar. It also mentions that before war, one may have alcohol, but otherwise not to even take its name. For the record, I'm a vegetarian, but the Gurus word is final and let's deal with that - if we are going to start bringing up issues like this shabd accordingly this or that translation indicates it is wrong t
  7. LK veer - I agree the Mr Tully isn't the most reliable source, that is fine - which is why we are discussing this here - however the notion of Baljeet Kaur being mutilated by her murderers (including both her breats been chopped off amongst other things) is not something that only Mark Tully indicates, in fact this has been mentioned elsewhere and also on this forum and others. "Nang Singh" (I'm sure you're not a Nang, since that would imply you are naked...but then again if you are, please don't confirm!), my point is simple: 1. Bhai Sodhi Ji was a respected member of Sant Jee's personnel -
  8. militan4evabains, thanks for your update, this sounds more plausible, given the concerns I aired above, however I would be grateful if someone more familiar with the finer details could clarify this once and for all (perhaps members like Bikramjit Singh or Balpreet Singh 132, who have more intimate knowledge of 1980s and the human rights abuses in Punjab could share their knowledge). The next question that arises though, if militan4evabains is the conclusive point, is why did the Singhs go ahead and do this without sanction from Sant Jee (who I cannot believe would have condoned such action?)
  9. So are we suggesting that this women was killed by the Singhs either by burning alive or chopping up (although clearly this seems to be the concurrent theme that everyone seems to point towards including Mark Tully's book Amritsar). Whether or not it was burning or chopping - is it correct to have done this to the Woman - I find it hard to believe that a Singh or a Sant could condone such actions that too within the precints of the Harimandir Sahib. Are we absolutely sure that this was done by the Singhs under Sant Jees command and not some sort of propaganda attempt by other elements? [wha
  10. ms514, thanks for summing this up - Admins, perhaps this is an issue worth sticking alongside other "banned discussions" like raagmala etc. The Panth has made its mind up on this matter and let's leave it at that - the Akal Thakt maryada is one agreed by numerous scholars, sants, bhai sahibs and other reputable individuals, it is truly Panthic as it encompasses all groups (i.e. doesn't divide on the Raagmala issue, the keski issue or the meat issue), now if certain groups owing to their founding members walking out of panthic discussions continue with their fringe society elements, that's up
  11. Thanks for your input LK Bhraji - Baljit Kaur is believe is the name I have read before, although her exact relationship to Bhai Sodhi Jee I'm uncertain of (not sure if she was his girlfriend or a girl who asked his help because her partner was beating her, or the lover of Sodhi's actual slayer - I've heard/read variations across all such themes), however her murder is quite clear and sadly at times unquestioned by Sikhs themselves. It wasn't simply an elimination (which is bad enough), but torture and murder, given the fact that her body was so grusomely dismembered - I would like to underst
  12. Great pics of Bhai Surinder Singh Jee. Quick question - is the reference to the "chopping" referring to the incident of Sodhi's girlfriend who was later hacked to pieces, including severe mutilation (such as the chopping off of her breasts and other body parts)? I understand that a photograph of this women's mutilated body was then later hung outside a certain persons office (those who are more aware of the facts, please confirm details) and that this case remains unsolved to this day (although people above seem to be squarely putting the murder/slaying onto the Singhs/Sant Jee's orders?) P
  13. Khalsa Fauj - please could you clarify what you find to be the "Snaatan Mutt/Hindu Mutt propaganda" the yugs and the numbers issue or that some people conclude from Bhai Gurdas Varan that the make up of the Gurmantar Vaheguru from the letters V, H, G and R and their respective mantars?
  14. These accusations are very valid and should be investigated further and stopped - what I find hilarious is the manner in which this one instance has provoked a stride of anti-Ramgarhia comments, whereas not once was a single anti-Singh Sabha comment or anti-bhatra comment made when in the majority of recent cases involving the Singhs from R4SGGSJ campaign have concerned the latter (Singh Sabhas in the main), not only this but also the instances of belly dancing concerned the same group of Gurdwaras, as did the weekly violence over communal affairs, as did the on public TV violence concering ta
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