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  1. Bhai Jee, All the responses above related to your question are spot on. I would just add if you know any local elder Gursikh who you know is not judgemental and can understand do try to reach out just sit have have a talk. Talking about these things with others in a confidential space can help. If it’s an elder they could tell you what they were like in their younger days which may help and they could regular check up on you and help you keep on your path.
  2. T_Singh


    Very sorry to hear that, you don’t want to keep all these feelings inside. Please do talk to someone you trust and can confide in. Do try to take sometime and do or listen to some paath for some peace. Also, maybe also try to talk to your husband about how you are currently feeling and possible counselling?
  3. Hope you a speedy recovering. If you are the only person doing this for the past few months shouldn’t your team have stated let us share the seva out and taken it off you esp when you are recovering from COVID??? Mate, get others on board who have the time; do a volunteer request
  4. I can’t believe a post I wrote in 2014 popped its head out in 2020! it can be done; you just need liked minded, trustworthy as well hard working people in your starter village.
  5. Dearest sweet humble Muslim Neighbour, I trust this finds you well and are safe during the world pandemic. just a thought, as we live in present time not 1400 yrs ago and new types of crimes occur and illegal activities occur plus other debatable issues in the umma (like white wine vinegar and beer batter that my Muslims friends hold different views on) where does the laws come for these types of crimes in your Islamic states etc. Are they from God/Qu’ran or does your scholars make decisions on these and some scholars can’t even agree on the same issue and give different advice out
  6. Good morrow Mr Singh, although I can appreciate your frustration however, Punjab’s present time problem is the Christian pastors and their sneaky tactics of the less fortunate population of the state. That my dear brother is a real situation that is happening right now and Sikh leaders need to sit together and discuss options without thinking and mentioning ‘what is the best way to benefit my pocket’
  7. Was looking for it today on FB I couldn’t find it; I thought I saved unfortunately I didn’t. Has anyone else seen it? Please share as I too would like to see it again. Please share it here.
  8. I remember a couple of years ago on FB there was a Nihung Singh who made a live feed on his channel in punjabi and destroyed Christian arguments because he had studied their bible. People need to support him and basically do prahcaar in the pinds. The Christian story is quite easy to debunk, Singhs should just tell the pind peeps of the Christian technique of sly converting to keep them aware.
  9. The belief of God is exactly just that: - a belief. To some people it’s the Sun God, to some it’s Shiva, then you have the trinity and some call God Allah. You have some that don’t believe in God at all and some that believe there is something out there. It is YOUR belief and it’s OK; when someone that let’s say believes in the trinity and tries to explain this to some who had an adamant in the belief in let’s say Shiva; the one that believes in Shiva may not understand the trinity theory and the one who have faith in the trinity may not understand the Shiva theory. As long as we can respec
  10. Dearest Muslim Neighbour, When you see their behaviour in the park you can actually see their true colours, why would someone want to debate with persons who are disingenuous, liars, and bullies. I am sure you are aware of when Hijab started to offer out Sa Ra Garvey to a boxing match because he was but hurt that he could not answer Sa Ra Garveys questions on Islam and that Sa Ra was destroying the Muslim speakers in the park. Mr Neighbour, just because inter-faith events between Sikhs and others are not on YouTube (they might be I haven’t checked) doesn’t mean they haven’t happe
  11. @MuslimNeighbour mate there are videos of when Annan Rashid is caught in a corner he just shouts and tries to speak louder and calls the person a liar or an Islamaphobe. Hijab and Ali Dawah have also been disrespectful. In regards to your point about how people on this forum discuss how to get people attracted to Sikhi; not sure what is wrong with Sikhs discussing this amongst themselves as all faith most likely have this discussion. Don’t you guys have Dawah siminar and how to get people to come to Islam? Yes you do. In fact I came across a talk (only heard like the first three mins) it w
  12. Sikhs do have Inter-Faith dialogue at inter-faith evenings and events. They happen regular in local boroughs. What I have noticed you have mentioned Sikhs don’t come to Speakers Corner and discuss Sikhi at this particular location. My friend, have you seen what goes on there? over the years it has become chaos and many people just want to argue rather than discuss. I can see maybe why you feel so confident about this place when it’s about 70% Muslims that are there, and among them are which are just looking for fights. Shias have been chased out of the park as well as non-Muslims that cri
  13. BLM movement want slave traders statues down and changing names of certain places which have been somehow connect to the Atlantic slave trade. I can feel their sentiments the hurt and frustration; therefore, I applaud they got the government ear and eye here. However, I can’t help wonder will the BLM movement also put the same energy and concentration regarding the Arab slave trade? The Arab slave trade went on for much longer than the Atlantic slave trade, Muhammed had and traded slaves and in some present days Arab countries they still are selling black slaves. I wonder if Bla
  14. In Kalyug only the naam given by Guru Nanak Patshah will save you. Other names of Vaaheguru are from the other yugs which can be chanted however, Vaaheguru is the Gurmantar for kalyug. Sabh Tai Vada Satgur Nanak Jin kal Rakhi Meri Guru Nanak is the greatest of all; he saved my honour in this dark age of Kali Yuga. - Guru Granth Sahib Jee ang 750
  15. Best to find someone on same level. Whenever you decide to take amrith then realistically you can only marry an Amritdhari man and at the time and stage although your parents are not supportive of you marrying an Gursikh guy they won’t really have any other option as you will be a Gursikh yourself. However, only take amrith once you feel ready and have the thirst to give your sees to Guru sahib
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