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    Hello Firstly you really need get out of the house go out with friends and take up some sport hobby. Meet up with friends (positive friends that will have a good effect on you and your Jeevan) if you feel you need to talk to someone talk to a specialist in this field. Do ardaas to Satguru Guru Granth Sahib Jee. In time you will move on just remember Guru sahib tell us to not have attachment to things and people. If you are Amrithdhaari you should also go pesh for any galti and the advise. Hope this helps and hope you get better.
  2. T_Singh

    Unwanted hair

    Hello, If it was a medical condition I.e. women with hormone in-balance then I am sure you can take medication and advice from the Punj. If it’s just kes in places that all men/women get we are required to accept Vaaheguru Jee’s creation and not change our image. I am 39 and I too have kes propping up that wasn’t there before we all do as when humans get older esp men their eye brows will go more bushy, hair props up in your ears and nostrils. It’s just part of life. If you want to keep your rehit but are struggling with this maybe speak to more senior spiritual Gursikhs in your areas who can advise you and uplift your spirits. Hope this is a little help.
  3. T_Singh

    Help plz.

    Can you explain what you meant by performing the inner journey without taking Amrith?
  4. T_Singh

    Husband passed away

    Vaaheguru Jee, I am very sorry to hear about your loss phenjee; I would recommend reading Sri Sukhmani Sahib also Dukh Bhanjani Sahib (this is a collection of small baani’s put together) You can find both in Gutke or online. I know it must be very difficult at the moment but do try to sit with Guru sahib and try to do naam simran as Guru Jee says that’s the cure for difficult times. Please don’t hesitate to ask for anything futher. I wish you well phenjee
  5. T_Singh

    anyone own a dog?

    They seem great dogs too, German shepherds are very protective of their home and can be barking a lot around strangers, but loving to their owners. The big dogs do need loads of exercise so as long as you commit to this. As mentioned before Jee please do your research and speak to other dog owners and your local vet for further information.
  6. T_Singh

    anyone own a dog?

    Have you seen the dogs in India that just eat parshada? They don’t look healthy at all. I do agree they can survive on just veggies but they are not designed just to be on veggie, just look at their teeth and the fact that some owners give them a raw meat diet and they can digest raw meet. Why deny them what Vaaheguru Jee has created them to be their Khraakh. Piaario it’s your choice some owners give, wet food, some dry, some raw and some veggie. If I’m doubt speak to the vet jeeo. Its not about laziness in-fact giving them veggie food would be quicker and cheaper but as I said earlier I won’t deny them what is their khaarakh. Myself and many other Amrithdhaari Gursikh families like mine giving our dog this dry dog food and keep it separate and we don’t see nothing wrong with it. I say don’t fall in vehem that your dog is eating meat and you have meat on a shelf. That’s what Guru sahib Jee wanted us to steer clear from - Vhem.
  7. T_Singh

    anyone own a dog?

    I have a dog, it’s lovely to have one and great for the children (depending what breed you get) we feed the dog dry dog food and have a separate shelf for her stuff in the conservatory. You can’t make the dog veggie they are designed to eat meat; it is their khraakh. As mentioned above Guru sahib had a baaz what do you think Guru Jee gave it. Depending on different breed it depends how much maintenance is needed regarding grooming etc; some need more than others, some may have separation anxiety. I would say do your research when getting one. As for nitnem, keertan, sehaj paath etc, it has never been an issue she has patience and enjoys listening to keertan. Please do your research and at be patient with them they are part of the family; try to get a rescue as there are many unwanted dogs in kennels. Cavalier King Charles spaniels area great happy calm breed.
  8. T_Singh


    Bhai Jagraj went there a few times and his videos went viral due to this, I asked Basics to continue going there with his vision but they said they don’t intend to go there for the foreseeable future.
  9. You are forgetting Guru Gobind Singh maharaaj is Guru Nanak Jee therefore the Kes is important amongst other things. Futher, Guru sahib did start this Panth with the agiaa for Vaaheguroo sahib Jee. Guru sahib advised others how to be true to their Dharam and used metaphors for them as you have stated above. Maybe don’t look at Sikhi through the lens of Abrahamic faiths?
  10. T_Singh

    Unable to forgive myself

    Hello, Intimacy between yourself and your partner is fine so I am not sure why you are feeling guilty. Please try not to over think. Your are still a Khalsa you have been pesh and your lekha has been ripped apart by the Punj piaare and that in itself (presenting yourself in front on the punj) is a very noble act. Try not to over think, try to do some Sangat of gursikhs locally. Your brother T Singh
  11. I am some what pretty disappointed that Londons oldest Gurudwara which has always asked for the people's support would allow this. They are usually quite Panthic and allow Sikh students to hold events there as well. Maybe someone who has contact with the committee can ask them in the most nicest way what is going on!
  12. T_Singh

    Epidemic Of Conversion In Punjab

    Time and time again I have stated to the elders what we need to do is what they are doing. What they are doing is helping and feeding the poor. Seva is part of our dharam yet unfortunately we have failed is certain parts of applying seva. What these missionaries are attempting to do (some parts successfully) is helping the poor, feeding them assisting them and then also handing them a bible. In my opinion what we need to do collectively we have big aid charities now that go over the world and or have teams in Punjab, we need to have weekly soup kicthens, food banks and do parchaar at the same time. If these aid charities have teams in Punjab this should not be so difficult. For too long the Sikhs have turned a blind eye to the Isaaiees in Punjab, I say when will we wake up, when its too late (as usual) this is the mentality always. Seriously, we need to reform ourselves in our attidude of how it used to be.
  13. T_Singh

    Darbar Hall Seperation

    Although there may not be any requirement for separation however even in my mothers pind and fathers both men and women sit separately. I during big Programs I have seen and sat as a family due to the huge amount of people. In the west and possibly locally in Punjab I feel it's better reason being: unfortunately you will get disrespectful boys and girls who will use this opportunity for God knows what. I remember 8 or 9 years ago during a youth program a couple who liked each other and were getting in to Sikhi and during simran program whilst the lights were out the two were sitting next to each other and were caught holding hands. You will get this all day long if you think it's better and then it's a downward spiral. Secondly if you listen to Bh Manmohan singhs Talk he mentioned recently said that these groomers have been caught discussing that it's ok to go to a gurdwaras langur hall and sit there looking for your next victim. Can you imagine if we allowed mix sitting upstairs. Vaaheguru Seperate sitting is better for so many reasons.
  14. T_Singh

    Do Vegetarian Sikhs Have Poor Diets

    I don't really like to post on this subject but, ok you say veggies have a poor diet and are out of shape. However you are referring to the ones who over indulging. You say meat eater have a better diet, however as you have pointed out the veggies that 'over-indulged' compare them to the meat eater who over indulge. The over indulging meat eater are obese compared to the veggies, just look at the amount obese people around today indulging in red meat burgers, pies, Mayo, battered sausages kebabs plus eating all the veggie bad stuff as well. Of-course due to faith however as well as health reasons I would rather be a veggie. Have been over 9 years and never felt healthier lighter and haven't been over weight. You just need to eat healthy and eat right portions with exercise. I say the meat eaters need to change their diet and become veggie as they are the ones getting out of shape and becoming obese just look around today uk and us the amount of obese people there are. It's all the pies, chicken burgers, kebabs,steaks, etc. Thanks you.
  15. Pretty sure that's the logo used by the Babbars, and their Jathedar Singh Bh Wadhawa Singh, unless I am mistaken. Maybe a splinter group.. But hopefully the sinners of Punjab may think twice before hurting someone.

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