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  1. can u upload it somewhere? i've been looking for it
  2. hahaha so basically u r doin POOJA of prof sahib singh
  3. woah so many sai babas hahaha i have a buddy at uni who is sai baba worshipper! once the uni re-opens i'd check wit him neways his sai baba has this funny hairstyle....he showed the pic once......
  4. hahaha like there is haumai-meter perhaps there is religio-meter? hahaha neways singhji....leave it to bapu HE knows wats right :TH: like some1 said kis naal keejhai dosti, sabh jag challanhaar
  5. happy birthday psk stay ck & yeah....where's the cake mate?
  6. well i have plans of retiring in amritsar so tats like 20-3- yrs now?
  7. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh saadh sangat jio, a friend of mine is thinking of doin piloting course at brisbane pilot school etc, his dad has asked me if i know of any study available at acceptable interest rate, otherwise his dad would have to mortgage the house to send him study abroad hope to get the response from the sangat as soon as possible waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh
  8. whats that??? :lol: :D Pro Evolution 6 -its a football (oh sorry Mr. Caneda Ji) SOCCER game :lol: _oh_OLD: :umm: _oh_OLD: :D _oh_OLD: my last soccer game was like fifa 2002 hahaha
  9. aight chill out guys seriously i got no issues wit sarabloh if u follow sarabloh rehit....thumbs up to u if u r not n planning to....i'd say guru sahib kirpa karan if guys dont know anything.....hahaha....dun try n act too smart(sorry for being rude) welll.....as far as i know sarablohi singhs prepare their meal themselves...... y am i saying this? cos my great grand uncle(my nani jee's mama jee) was a saralohi bibeki so more or less i know the rehit....as my nani always tell me bout his routine so for the milk thingy, i guess singhs wud prefer milking the cow themselves to the starter of this thread i'd say u should ask on tapoban.org there r a lot of ppl on there who r practising it n has vast knowledge on it but do not leave sikhsangat, do give us ur sangat as well n as u learn on there....do educate us though some may not agree wit sarabloh all the best to u :TH:
  10. singh jio, there's no harm in donating ur organs....if u r planning to do so, good :TH: ....u wudnt know how many lives cud be saved by ur organs as for the sadki/sadhki or the lasan thingy these seems more like ritual to me sikhi doesnt believe in having hair on some parts of body wud make u some what lucky guy get out of these beliefs bro
  11. hahaaha eh lok ta mardey aa meat khaan vaste...ena nai peta meat khaakey marnaa va
  12. tat shows he's MOORAKH.....hahahaha only moorakhs does tat, they stick to themselves their haumai is so bladde sky high tat they cant listen to others hahahaha.....i think i'd join the forum n play arnd wit this <banned word filter activated> tat wud be fun
  13. bhai sahib im juz wondering, wud u have video of bhai gurbir singh(tarn taran) doin kirtan at last delhi semagam?
  14. cool let us know once the recordings are up on BOSS website keep up the good job :TH:
  15. hahaha veerji u know wat? juz dun bother him.....cos babaji has done the sewa given by guru sahib so let this nindak say wat he wants babaji is not gonna lose anything...n this <banned word filter activated> has lost it all there are a lot of morons like him over here in malaysia....when things go off hands....then the best advice wud be.....use ur hands n legs as well as u can... :D
  16. well veerji 1st of all u shudnt be using starch tats more like a hat as said by CaptainC well i dun wear glasses but i used to get cuts as well..cos i only used to cover half of the ear.....but since i started covering the whole ear..... :D .....no cuts since then
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