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  1. I think there is no danger of either Christianity or Islam taking an extra 1 billion people into their religions. You are discounting the progress of Atheism which is now growing across the world. In my view if the last millennium was the struggle between the Abrahamic religions against the Dharmic and pagan religions, this millennium the struggle will be between Atheism and religion in general. Atheism is affecting the Abrahamic religion more and Dharmic religions less so. Atheism is growing in the Middle East which will be a challenge to Islam just as Atheism has pretty much overtaken Christianity in the west. The interesting fact is the country, Tunisia which in the last decade sent the most foreign fighters to ISIS is also the one which has has the most people leaving religion. The other interesting fact is that these people are having to live double lives because in times like Ramadan these is not only religious but also government pressure to conform and take part in the fasting.
  2. We need to be much more selective and understand that we as a small community cannot afford to spend our resources in creating small Sikh communities in say places like Sub-Saharan Africa which will take over 10 x the resources to sustain and assist when it is cheaper and more cost effective to create a community in the states bordering Punjab. We have the example of the Afghani Sikhs, who have been ethnically cleansed from Afghanistan and whose migration to the west has taken up so much effort of Sikhs in the west and that just to save a small community of around 1000 now. The same could be the case if we create small communities in anywhere close to the Islamic world. It is much more cost effective and in the long run strategically beneficial if these communities are as close as possible to Punjab where assistance to them does not entail expensive logistics. Below is one such success story, made all the easier because his mother tongue makes it much more easier for him to understand Gurbani, he has access to local Gurdwaras which have been there for centuries, he can travel quite easily to Harmandir Sahib, he can make links with other Sikhs in his locality and be a part of the Sangat and Sikhi will grow in his family and locality. It is though him and others like him that Sikhi will truly expand beyond from our Punjabi base.
  3. It's actually Sarbat Da Bhalla. It's about wanting the best for everyone, it's not about letting your own people live in poverty while spending Dawandh which was always only for Panthic issues on others.
  4. Come on, it's never the non-Jats fault, they have no agency, they are just children who are never responsible for their actions and they just follow the big bad Jats. I bet Daily will say these Tarkhans are only doing Bhangra in their community centre because the Jats refused to have non-Jats do bhangra in the Jats' community centre.
  5. Hindu-Muslim civil war has started folks... at least on TV. Hilarious TV shop, Bania Hindu woman argues with Musla about halal meat and terrorism, starts fourth battle of Panipat! The bleeped out word is TERRORISM, in that HALAL MEAT PROMOTES TERRORISM. The reaction of the Musla shows how unhinged these people are.
  6. Unfortunately our people have a tendency to want to replicate what someone else had done. For years there was never a Punjabi radio station, then one started and a few years later there were nearly a dozen. The same happened with the satellite channel, Sikh channel started and then another channel came up and then another etc. This is pointless, what is needed is 1 Sikh channel or two channels, 1 in Punjabi and the other in English for the youth and for parchar. Ravi Singh started his karobar in 1999 and now we have over a dozen organisations who seem to think that we are just on this planet to transfer our wealth onto other communities. There's Langar Aid, Hemkunt Foundation, United Sikhs etc. Now on twitter you cannot read a few tweets about Sikhs without some pointless tweet from one of the organisations banging their drums about how great they are how they are helping humanity.
  7. I think we are seeing a real change in the attitude of our people. The secularisation that began a few decades ago is now on the back foot. Sikhs are willing to voice opinions today that would have seen them being shot down just a few years ago by our own people. What I find interesting is that criticisms of KA that were discussed here over the years are now being discussed outside of this forum and in real life. Has anyone else noticed how Khalsa Aid have now started to tweet more and more about what they are doing in Punjab. This is all due to pressure from our people, I think Ravi Singh has lost his sheen now, after his silence on the Kashmiri Paedophile and then on the Gujjar Issue, he is under pressure now. He was almost considered a Sant by some but no anymore.
  8. Just some background. This guy and others apnay work hard in manual work such as driving trucks etc in the USA and they give a part of their KIRT KAMAI back home in Punjab to help our people there. They wanted Ravi Singh to spend money in Punjab but they have been attacked by Ravi Singh's Chelay online.
  9. Here is a video from USA where Baghel Singh tells Ravi Singh some home truths. Apparently he has been attacked online by Ravi Singh's chelas for suggesting Khalsa Aid spend money on Sikhs. BE WARNING THE LANGUAGE MIGHT NOT BE SOMETHING THAT RAVI SINGH WOULD HAVE HEARD BEFORE. y
  10. West Midlands Police- I wouldn't believe a word they say.
  11. There is already a beginning being made. More and more villages need to pass these resolutions until the Gujjars are not able to stay in their deras in Punjab.
  12. Here is video that has had 215K views in the last 10 hours which shows just how much awakening has been taking place in Punjab.
  13. Watch this videos. There is a Singh called Pal Kharod who has been active with a small jathebandi of Singhs who raid Gujjar Deras and recue mentally challenged people who they have abducted and forced to work for them and kept them in slavish conditions. These Gujjars have also been accused of striking people normal people on the head so that they suffer brain injuries and they can then be kept as slaves to do manual labour for them. He also raids Gaushalas as well where there are people also kept like the Gujjars keep.
  14. I have always said the biggest battle will not be between us and non-Sikhs, it will be between us and the comrades and dhimmis like Ravi Singh who will always try and align with our enemies against the Panth. It is interesting that Khalsa Aid kept away from this village, either they knew that when the truth comes out about what had gone on there that they also would be attacked for being a part of the problem by helping Muslims and not our people. These Muslay attempted to defame the Sikh kisans by alleging that their boys had been harassing the Gujjar girls but now even they have had to admit that this wasn't true, even though this was what was alleged in the FIR. They have been shown to be liars. The Gujjars in one of the other videos said that they are from Jammu and they came to Punjab because here can get pathay for their animals. These people have been evicted from the forest department's land that they had been encroaching on and now they have started to come to Punjab. The Hindus of Jammu are getting rid of their gand and that gand is now settling in Punjab. While Jammu is decreasing it's Muslim population, Punjab is increasing its Muslim population. Left homeless after demolition drive, Gujjar Bakarwal community calls it selective targeting (milligazette.com) A few months ago the Jammu Hindus also started to harass the Rohingyas that had set up refugees camps there and even burned one of these camps. Now guess where these Rohingyas are going to come to? Fire In Jammu’s Rohingya Refugee Camp, 18 Encampments Reduced To Ashes (thecognate.com) It is not like these Gujjar bring anything positive to Punjab. They spit in the milk. Spread their gandgi everywhere, allow their buffalos to destroy the crops of the Kisans and present a danger to our majority in Punjab. The leftists and Ravi Singh bhaichara types have tried their best present this as a small matter of a village clash which happens almost everyday so that the issue could be swept under the carpet and we would go back to sleep. It looks like their efforts would have worked initially especially as the mainstream media accepted the Gujjars' lies and had presented the incidents as an attack by aggressive Jats against poor Gujjars but is good to see that many Panthic jathebandias have come to the aid of the kisans and the truth has come out. The awakening to this danger that is happening in Punjab is something that was sorely needed. Now we have videos like this with people are openly calling for the social boycott and ousting of the Gujjars from Punjab's villages. Such a strong and adamant view would never have been espoused before this incident.
  15. Punjab would be a very different place if Maharaja Ranjit Singh had the same strategy as the Spanish monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella had in Spain in 1492. They expelled the Muslims from Spain and only allowed those to stay who were prepared to convert to Catholicism. When some of these converts rebelled over the next century, the Spanish expelled them as well. Estimates of the number expelled are about 3 million out of a total population of 8 million, the majority of these were native Spanish speaking Muslims and not all were descendants of the Muslims invaders from north Africa. So nearly 40% of the population expelled and what was the result, the Spanish golden age in which Spain managed to build up an empire across the oceans and create 'New Spains' all over the world. Can you imagine what Spain would have been like if they had kept all the Muslims in their country? Just look at Bosnia and Kosovo.
  16. What I am pointing out is that our community would have been in a much better position had the complete migration of Muslims been enforced. You are replaying what happened after 1947 without understanding what effect having no Muslims have on the politics of India after 1947. My personal feeling is that it would have been more regional focussed than religion focussed. There would have been no Hindutva, because it thrives on the fact that a large number of Hindus believe that Muslims are a pampered minority which harbours malice to them. Would the Hindus have been able to paint the Sikhs as such in the absence of Muslims, possibly but it would have been much more difficult because you can't paint a people as being your own one minute and then claim they present a existential threat to you the next minute. You can see this being playing out by Hindutva keyboard warriors online and they are getting nowhere.
  17. I don't agree. Let's just say that all the Muslims from northern India had been evicted then the results would have been-; 1. The amount of Muslim owned land left in India would have been greater than the land left behind by Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan. Muslim land in UP and Rajasthan could have been given to Sikhs and Hindus and there would have been no need for Sikhs and Hindus to be allotted less land that the amount they left behind in Pakistan. So, there would have been no crisis in agriculture with landholdings being divided and becoming uneconomic or at least this would have been delayed by a few decades as the land with each farming family would have been more than what it was in reality. 2. Kashmir could have been cleared of Muslims just as Jammu was. The Sikhs and Hindus of the areas around Rawalpindi/Kahuta/Murree who have many cultural similarities with Kashmiri Pandits and Sikhs could have been settled in the Kashmir valley to replace the Muslims kicked out of there. 3. The extra 25-30 Million Muslims which Pakistan would have had to resettle and rehabilitate in 1947 would have caused them to have an economic crisis which would have caused their economy to stagnate and they would not have reached the economic level that they have now and would have been far behind India. Also because of their having such a large population from the start they would have had to out of necessity institute some kind of population control measures otherwise the Pakistan of today instead of having a population of 220 million would have a population of 375 million which the country can never support. 4. The power we had in united Punjab and in British India was due to our having been the largest landholders in Punjab. This would have been transferred to an India devoid of most Muslims. Having such landholdings would have ensured that we kept our population increasing at a good level as well. Also our diaspora and migration would have been much lower as there would have been no need for Sikhs to migrate abroad if their landholdings were sufficient to feed many generations of their families. The only migration would perhaps have been more from urban or professional Sikhs.
  18. Up until the 1990s we were outstripping the Hindu growth rate and hence we could have taken Chandigarh and it would have made little difference to our population percentage in Punjab. But now it is pointless, all we will be doing is decreasing our population percentage and adding a Hindi speaking city to Punjab. It is better if Punjab forget about Chandigarh for now, concentrates on Punjabi speaking areas of Haryana and Rajasthan or we as Sikhs just concentrate on parchar in Punjab and the surrounding states and build up our numbers by both conversions as well as making 4 children the norm in our community. If the AAP government lives up to the hype and creates jobs in Punjab then maybe the outward migration trend could also go down which would be a positive for us. Chandigarh is not going anywhere, it will always be there and if we can build up our numbers and start to increase by a higher percentage than others then Chandigarh will automatically fall in our lap especially if we manage to make Sikhs a majority in the northern Haryana districts surrounding Chandigarh.
  19. Chandigarh was lost as soon as our demographics went into decline. Even if Modi gave it to us tomorrow all we would be doing is decreasing our population percentage and adding another large urban centre dominated by Hindus into Punjab.
  20. There were lots of videos about Gujjars suffering and the Captain to please his musli girlfriend got the police to remove it. The boycott was easily stopped because there was no real force behind it apart from rumours that the Gujjars were spreading covid. The amount of anger all over Punjab added to the willingness of Hindu organisations to join the boycott should ensure it's success.
  21. You misunderstand. The SGPC especially now when it is controlled by the Badals will never work on such a project. It can only happen when the Panth takes back control of the SGPC when the next elections take place. This why Jathebandis like Waris Punjab De are important as are others who have been striving to spread awareness about the need to take back control of the SGPC from the Badals. Only with Panthic control will be truly know just what the real income of the SGPC is, there being no doubt that money is siphoned off by the Badals and their cronies and income is shown as far below what it actually is. Also there are thousands of acres of land that the SGPC owns which are given on maamla to their cronies for a couple of thousand rupees when the going rate is 30-40,000 rupees per acre. The truth will only come out with Panthic control of the SGPC.
  22. Their whole income is the sale of milk. During lockdown there was a boycott against their milk in a few places in Punjab and even Al Jazeera and the New York Times reported on this, then the liberal hara.mis got involved and got the boycott stopped by the administration. If a boycott is started all over Punjab these people would have no income and they would eventually leave Punjab or at least the rural areas. Muslim farmers in Punjab are facing boycott and Tablighi Jamaat must be blamed for this (tfipost.com)
  23. Bhaiiyas have been coming to Punjab since the late 70s and migration to Punjab for them has become the norm, Sikligars and Vanjaras have never been to Punjab apart from some Dharmik Yatras organised by Sikh organisations. British Sikh Council which has been building Gurdwaras for them in their Tandas has been looking at relocating some to Punjab but the problem is that they are used to their lifestyle of living in Tandas away from cities and towns. It will take time to create an urge in them to come and settle in Punjab as well as resources to make their settlement in Punjab a success. Personally I feel that the only way this can happen is if the SGPC is under Panthic control. The SGPC has the funds as well as the land holdings to create employment opportunities for them in both their traditional jobs as well as create linkages between them and the Kisans for them to work as labour for Kisans. This is why this year is so important, the loss of Badal has created an impetus which could never be created before to take back control of the SGPC. That is why if you have relatives who are Keshdhari in Punjab, you should make sure that they register for their votes.
  24. I think we don't even have to get involved so much, watch this video which is about when some Hindutvis protested against Muslay coming out of the Mosque every Friday shouting the slogan "Allah Hu Akbar", look at how our so called Panthic media and Panthic leadership went running to stand with the Muslims. What do we gain from this? These people will never support us if we face any issues and they stood with the Kashmiri paedophile last year and yet we bend over backwards for them.
  25. I agree with you 100%. On our side we need to unite and we need to have Panthic organisations similar to the RSS and Bajrang Dal. Until the gandh of the Badal took over Akali Dal we have Jathas attached to each Gurdwara and we could count on getting a couple of thousand Sikhs together at short notice. The lack of mobiisation is what we suffer from. If on the first day when the events happened 5000 Sikhs had gathered around the village, the local administration and the police would have wet themselves and been running around seeking a resolution to the issue. So instead of them writing out FIRs against the kisans we could have used the threat of mob violence to make sure the FIRs were just for manslaughter and not murder and our people could have got out on bail in a few days instead of them being on the run or afterwards facing languishing in jail for years before betting bail. We still do not understand the power of the mob in the Indian political system. The Gujjars understood this so they not only managed to get all the FIRs registered against the Kisans but also stopped any FIRs against the Gujjars who had attacked the Sarpanchni's husband and left him half dead. Amritpal Singh Sandhu is now the president of Waris Punjab De and his take on this issue is one I don't think any Sikh will have any objections to.
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