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  1. Now is the time for true leadership to come forward, this is the time that we needed Deep Sidhu the most. The SGPC needs to be taken away from the control of the Badals. Bhai Vadala and Bhai Ranjit Singh has done a lot to mobilise our people for the SGPC elections. We also need a Panthic party in alliance with Dalit party like BSP to win the next elections on the ashes of AAP. AAP will screw up big time, I wrote previously that time will tell whether Bhagwant Mann will be his own man or whether he will just be a puppet of Kejriwal, these nominations show that he is content to be Kejriwal's pup
  2. 2 Hindu Bahmans, 2 Hindu Khatris and one fu.dhu. That's the people that AAP think can fight for Punjab's rights in the Rajya Sabha. These five bandars are just nominations for who all the 117 MLAs of the Punjab assembly will vote on the 31st March. Sukhpal Singh Khaira has already challenged the 92 AAP MLAs to vote against the 4 non-Punjabis, let's see if the anger of the Punjabis has an effect on how these 92 AAP MLAs vote. Khaira has reminded Mann that he once said that Rajya Sabha members should be selected based on what they have done for Punjab and he had also said that Bibi Kha
  3. Very true, lots of Jews bought up in the west go on these trips to Israel and thus create links to the land even though their family may not even have any links to Israel. Also a lot of them join the Israel Defence Force as 'lone soldiers' meaning that they join for a year and serve and they thus meet other Jews from outside Israel as well as Israeli Jews. This creates a solidarity among them with other Jews as well as with Israel. This also opens an avenue for them to make 'Aliyah' or migration to Israel at some future date.
  4. You can't expect children raised in the west to have an interest in Punjab unless the parents actually make an effort to take them back every few years and meet relatives as well as show them what land the family own. No one expects them to go back to live there but having a base in Punjab is important given what has been happening around the world. It is much easier to maintain contact with relatives with Punjab given technology such as whatsapp etc.
  5. The maamla income per year is hardly 1% and yet if the money was parked in a savings account then it would get interest of 7-10%! 90% of it is black money and 10% is speculators thinking that the price would go up to 2 crore! Anyone who sells their land in their village is cutting off their links to their ancestral land and no amount of money can justify the harm they have done to their coming generations that the loss of a link to Punjab entails. If you own land in the village you are never a foreigner. For those who would like to look at the Jamabandis (land records) in their vi
  6. Land prices in Punjab also went through the roof in the early 2000s to around 2014. The price of an acre which could at best command a maamla of between 30-45,000 rupees a year was 40-50 lakh rupees. Some close to the main road like GT road but still far from any town were being bought for 1 crore. Nowadays an acre is between 15-20 lakh an acre in the villages.
  7. This is a nice video which shows what is possible if farmers branch out from the usual wheat and rice crop.
  8. One of the things which used to surprise us when we first came to the UK was when goray would openly say that they could not afford something. In the Punjabi mentality, openly admitting that one cannot afford something was seen as a sign of failure and dishonour. This is not to say that Punjabi would buy things that they couldn't afford although I think that started to happen in Punjab especially with the expensive weddings paid for by loans from Artiyas. The best thing you can do as a parent nowadays is to to start to teach your children about everyday economics at an early age. It is s
  9. Thank you for rationalising and explaining in a far better way Daily's view than possibly he could have done and especially without the use of the derogatory 'pendu' and 'illiterate' pejoratives. Trying to judge the actions of those especially those separated from us by by over a 100 years without understanding the factors at play in the lives of those people is not very fair. This is especially true of Daily as he has virtually no understanding of rural Punjab even today when he could easily get on an aeroplane and go there is under 9 hours so expecting him to understand rural Punjab of 100 y
  10. It was the lived experience of millions of Sikhs. I would venture that Arjan Singh was a more articulate, sophisticated and adventurous person than someone like you who gets triggered at any mention of Sikhs in the army in WW1 or WW2. Whatever your views about him, he deserves to be honoured as do all those Sikhs who left Punjab to fight in both world wars. Another 'illiterate pendu' I found apparently this 'pendu' went on earn a PhD and fought the racist citizenship policies of the USA.
  11. Over the last few days, the Hindutvis with police help in Himachal Pradesh had been forcing many Sikhs going to Manikaran Sahib in the state from flying both Nishan Sahibs as well as flags with photos of Santji and Deep Sidhu. Once these videos came on social media, many Sikh youths in Punjab retaliated by stopping the trucks with HP plates from entering Punjab on the Kiratpur Sahib road. This has forced the HP police to issue clarifications that no such events happened and nothing of the sort will happen in future. While everyone knows it happened and the police are lying as usual but the pre
  12. This kind of Punjabiyat-ising of our Gurdwaras has to be stopped and kudos to SGPC for calling this out. Sikhi has nothing to do with cultural shows. I can just imagine how the events would have been used to milk apnay of their hard earned cash with Pakistanis encouraging them to throw wads of 100 and 500 rupee notes at these bhands.
  13. Daily 'singh' doesn't understand the concept of Vangaar. The BS he espouse of being undercover is seen as a weakness and an open invitation to further attacks.
  14. This happens Then this is the reaction, Sikhs start to stop Trucks from Himachal Pradesh from entering Punjab. , This is the result Maybe the Sikh youth should have done everything 'undercover' according to a great strategist like you.
  15. How can a 2% population, especially one that leeches off Punjab deserve a ministership. I think when Bhagwant Mann expands his cabinet the id.iot will probably take on the only Muslim to win a seat our of 117 seats as a minister. AAP is well known for appeasement of these types.
  16. Ok, you're undercover in a building site, we get it.
  17. Sounds like a Sindhi surname. The guy looks north African. Sad story, feel sorry for her parents she was young and living away from her parents at university.
  18. Arjan Singh - came from Argentina to England to join the army and fight in WW1. Apparently he knew Spanish and had worked on the railways. Sadly he didn't survive the war as there is a memorial in San Pedro Argentina which lists his name as those who went from Argentina to fight in the war and did not survive.
  19. Cue more videos of Hindus saying how they've now lost respect for Sikhs and that they will never enter a Gurdwara again!! They actually think that their coming to our Gurdwaras is actually a favour for us. One thing, we need to wise up, we should not be posting such videos which can then be misused to present Sikhs as bullying women in a Gurdwara.
  20. This kind fud,hupunna has to stop in our community. Whatever you think of him, he has done some good things especially calling out the fake Khalistani Indian agent Jaswant Thekedar.
  21. This clip from Brass Eye the British satirical programme from the 1990s shows what the media is like today slowly beating the drum towards a world war.
  22. Come on man. It is possible the old lady is just unlucky and got caught up in a gas explosion and 4 years later in a Russian bombing. Some people are just too cynical!!
  23. Your mickey mouse rupee is a joke. I remember when the pound was worth Rs 30, now it's over 100. You have to exchange your mickey mouse rupees when they get soiled or dirty for a discount. The government can't even create notes which can last more than a few months. Yes, I will toast the destruction of your artificial country that is a creation of the British.
  24. I did say he is an id.iot and seems like he is living up to his image. These kind of actions may get excused because of the euphoria of the AAP victory but he will start losing support if he keeps doing these stupid actions. Bhagat Singh in Sikh eyes is nothing compared to Maharaja Ranjit Singh and having a picture of a non-Punjabi, non-Sikh Dalit will not endear him to common Sikhs. He is already on notice of having a morcha against his govt because of his lies about Professor Davinderpal Singh Bhullar and yet he does id.iotic actions like this.
  25. I won't be losing any sleep over it. If this is causing this much panic among Muslims then imagine what would happen if they got the same treatment in non-Muslim countries that their co-religionists give out to non-Muslims in countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan. Muslims love secularism where they are a minority but where they are a majority they only want Sharia.
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