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  1. I did say he is an id.iot and seems like he is living up to his image. These kind of actions may get excused because of the euphoria of the AAP victory but he will start losing support if he keeps doing these stupid actions. Bhagat Singh in Sikh eyes is nothing compared to Maharaja Ranjit Singh and having a picture of a non-Punjabi, non-Sikh Dalit will not endear him to common Sikhs. He is already on notice of having a morcha against his govt because of his lies about Professor Davinderpal Singh Bhullar and yet he does id.iotic actions like this.
  2. I won't be losing any sleep over it. If this is causing this much panic among Muslims then imagine what would happen if they got the same treatment in non-Muslim countries that their co-religionists give out to non-Muslims in countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan. Muslims love secularism where they are a minority but where they are a majority they only want Sharia.
  3. Kashmiris are not fighting now, a majority of the militants are Pakistanis. The Kashmiri leadership has sold out just as our leadership sold out after operation Bluestar. The Muftis, Shahs and Abdullahs are no better than the Badals and the Captains. The Kashmiri Muslims themselves are hopelessly divided with some wanting union with Pakistan and other complete independence and many like the Gujjars and Bakarwals wanting to stay in India. Just having a militant campaign of violence does not achieve anything because all it allows the state to do is bring in more and more oppressive measures. What is open is the electoral process and the Kashmiris have been let down by their political parties. There is a place for a militant struggle BUT only after you have won the electoral battle by installing a majority government which has then declared that is wants Independence from India and then the Indian state arrests and jails its leadership. If that happened in Kashmir or Punjab then the militant struggles would have had legitimacy in the eyes of most of the western democracies. The greatest fear of Rajiv Gandhi was that a SAD(Mann) government would win in Punjab in 1991 and declare Khalistan. It came close but the state used it's cats to organise a campaign of violence and to justify the postponement of the elections in May 1991 and then the subsequent boycott in 1992. Never underestimate the effect that a win by a separatist/nationalist party that have in a state like Kashmir or Punjab. This is the biggest fear of the Indian state, that its claim to be the world biggest democracy would be hard to justify if the people of a state used their democratic vote to install a party into power in their state that seeks independence from India.
  4. This haram.zada wanted the Congress to win, the same Congress that committed genocide against us, we should welcome him and his son moving out, two less Muslay in Punjab is a good thing.
  5. It would have been better if the Russians sold them for these to be honest. The rupee is a pretty worthless currency. What's Putin going to do when Modi has 500 and 1000 notes withdrawn like it happened in 2016. How many Dindus does he know that he can get to go to India and convert them to the new notes?
  6. So what are they going to be buy the oil in? Mickey mouse rupees or worthless roubles. At the moment the only currencies that could challenge the dollar are the Euro or to a lesser degree the pound sterling. The Chinese Renminbi could take the dollars place at some stage but not at this time.
  7. Great news. In the current climate this will only lead to the further isolation of India which is good in my view. Modi had a chance here to become the darling of the west and try and replace China as the destination of western investment. Don't ever under estimate the power of the woke in the west who would rather see their own country's economic interests hurt as long as they can display their virtue signals. There will be increasing pressure for the western governments to act against Indian companies. Watch as western companies and investors jump ship from India especially if they come under pressure from the woke. Some Chinese companies have already suffered from rumours that they might get delisted from NY stock exchange even though the Chinese have tried to remain somewhat neutral. India might gain support from some third world countries whose populations are on the side of the Russians but this will not make up for the damage to India's image that it's take up of Russia's offer will cause. As for cheap fertiliser, the farmers will never see this, the corrupt Indian system will turn the 40% or 50% cheaper fertiliser into a 1 or 2% cheaper fertiliser by the time it reaches the farmers. The godi media will then blow their trumpets about how the farmers are so lucky to get such cheap fertiliser!
  8. Only the rich virtue signallers will take up this offer. Wait for the backlash from the chavy goray once they find out that the refugees are living in large properties without having to worry about their energy bills.
  9. The Muslims are too thick to understand that they have been treated as a vote bank and though superficially they might have received some benefits such as the Haj subsidy but they have never been able to achieve what we have in Punjab. The are jealous of the fact that although we are a smaller minority our votes especially in Punjab matter more than theirs ever will in the rest of India. Look at UP, they are over 19% of the population and yet they have never had that percentage of MLAs in UP. In the recent elections they only have 36 MLAs which is only 9%. Look at Kashmir, they lost their autonomy with the stroke of a pen and yet not even a whimper from them. Modi tried to force the farm laws on us and he was defeated. Sometimes we underrate our own power and overrate the power and influence of others.
  10. The only criticism he has had is that he touched the feet of Kejriwal, while not something that would raise any objections if done in non-political life but everything that a politician does is seen from a political angle. The general perception being that Bhagwant Mann will do what he is told by Kejriwal and Punjab will be ruled by Kejriwal by proxy, such an image of his touching Kejriwal's feet is seen as evidence of his willingness to play the role of Kejriwal's puppet. Mann has more power in Punjab as CM than Kejriwal has as Delhi CM. History is full of examples where someone set up to be a puppet actually went and become more powerful than the puppet master. If Bhagwant Mann has any sense then he will understand that he was elected to be Punjab CM and not as Kejriwal's puppet. Kejriwal is a well known control freak, his shenanigans prior to 2017 elections nearly destroyed AAP in Punjab and eventually his decisions stopped the party from winning Punjab in 2017. Although Kejriwal might think that Punjab 2022 was his victory, the general opinion in Punjab is that AAP won because of Bhagwant Mann being announced as their CM candidate. After 2017 election due to Kejriwal trying to control AAP in Punjab there was a revolt by some of their MLAs. When the next issue comes up which with pit Punjab against the Delhi Durbar what Bhagwant Mann does will show whether he is a gaddar or not. I can see a rift between Punjab and Delhi in the next few months especially as there is no one in AAP in Delhi like Jarnail Singh who passed away last year to keep the two divergent pieces of the party together. No one to keep Sikh AAP in Punjab linked with Hindu AAP in Delhi.
  11. It's all Karma, she was willing to leave Sikhi for the Musla and her Karma has come and bit her on her backside. There are better cases and people deserving of our sympathy than her.
  12. Maybe it's to stop the whole truth getting out, that the bomb could be from his own side and show is just to sway public opinion in the west.
  13. The guy is a parody of a Congressi Sikh. When Rajiv Gandhi's statue was defaced with ink a few years ago, this haram.zada used his pagh to clean it up. I think id.iots like him give controversial statements to get bodyguards so they can then get a higher profile and use these bodyguards to throw some weight around. Apparently the truth is that Mand and his son have been using police vehicle to drive around doing their own business. The new video shows that it was Mand's driver who tried to attack someone who asked him why he was using a government vehicle for their own business.
  14. The confidence in the Panth is growing. Malarampura is in Rajasthan on the border with Punjab in Sangaria tehsil of Hanumangarh district. The area has a sizeable Sikh population mainly settled first during the time of Maharaja Ganga Singh in the 1920s and then after partition. After the 1970s many Majha Sikhs sold their land in Majha and bought cheaper land in Sangaria tehsil. The butt hurt of this Saxena fo.ol that Sikhs refuse to follow his narrative of Santji being a terrorist.
  15. Mand, the congressi who has been speaking rubbish against Khalistan gets some service in Ludhiana.
  16. The infighting has started in Congress...lol Meanwhile Captain and Aroosa ... teri meri ik jindri haaniya veh teri meri ik jindri haaniya.. a very apt 1970s Punjabi song.
  17. The funny thing is that not only the Badals, Captain, Congress and BJP lose the election, they must have given out crores of cash to people to bribe them to vote for them. Many people took the money and still voted for AAP. The only party that didn't give out cash or bribes was Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar), so the 385,000 people who voted for that party can hold their heads up high.
  18. The fact that people are putting forward their own ideas about what AAP should do, shows that they are engaged with the political process and this is the biggest reason why AAP has to deliver because they know if they don't then they will face ignominy like the Badals and Congress did. Gone are the days when people would just say, "they're all the same, they won't do anything* because if you expect them to let you down then what's the reason for them to try and do something worthwhile in the first place" The Fat Lazy Slob style of government of Captain is gone now.
  19. The Maur Mandi bomb blast in 2017 was set off by the followers of the rapist sadh acting in the interests of the Congress which then used itscare the Hindus away from AAP. Captain only won because a minority of Sikhs voted for him and trusted his oath that he would jail the perpetrators of the beadbi. But he turned out even worse than the Badals. He was a lazy fat slob, spending more time romancing that ISI spy Aroosa than ruling Punjab. To be honest, I think he really did think that he was the Maharaja of Punjab rather than CM and like how the Maharajas only used to spend a hour on court business and the rest of the time going hunting or watching dancing girls this was how he acted. BJP allowed him to stay in power otherwise no government would allow a CM to be carrying on a affair with a Pakistani citizen but because he served the interests of the BJP they chose not to act against him. He then did his worst to sabotage the Kartarpur corridor by making false statements that this would increase cross border terrorism.
  20. AAP and Bhagwant Mann has been saying all the right things for now. The Panthic side has given them some time to sort out the issues such as the Beadbi issue. The word is that unless the Badals get jail time for the Bargari firings ( as it could only have been on one of their orders that the police would have fired) then the AAP government will face an morcha from the Panth. There is rumours that VP Singh who investigated the beadbi incidents may even become the home minister of Punjab so as to oversee the action taken on his report. In the villages while people put up Congress and Akali flags because of political compulsions, they all voted for AAP. Akali Dal is the second oldest party in India after the Congress party. It is more than the Badals and that evil family may have kept close control of it because the electoral defeat was not a defeat for the Akali Dal, it was the defeat of the Badal family. Akali Dal was known as the party of Shaheeds, it is intrinsically linked to the Panth. The fact that one evil family kept control of it for 30 years does not negate its whole history of 101 years. If it is to make a comeback then it can only do that by returning to its Panthic roots.
  21. Bhagwant Mann might be an id.iot but some of the new MLAs come from a good background. Also elected was Kanwar Vijay Partap Singh who was stopped by Captain from carrying out a impartial enquiry into the Beadbi incidents. AAP will quickly lose support if they play the same games as Congress and Badal did. We need to get savvy with the political situation. Congress needs to be destroyed in Punjab and only when that happens can we say that we have got some justice for 1984. Look at UP, Congress get only 1 seat in the elections there. Punjab needs to have a strong Panthic party which is willing to align with a dalit party like the BSP or have enough good 'dalit' Sikhs in the Panthic party to win the reserved seats for them. Manwinder Singh Giaspura is from 'dalit' background. We should promote a policy of entryism, there is nothing wrong in Sikhs joining other parties and standing for elections as long as they still maintain a strong Panthic stand. I would much rather have someone like Sukhpal Singh Khaira as a MLA even if it is for the Congress than his losing a seat standing for any other party. Don't let the leftist propaganda on twitter fool you into thinking Punjabis voted against religious parties. The Hindus in Hindu majority areas voted for the BJP, it increased its vote from 833,000 to 1,027,000. They also voted for the extremist Hindu Sunil Jakhar who dreams of being the first Hindu CM of Punjab. AAP also knows the score in Punjab and they made sure they gave seats to Sikhs in Sikh majority areas and even in mixed areas while the Hindu candidates were in Hindu majority areas. Simranjit Singh Mann's party went from 49,000 votes in 2017 to 385,000 in 2022. It would have been much more had his party stood in all of the 117 seats.
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