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    Bhainjeee your so sweet and cute and hopefully guru ji blesses you with more happiness and more sikhi and more sweeet blissful simran! =) Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru

    Do more simran! Can never get enough! =) =)

    <3 so proud of you sis

    Me sweet and cute??? Nooo!! Nasty and not cute, lolll... buh yh i hope Guruji blesses every1 with seva simran and loadsa sangat!!!


    I was helping out at a camp recently and I was told to go and put some things bac in the library by ma m8...all on my own.... hearing sume noises i wanted to be discreet and yh i slowly opened the door, and there were like a handful of Singhs just starin at me!!! Man i was I freaked bein the only gal there, i chucked all the stuff in the corner and ran out. Thats right... im shy... okie... woo

    After 5 seconds there was this whole erupton of lafter and ma m8 came by and opened the library door to see what was going on, I dont know what they said but I asked her after if they were lafing at me and she was like yhhh, leme tell ya ppls who know me before i got into sikhi was a very shy person... sometimes still gets the better of me even though you might see me doin jikare blush21.gif


  3. wjkk wjkf

    oooo!!! :sady:

    Not too far back i was at a prize giving event in a church :@ and my parents were invited... lemme tell u i was embarrased even before the whole this happend... firstly embarrased for a going in church, getting up in front of everyone, listening to my name being read, going up to the mayor and shaking his sweaty hand... i was going red... walking back down the isle to get to my seat i could not look at my parents, so just squinted at my mates who were smiling... SMILING is nice way of putting is especailly when there were about 50 of em.... anyways i thought kk girls u no- weird... just thought they were taking the mick... until!!!... next day morning my besty came up 2 me and said "your dad's a joka" and i was like "whats he done now??" she said erm well he was taking pictures of you on his mobile... OMG i thought NOOO... k this time ma rents had gone tooo faarr i tell uu... all this time my mates were lafin at ma rents!!! CRINGE CRINGE CRINGE blush21.gif alll that day, i was being commented about, gosh!!!! They still talk bout it lollzzz

    wjkk wjkf


    Still haven't found him... don't know where to look!!

    OK this is my story, you all gonna know now, lolzz!!

    Well I was raised as a keshdari, first few words I remember of my life were " We are Sikh, we don't cut our hair"... stuck in my head all my life... even when I had those weak moments when I did go snip snip, :lol: ahem, anyways my family weren't very religious, more punjabi/kenyan than anything else. My mum used to be amritdari- though always encouraged me and my sisters to do paat. I never had any respect for my religion or Guruji, hardly ever thought about Him, and like most people didn't even know the names of all the Gurus.

    Back a few years ago, I had some really rough times... one day my parents took me to the gurdwara and there was a man doing Katha, and I remember him explaining the lines of the ardas: Sri Harkrishan the thiaye jis dithe subh dukh jaye... After that time we hadn't gone to the gurdwara in a couple months and during the hard times I started thinking more and more about the katha, I even started listening to kirtan without being told to... cos i found so much sukh in it. Then came, my sikh youth club :@ , waheguruu. My parents decided to take us to an evening divaan where all the talks were in english. and they had chips and beans (hehehe).. it was there on the first lecture i heard by a well known guy- u no who u r , he was talking in general about ev sikhi-you could sense just his love for it.... i remember him tellin us a story about the boy who wanted to learn about sikhi so much but neva could concentrate, then a gyanni told him that his mind is like a bucket with a hole in it, will become cleaner as you pass more water in it, the same way bani will cleanse your mind as you do more of it. From that, even my parents thought it was a worthwhile activity to come to and have been taking me and my sisters there ever since... from there I learnt all my gurus names :umm: , a few pauria of japji sahib paat and started getting into kirtan myself. Then came jap 108, were we wer supposed to do Sri Japji Sahib 108, times, I only managed like 27 but I got my tounge round it ( i think :)). Then came the main lecture that inspired me, it was a yoga/meditation one, where the lecturer talked about how and why you are on this earth, how you are supposed to spend every breath of your life thinking of waheguruuu. While we were all gettin ready to do the abiyaas, I had my eyes closed and wow, waheguruu, the vibrationss!! Waheguruu... after that lecture I gave up meat, yay!! and started doing japji sahib a bit more often.

    It was about spring time when I heard the atam ras was about to happen in the summer... sant anoop, waheguruu, was finally coming down to the west mids!! And this was just next level, i went to 4 of the sessions, one on my bday 2!! and the anand i got... woah... just amazing... best bday pressie Waheguru eva gave me!! Had tears in my eyes all the way through… I was soo moved by this love that all these kirtanies had for Waheguruu, just blissss… Then i did summat reeli stupid... Its all ma mates fault!!!... nah i was my fault too... bascially got into a wrong wrong crowd and went to a club event :D.... ma sikhi teachers gonna kill me if he reads this... bless him!! Yh so i went to the club had a "good" time clubbing to Sean Paul, hehehe. And then when I came bac couldnt sleep all night... all that anand i had felt the previous week was gone... i was so sorry... promised myself would never do anything like that again... the summer holidays came and i started doing my japji sahib everyday... feeling so bad… started on Jaap Sahib, guruuu. I then a couple days later went to an akhand path at soho road gurdwra, and I just remember sittin outside in the sunset listening to the path, so beautiful and I realised how blessed I was, lolls I had tears wellin up!!… Then I tied my first dastar J… only to see what I would look like!!! That day was soo blessed, I just felt like I had God’s hand on my head!!!

    I had not thought of taking amrit, I always thought it was for old people but everyone I meet now say take it asap, for those of you who know me im a baby loolll!! Asap is next yr hopefully!!

    I just wanna thank waheguru for all his kirpa and all those who put in all the effort to inspire me, it worked!!! They deserve a jikarra

    BOLEE SO NIHALLLL!!!!!! (reply sum1 pls)



    Watch out for next week monday's dispatches on channel 4, at 8 pm.

    About undercover mosques and conversions of sikh girls to islam


    i got some texts about this last night!!!!!!!!!!!! :umm:



    Please correct me if i am wrong here. Sandalwood thats has been mentioned here is not the modern day incense, its is the one from the sandalwood tree. Guru Ji has presented the mahima of nature here, how nature itself does aarti for Waheguru. This is what i have thought all the time. Do correct me on this one.

    and Saahiba ssshhhhhhhhhhh...... tongue.gif

    Pal, you are perfectly correct.. this is the intended meaning of the Aarti!!

    kk bhul chuck maaf, rubbish come outa ma mouth, man im havin a bad day


    Just nicked an english version of rehitmaryada from southall gurdwara (hehe) and theres this bit that goes:

    The five beloved ones who administer ambrosial baptism should not include a disabled person, such as a person who is blind or blind in one eye, lame, one with a broken or disabled limb, or one suffering from some chronic disease. The number should not include a breach of the Sikh discipline and principles. All of them should be committed baptised Sikhs with appealing personalities.

    What does sangat think of this?? Cos I've heard of many situations where people actually go to take amrit when thev discovered they gonna die, grin.gif or if they are disabled, what about if you get disabled after you take amrit??


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  8. Ektaone was a really good site with some inspiring downloads. Goodluck to the Sewadars, however for what ever reason it closed would just like to say Thanks for the Sewa.

    yhh thanx sevadars!! was a wicked site!!

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