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  1. Am i missin summat ?? cos there 2 of da same thread!!
  2. dis guy is just 2 gupt to be true... and its freakin me out!!!
  3. U refuse to fly??? ya went on holiday to california u aloo
  4. naah seriously penj, it looked reeli nice- im gonna have to cum down there and get sum made off u reeli soon!
  5. im gonna nick Militant Kaur's kurta next tome I cum down ur endss!!!
  6. ^^^ is SOO not gupt or anonymus!! lolzz
  7. well see i miiiggghhttt cum, my rides blanking me!!!
  8. oooo minies copyin ma thread!! we should av a comp!!
  9. Dont listen to your mp3 player then!!! simple as... i listen to mine 3hrs at the leasteveryday- im a go deaf!!!, got it taken away form me cos i kept sayin huh? when every1 spoke to me
  10. Ma fav track!! So far.. http://www.media.sikhsoul.com/audio/index....ai+-+March+2007 guys got soo much pyaar in his voice!!! waheguruuuuu!!!!! this one gives me loadsa ras!!!!
  11. Whats your fav Abinash track?? Post sum links up sangatjio!!! Waheguruu!!!!
  12. WJKK WJKF many weird things waheguru has created on this earth... psychichs do make sense sometimes but what Guruji has said is that we must not live our lives oround superstition and such.. waheguru has set out your path and whether u like it or not u will tread on it, whether psychics tell u or not.. ma 2 cents thanx WJKK WJKF
  13. Put a tear in meh eye!! waheguruuuuu
  14. Oi oi!! Leave ma sis alone, minnie aint short!! See ya 2nite mins looll!!
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