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  1. Why would you want to wear other non religious things outa gold for? Shouldnt wear jewelry. And yh karas should be sarabloh.. simple
  2. gur crn lwgy idn sBwgy Awpxw ipru jwpey ] Blessed is that day, when I am attached to the Guru's feet and meditate on my Husband Lord. gur churun laagae dhin subhaagae aapunaa pir jaapeae
  3. yp yp keep trying to keep your mind concentrated, will be very difficult in the start but will definetly be worth it in the end!!!
  4. Acapella jatha simran, waheguruuuuu
  5. me wanna go to KHALSA CAMPP!! wooohooo!! Heard sum really wicked reviews from der!!! Yhh abhiyaass for the WHOLE week, waheguruuu!!!
  6. BUmp Bump Bump... thats right bored at skool!!!
  7. Dastaar (turban) is a very important part of Sikh religion. To Sikhs it is more than what is a crown to a king or queen. Sikh Gurus showed a great respect to turban. But some people think it is only for men and women are not required to wear it. This article will explain why Sikh women should wear Dastaar (turban). First I will quote from Guru Granth Sahib. Guru Ji says "Saabat Soorat Dastaar Sira" means "Let your total awareness be the turban on your head" (Page 1084). This clearly states that a Sikh is instructed to live a natural life and have unshorn hair and to protect and keep those hai
  8. ermmmm... firstly how comes u getting bald??? Get checked out by your doctor or summit... And keep a dastar inni, the no one will ever noo..
  9. When daas gets really tired and don't want to sleep, daas keeps a rosary going on in the hand, try it... weird experiences
  10. waheguruuuu!!! without boosting anyone's ego... bhul chuk maaf if i do but i think this site has really good articles!!Everyone should read them... done a whole lot of good for me
  11. WJKK WJKF Hmmm i agree, totally messed movie, dont know y i watched it. All there is, is women without brains dressed like barbie dolls- GET OVA URSELFSSS and did ya see all that abuse to the dastars... actually chucking them on the floor... man i got so worked up during that movie!! Bhul chuck maaf- just ma opnion WJKK WJKF
  12. WJKK WJKF Its actually part or marayda that both partners should be amritdari before they get married... Man marriage IS really messed up business now, especially for the new sikh youth, but i would have thought that the amritdari boys would have prefered amritdari girls- cos then theres no controversy... waheguruuuu bhul chuk maaf WJKK WJKF
  13. WJKK WJKF Wots a khajaana?Sos ma punjabi aint that good.... its it ok to put it in a suitcase or is it best to keep it with you... like if your going on holiday??... silly but what if you need to use the loo or summit??? WJKK WJKF
  14. WJKK WJKF I remember one Singh that really stood out of the crowd, you could really tell he'd been doing his two hours (or more abhiyaas), bright face- always smiling. There was that "concept of Chup Preet" in him... so beautiful. I remember him doing a lecture on how science relates with sikhi- which I thought was really inspiring cos I didn't have much trust in Waheguru or sikhi. Theres a couple of articles on ektaone: http://www.ektaone.com/blog/?p=39 He then explained why a sikhi jeevan is a must...how before you were given this human body, you promised waheguru that you would spend eve
  15. Q1. What is the reason behind your Username? im a wannabe ... duh and a girl so it makes me wannabekaur Q2. What is the reason behind your Avatar? No one else has it... Q3. How often do you visit SS? a lot Q4. What forums do you frequent on SS? all of em Q5. Have you ever gone by another username? noo Q6. Where are you at right now? in the earth Q7. Where did you grow up? somewere... cant rememba... don wanna rememba Q7.1: What high school did you go to? too stupid to rememba :sady: Q8. Do you still live with your parents? ahuh Q9. Do you have a car? (if so what type?) nop
  16. Nah he dont deserve an apology from the barman and he wont deserve an apology from me when I find him...
  17. Kumi u wierdo, if ya knew y bother starting a thread???
  18. How comes my SARABLOH Kara isnt getting rusty??? I actually want it 2 get rusty....
  19. dont worry davindervirkji we can ALL trust Kumi...
  20. WJKK WJKF Some american sikhs actually change there names to something sikhified which i think shows how chardi kalla some of them are. WJKK WJKF
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