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  1. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/9011652/Oxford-University-lecturer-held-over-death-of-a-science-professor.html
  2. Lol southall singh sabha aint gona give you the light of day.
  3. Sorry for the late response, Yes great folks did contribute, but many great folks also refused to do so.
  4. I dont ever recall Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji giving their seal to this "sri akaal takth sahib maryada".
  5. Just because a few "professors" and "Doctors" contributed to it, dosnt make it panthic. SGPC maryada was created to convey legitimacy to them, for what else would be the purpose of the SGPC if they had nothing to enforce. Did Baba Deep Singh have no maryada, was Bhai Mani Singh without a maryada to follow. Did Bhai Sukha Singh and Bhai Mehtab Singh live their lives without a "Panthic Code of Conduct" ? If today a few "knowledgeable" folks decided to enforce something upon the entire panth would you be so welcoming? Because thats exactly what the SGPC did with its maryada. Heres a bit of
  6. lol someone must have mislabeled the dvd
  7. Show me a man who can give Birth and ill accept your concept of equality. If Akal Purakh has made man and women different, physically, emotionally , chemically, physiologically etc.. then who are we to say man and women are the same. Notice im not implying man is superior, i am just saying man and women are different, neither is higher or lower, better or worse but different. Each has its own roles, its own purpose. Sant Ji says those who say Women should be able to are, nastik. Your notion of equality implies man=women, so when it comes to marriage if man and women are equal is man+man or
  8. A couple of professors and a notebook doesnt make it panthic. Heres the gurmat view on womens role, given by Sant Ji Either hes right or you are, i know who I have my trust in. If thats still not enough Krith Bilaas Paathshahee Dasvee paa(n)ch si(n)gh a(n)mrith jo dhaevai(n) thaa(n) ko sir dhhar shhak pun laevai ||apun mil paa(n)cho rehith jo bhaakhai thaa(n) ko man mae(n) dhrirr kar raakhai || Offer you head and take the Amrit prepared by five Singhs. The code of conduct (Rehat), which they bless you with, should be enshrined in one's heart. Refers to 5 Singhs, not 5 Sikhs, no
  9. bhai mani singh hand written Panj Granthi pothi is in amritsa i think, that should be a good start
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