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  1. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/9011652/Oxford-University-lecturer-held-over-death-of-a-science-professor.html
  2. Lol southall singh sabha aint gona give you the light of day.
  3. Sorry for the late response, Yes great folks did contribute, but many great folks also refused to do so.
  4. I dont ever recall Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji giving their seal to this "sri akaal takth sahib maryada".
  5. Just because a few "professors" and "Doctors" contributed to it, dosnt make it panthic. SGPC maryada was created to convey legitimacy to them, for what else would be the purpose of the SGPC if they had nothing to enforce. Did Baba Deep Singh have no maryada, was Bhai Mani Singh without a maryada to follow. Did Bhai Sukha Singh and Bhai Mehtab Singh live their lives without a "Panthic Code of Conduct" ? If today a few "knowledgeable" folks decided to enforce something upon the entire panth would you be so welcoming? Because thats exactly what the SGPC did with its maryada. Heres a bit of background on the SGPC maryada
  6. lol someone must have mislabeled the dvd
  7. Show me a man who can give Birth and ill accept your concept of equality. If Akal Purakh has made man and women different, physically, emotionally , chemically, physiologically etc.. then who are we to say man and women are the same. Notice im not implying man is superior, i am just saying man and women are different, neither is higher or lower, better or worse but different. Each has its own roles, its own purpose. Sant Ji says those who say Women should be able to are, nastik. Your notion of equality implies man=women, so when it comes to marriage if man and women are equal is man+man or women+women ok, in gurmat?
  8. A couple of professors and a notebook doesnt make it panthic. Heres the gurmat view on womens role, given by Sant Ji Either hes right or you are, i know who I have my trust in. If thats still not enough Krith Bilaas Paathshahee Dasvee paa(n)ch si(n)gh a(n)mrith jo dhaevai(n) thaa(n) ko sir dhhar shhak pun laevai ||apun mil paa(n)cho rehith jo bhaakhai thaa(n) ko man mae(n) dhrirr kar raakhai || Offer you head and take the Amrit prepared by five Singhs. The code of conduct (Rehat), which they bless you with, should be enshrined in one's heart. Refers to 5 Singhs, not 5 Sikhs, not 5 anything else, but 5 Singhs.
  9. bhai mani singh hand written Panj Granthi pothi is in amritsa i think, that should be a good start
  10. Sikh TV pride of the panth? SIKH TV AN EMBARRASSMENT TO THE PANTH!
  12. Just came across this ANTI GURMAT CAMP 2011 IN CHIGWELL 22.pdf
  13. Tell my man to explain this then: Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Dayv Gandhaaree on Pannaa 534 dhaevaga(n)dhhaaree 5 || a(n)mrithaa pria bachan thuhaarae || ath su(n)dhar manamohan piaarae sabhehoo madhh niraarae ||1|| rehaao || raaj n chaaho mukath n chaaho man preeth charan kamalaarae || breham mehaes sidhh mun ei(n)dhraa mohi t(h)aakur hee dharasaarae ||1|| dheen dhuaarai aaeiou t(h)aakur saran pariou sa(n)th haarae || kahu naanak prabh milae manohar man seethal bigasaarae ||2||3||29|| Dayv-Gandhaaree, Fifth Mehla: O Beloved, Your Words are Ambrosial Nectar. O supremely beautiful Enticer, O Beloved, You are among all, and yet distinct from all. ||1||Pause|| I do not seek power, and I do not seek liberation. My mind is in love with Your Lotus Feet. Brahma, Shiva, the Siddhas, the silent sages and Indra - I seek only the Blessed Vision of my Lord and Master's Darshan. ||1|| I have come, helpless, to Your Door, O Lord Master; I am exhausted - I seek the Sanctuary of the Saints. Says Nanak, I have met my Enticing Lord God; my mind is cooled and soothed - it blossoms forth in joy. ||2||3||29||
  14. from election time i remember all candidates had to be CRB checked , which were kept confidential, so all of them would have a CRB done, So now sohi has decided to CRB check sevadars, who teach the kids, why not check every other gurumukh who wants to do seva as well since they have contact with kids, what hext, anyone who wants to serve langer must be checked, anyone who takes a thal from a kid to wash probably has to be checked, anyone who wants to clean the shoes of teh sangat should be checked in case the kid come bck while hes still clesaning them.; JUst stupid and ridiculous Every week 300 kids and there parents come to the gurudwara because it is easy to get to, and while teh kids are learning the parents can do seva or listen to the keertan and katha. What sohi really cares about is money, the punjabi classes take up all the bookings for friday and saturday nights, so he cant charge for sukhmani sahib paths.
  15. Garcha Sohi's right hand man has openly said it was wrong to hold Baba Thakur Singh Ji's barsi in teh first place and went onto say sonme nonsense its wrong to do Akand Path in the main Palki (so i guess putting ones Guru in a window box makes more sense). Sohi was in power for 14 years, and now he wants to do something for the youth, well he had 14 years, why not then. when the youth asked him in the past about opening a gym he would reply, "whats the point your just gonna go and stand outsude schools and collegess", and now hes been conning people into beleiving hes gonna do something for the youth. Gurpreet of teh sikh sangat party (which his basicly his wife and family, not much sangat + a few tarmala boys)has openly questioned the waering of shaster and bana, he argues we live in a foreign country in modern times what is the need, (to which one singh mockingy told him then why doesnt he get a new modern father as well) Malhi may not be a saint, but he has never said no to the youth, he has never stopped us. I still remember the days when sohi had the cops on speed dial, i reckon Gadaffi could probably learn a few things from sohi
  16. gurmatveechar.com follow link to audios / katha / Present Day Katha / Giani Thakur Singh (Patiala wale) / click on file "Rehit Piyaree Mujh Ko"
  17. Does it make it okay for me to do an Ardas standing on one foot, with one hand behind my back whilst i rub my head with the other, and perform squats with my other leg, (as long as i aint thinking about facebook)? If Guru Angad Dev Ji commands us to stand whilst doing Ardas, then that should be enough. We shouldnt just do whatever we feel like. salok ma 2 | aapae jaanai karae aap aapae aanai raas | thisai agai naanakaa khalie keechai aradhaas |1| Shalok, Second Mehl: He Himself knows, He Himself acts, and He Himself does it right. So stand before Him, O Nanak, and offer your ardas. ||1|| Hate to sound patronising, but aap naraaein kalaa dhaar jag mehi paravariyo | nirankaar aakaar joth jag manddal kariyo | jeh keh theh bharapoor sabadh dheepak dheepaayo | jih sikheh sangrehiou thath har charan milaayo | naanak kul ninmal avatharoui angadh lehanae sang hua | gur amaradhaas thaaran tharan janam janam paa saran thua |2|16| The Lord Himself wielded His Power and entered the world. The Formless Lord took form, and with His Light He illuminated the realms of the world. He is All-pervading everywhere; the Lamp of the Shabad, the Word, has been lit. Whoever gathers in the essence of the teachings shall be absorbed in the Feet of the Lord. Lehnaa, who became Guru Angad, and Guru Amar Daas, have been reincarnated into the pure house of Guru Nanak. Guru Amar Daas is our Saving Grace, who carries us across; in lifetime after lifetime, I seek the Sanctuary of Your Feet. ||2||16|| If Baba Thakur Singh Ji gives an example of how important it is to stand, why still add our own 2 cents?
  18. "Although there is no correct time," Bhai Gurdas Ji and many Mahapurkh say Amritvela is the best. sifath salaahan anmrith vaelaa |20|7| Ambrosial hours are the correct time for His praise.(20)(7) "It also says in Rehat that you should always perform ardaas before undertaking a task." Bhai Chaupa SinghJi Before embarking on any endeavour, perform an Ardaas, Never recognise anyone other than Guru Ji.
  19. Guru Angad Dev JI tells us on Ang 1093 salok ma 2 | aapae jaanai karae aap aapae aanai raas | thisai agai naanakaa khalie keechai aradhaas |1| Shalok, Second Mehl: He Himself knows, He Himself acts, and He Himself does it right. So stand before Him, O Nanak, and offer your prayers. ||1|| khalie means stand, therefore it is hukam to stand for Ardas heres what a quick google serach give, good arth The word Ardass has been derived from the Persian language word 'Arjaa Das' means the prayer of the servant. A servant , since ancient times, was supposed to stand with folded hands in front of his master and ask for his requests. Guru Granth Sahib jee is our ultimate master. When ever a Sikh has to ask for any thing or thanks the master for something; he must follow the same old path of a slave or servant. As Guru Nanak jee has said , 'We all are HIS lala golas'. The word 'Lala Gola ' again in Persian stands for the one's servants. Moreover, HE further elobrated this by saying ' HUM CHAAKER GOVIND KAI'. Hence as true followers a SIKH is a CHAAKER of his Gobind (Guru Granth Sahib jee). He must listen to his MASTER attentively with folded hands (Hukamnama) and follow it in his life. While saying his prayers or ARDASS , he must stand up with folded hands with a hazorria around his neck like a true servant of HIS MASTER for deeper arth there are a good 20+ tracks by Bhai Pinderpal on Gurmatveechar.com about Ardas (several hours worth)
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