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    My intrest are doing and listening to Keertan
  1. it wasnt kirparn by the way i watched the epsode and i thought she was talking abt the police in india at first i say she needs a :compress: :homer im not so good at punjabi you see
  2. here's some DoolaVeerji6.mp3 Bhai_TejinderPal_Singh_Jee_Vol_4__Toronto_2002_Ransabayee_.mp3
  3. Its true once he did the joga ayia tune withe a shabad but the jathe singhs told him to stop it so it was probably a old recording
  4. thats very true he does that alot but the coach was wicked lol
  5. wat coulor u recon i should change it to and thanks for all ur replies :T: :TH:
  6. I made this pic and can you give your honest opinion :nihungsmile: :nihungsmile:
  7. great video actualy betta than great its amazing
  8. thats amazing it realy worked
  9. there wasnt alot of sangat there but it as still good would of been better if there was more sangat
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