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  1. Everyone wants Jagowale, why was there so less of them in SI6?
  2. mskcan very interesting post. please refer me to about the esitmation of the moons distance by Guru Nanak Dev Ji
  3. Thanks this was helpful to me also
  4. I've personally never had anyone say that, and I work with mostly non-Punjabi Indians. However if confronted I know the proud history of my forefather well enough, as some members have stated it. Just narrate the story to them, they'll walk away with their tail between their legs.
  5. Well, I don't think there was an "earlier" Jagowala Jatha. However some of the kavishri they sing was sung earlier on by Nirmal Singh Chola Jatha as well as other Jathas.
  6. I don't know about the flower thing. The gurus were opposed to miracles as such being performed.
  7. I agree with moorakh_mugadh, eat healthy exercise hard.
  8. His name is Gurbaksh not Gurbaaj, secondly the fact he abandoned his faith after gaining some attention is a shame. Had he sported a beard and turban as he earlier did he would have been a role model for many Sikh youth around the world
  9. Hey my messenger has got full! I need to delete some messages. lol. Anyways thanks for the compliment. I've enjoyed reading your posts too!

  10. Dont be so narrow-minded. Why do you have to emphasize the term monay, I think thats the root of your problem with them. You think god has a seat reserved for you in Sach Khand because you have grown hair? Bhai Dilawar Singh, Harjinder Singh Jinda, Satwant Singh, were all monay at some point in their lives.
  11. Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan or even one of the ladies who do the Can Can could have done better than Amir Khan!! ahahaha Kyon vicharay di latt khichi jande ah lol
  12. Like SitarGirl said it has nothing to do with Jatt culture, and the question was asked from a Punjabi culture standpoint so it should be answered accordingly
  13. Well since you asked the question from a cultural standpoint, it is not. It is not permissible to marry anyone from the clan of either your parents let alone village.
  14. Why is the sky blue? Because the GOI wanted it to be. People get off these ridiculous conspiracy theories, especially when the facts are in front of you.
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