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  1. vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh Pesh is required for Bujjar Kurehits. These are listed in the Rehat Maryada. Eating food prepared by non-Amridharis is not one of them. If you think differently, then you are entitled to your own opinion. vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh
  2. vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh I honestly sometimes feel that the only way to survive being a doctor is by having a good foundation in Sikhi. The pressure at medical school and during your job can only be overcome with Guru Ji's help. So many people look to drugs or alcohol as a way to de-stress. They are so unfortunate... It's a shame that your parents see your Amrit as being a hinderance when in actual fact you've been blessed with something which will help you through any situation in life. Time management is critical. Don't leave assignments or revision until the last minute
  3. vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh To help with this question, go back to Guru Nanak Dev Ji's experience with Bhai Lalo. He ate with Bhai Lalo, not because Bhai Lalo was a 'Sikh' or a particular caste, but because he was an honest, humble person with a beautiful soul. To say that Sikhs should only eat from the hands of other Sikhs is the same as saying Brahmins can only eat from Brahmins. This completely erases the values of Gurbani. True Sikhs do not segregate people based on their religion or their caste or their nationality or any other thing. What we do is use our Bibek Buddhi (
  4. vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh Nice reply above. We have been influenced by Western society's expectations of loving one's family. In this context, love means not hurting someone, vowing to love someone forever, always supporting them no matter what, and becoming so attached to them that when they leave or die, life becomes unbearable. Guru Ji's definition of love is much different and much purer. Love is based on morality and truth. Loving one's family means something completely different for a true Sikh. It means always upholding the principles of Gurbani and Rehat. It means b
  5. vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh Very apt topic which is increasingly relevant nowadays. I would say that although emphasis has been placed on physical disrespect, many other forms of disrespect are rife and because of their subtlety, often harder to combat. I would hope that my brother above would alter his derisive response if he knew he was speaking in the presence of any Kaur in one of the aforementioned situations. I would also say, that disrespect is not just a problem between Singhs and Kaurs, but between all brothers and sisters, as this forum too often shows us. vaheguru
  6. I mostly agree with Singhni above. If your parents manage to find someone who is strong in their Sikhi principles and understanding of Gurbani then the rest will fall into place with a bit of luck (Guru Ji's blessing) and a bit of work (uddam).
  7. My humble opinion; as people have said above, and as Gurbani teaches us, money should never be the overriding factor in any of your decisions in life including a decision to marry someone. But if you want to raise Sikh children successfully in this world that Guru Ji has created it's helpful to have some element of financial security. It's sensible to consider how you will be able to clothe, feed and school your children and your family so that you can raise them to become Sikh leaders in the modern world. But you still have to remember that financial security can disappear in a flash, and at
  8. Do you think Bhai Kanaiya had tensor bandages in his time? If Guru Ji takes off your limb in an accident do you go for Pesh? If Guru Ji themselves removed the plaster would you go for Pesh? What do you think Guru Ji would say if you asked them this question? Have you asked them? Would the time asking/answering these questions be better spent on doing a Sukhmani Sahib? Do you think Guru Ji will erase all your good deeds/Amrit for taking off a plaster? What is your intention when removing it? Hukamnama for this question: bYrwVI mhlw 4 ] hir jnu rwm nwm gun gwvY ] Th
  9. Agree with Kaljugi above, that there can be no rules for these issues. However I think as a general principle the two people should be honest and talk openly about money matters even if it is awkward at first - although it shouldn't be awkward - and if it is, then you have to ask, why is it awkward. The Answer is most likely haumai. Joint accounts are a good idea for openness and transparency between a couple, but care should be taken to have savings in different places/investments in case there is ever a problem with a particular account or bank. As to Guest & Singhni's tussle above, to
  10. vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh On Ang 525 Bhagat Ravidaas Ji tells us how to make dhoof and mentions how we can enlist the help of our Mother. gUjrI sRI rivdws jI ky pdy Gru 3 <> siqgur pRswid ] dUDu q bCrY Qnhu ibtwirE ] PUlu Bvir jlu mIin ibgwirE ]1] The calf has contaminated the milk in the teats. The bumblebee has contaminated the flower, and the fish has contaminated the water. mweI goibMd pUjw khw lY crwvau ] Avru n PUlu AnUpu n pwvau ]1] rhwau ] O mother, where shall I find any offering for the Lord's worship? I cannot find any flowers worthy of the incomparabl
  11. vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh It makes more sense if you read it alongwith the preceding and following Saloks. The meanings on STTM are very literal and do not make much sense unless you try to delve deeper. The meanings below are based on the veechar in Gyani Harbans Singh's steeks and Gurbachan Singh Makin's translations. The Saloks stem from several experiences of Bhagat Ji. First was a conversation Bhagat Fareed Ji had with his mother, who was trying to encourage him to eat nicer foods because he was becoming thinner. As he progressed through his life, he tried all sorts of
  12. vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh I am considering advancing from the stone age into the Iphone age. I am looking for any of the above or other similar devices primarily for reading Gurbani & meanings for doing Sehaj Paath. Can anyone give me advice on what to buy and what software I'll need to load on said device to access Gurbani. I'm looking for reliability/durability/good battery life. Thanks vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh
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