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  1. https://www.facebook.com/FoxNews/videos/10154609607101336/ See video clip i see 5 distaar valley singhs in the audience. See link above. Great to see that the 5 beloved singhs can see past the leftist media lies that Sir Trump is a racist 1080p @ 43 minutes in on youtube video you can see the singhs well two of them.
  2. Izlam aint perfect !!! and the false profit mohammed was in my opinion just that, false. A sexual abuser of both little boys (his nephews) and little a girl (poor ayesha). Go to subreddit, reddit dot com /r/exmuslim/ read the hundreds of stories of how ex-moslims have to live a lie and pretend to be moslims because they hate the false cult called izlam. Many of whom too scared to come out due to the fear of repercussions of being an apostate. Hijabi woman angry they are forced to wear head covering and then lie that it was her choice and now want to leave izlam. I visit /exmuslim subredd
  3. How about shes defending someone she knows personally who is maligned in media. Look media makes out Trump to be a racist and misogynist What Lynne Patton does is kill two birds with one stone. One she is a female executive and two she is black. The media will not pick this up because it goes against their propaganda of maligning Sir Trump Wait you are a Bernie fan (maybe hillary) right? Or your just anti-trump. So there is no point me even trying to explain to you. Because no matter how much i try you will never accept it. Why? Because you support the other team (bernie, hillary, nevertru
  4. Now that i think of it you probably right in your observation there. Majority are freshie types. I seen this video a while back, although i forgotten about it. We need basics of sikhi team to hang around those places to educate a few, hand out leaflets. Do a youtube video too. Just messaged BasicsofSikhi facebook page, hope they can look into this. Thanks
  5. Black Female Executive at Trump organisation was encouraged to speak out by people on twitter of how her boss is maligned by the media, so she made this video. Her powerful Testimonial
  6. I am saddened at sikhs eating halal. There is this place called Roosters piri piri in uk just like nandos but is moslim owned, prices are similar to nandos and I see alot of singhs in there. I remember their outside shop dont appear to have a halal sign. They covertly don't show this to draw in non-moslim customers, especially alot of sikhs in west london. Has basicsofsikhi addressed this issue? How good it would be to have Jagraj singh outside a few of these stores to speak to some of these singhs that go there who are lacking knowledge.or awareness.
  7. Whereas Trump spent only 900,000 and won.Trump wrote one of the best sellers "The art of the Deal", he knows one thing which is for sure and that is how to win and win big. Trump started out against 17 politicians some congressman, some senators all with years of political experience with them, he shot them all down. Truly historic Sir Trump go after the Saudis make them dhimmitude servants then charge them the Jizya tax once you have conquered them. Take out ISIS fast. What i time to be living in the coming Trump era.
  8. I love the sound of the Sarangi, also Playing dilruba, esraj, taus, my finger tips used to ache pushing down on the strings (it pains avoid lol). So i preferred the sarangi. With the sarangi you push your nails against the strings causing no pain. The strings are not wires so they dont mess up the nails as they made from sheep intestines. Also to get around finding the notes as theres no frets. I used a pencil to mark lines for Sa, ra, ga, ma notes just below and by the side of the strings, once the instrument is tuned up that is. This helps a great deal if you are beginning. The saranda if
  9. Sikhs have every right to be suspicious of Indian army after what happened during the 80s/90s. But izlamic militants are far worse in my opinion. You have izlamic ideology that preaches hate. VS corrupt government officials that hated sikh minorities and others who dont look upon minorities as equal. As well as corrupt Brahman caste system that loves to be in power with great amounts of wealth. I dont know who did it, there were opinions/witnesses from both sides. We also know moslims lie, like they blame everything on America for the cause of islamic terrorism, to take the heat off their ha
  10. LOL We can spin it around too. Maybe that sikh guy protesting at Sir Donald Trumps private event enraged the guy who attacked a sikh in Qubec. I bet that sikh guy got paid good money to protest, what are they paid i think $15 a hour. The sikhs that protected mosques in southall during the london riots, i wonder who they feel now. I couldnt believe they were doing it. They groom our girls and then these guys protect their mosques
  11. See link https://www.facebook.com/EDLSikhs/posts/764193380347809 Anyone suppirsed by this ? Moderate moslims will hold your head, whist the extremists would chop your head off. Whens the last time a moslims have told authorities of their extremist brothers that may want to cause a terror attack in UK, in USA. I dont remember any. Ban izlam in western nations and multiculturalism may just work
  12. It works both ways Other peoples agenda - Is voting for the most likely winner of democratic party nomination Hillary Clinton. This is appeasement to Izlam (the worlds most dangerous cult disguised as a religion). Hillary bows to islam. Moslims are peaceful and tolerant people? really, what world is she living in?. Shes crooked bought out and silenced. Main parties in India are corrupt to the core too, but a vote for khangress (left wing) is much worse than a vote for BJP (right wing centre). After Gujra train bombing by moslims Modi took no action against rioters against moslims. We
  13. Trouble is sikhs have so called friends called moslims and they believe the crap they tell them. Not realising they are the enemy within who are allowed to lie and deceive us Sikhs should know the nature of izlam the best as our gurus were shaheed by them. The vicious snake, only one leader right now with a backbone saying it as it is. #MAGA
  14. Until we elect a leader with a backbone who goes after Izlam, things will not change. #MAGA
  15. Cows milk is on par with eggs in terms of nutrient density. With dhai being slightly less. So dodh and dhai are good sources of vit. b12. However i will point out fish is king when it comes to needing vitamin b12, it blows eggs, milk and yoghurt out of the water. See link http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=nutrient&dbid=107
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