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  1. hello i am new to sikhsangat.com i was looking for the song in which i know this words come panth nirala if you can give me the link of this song i will be very thankfull to you

  2. Wud Any 1 Be able to split the first part in half 4 me?
  3. WJKK WJKF!!! can u provide me links of where i can buy these cd's?\ Thanks Son_Of_A_Sardar.mp3
  4. 1)I'm in Australia N.S.W 2)My whole class was there, they said that they'll stick up 4 me. 3) Ive already written 1 yaar. The school is still looking at the matter of the wrist band, they are concerend about everyone else's saftey. lol A cricket bat or a hockey stick are much more harmful than my karra y dont they ban them then. lol Tell him "See you in court". LOL, just kidding, hunn keh na baiththee kitay . I guess you can ask your dad to talk to the school authorities and sort it out. Done my dad told them that its apart of our dharam but they said its up 2 the P.E department.
  5. Yes I agree with all of you, but instead of asking me to take my karra off he threatened 2 take me 2 court or fail me, i have tried looking at it his way as well but it makes no sense my karra is blunt & thin n even if it hits sumone it wont even leave a mark our karra's arent that dangerous. So my parents were told 2 take a copy of the kakkars & there meanings & have a meeting with the skool. But our karra is our rehat just lyk our kesh, 2 us taking off our karra is lyk taking of our pagh or dastaar. Thanks 4 ur helpfull coments Bhull Chuk Maaf
  6. WJKK WJKF!!! 2day wen I attened my P.E (physical education) class, my teacher threatend me to take off my karra or he'll take it 2 court or fail me, i tried to explain that its religous & its not supposed 2 be taken off, but he just kept on sayin he'll take me 2 court. What does sangat think? Bhull Chuk Maaf!
  7. thanks 4 da input guys but can anyone put the parts of the movie in order the link is in the 1st post
  8. Which order do these parts go - Bhagat Singh Lyk part 1 & so on can u plz give links 4 each part thanks
  9. WJKK WJKF Is there any way 2 convert rm audio files into mp3's, wmv or any otha audio formats? Thanks
  10. NIKEY NIKEY DO KHALSE - HANS RAJ HANS Nikey Nikey Do Khalse Bol Mittiye Pagg Di Lagg Leyi (Awsum Geet) Kesri Dastaar Duniya Nahin Kamdileyan Ladhe Khalsa (Best Track) requests?
  11. & da 3rd addition is: Sahib Jinah Dyan Manne - Nachhattar Gill Sahib Jinah Dyan Manne Papan Di Kaccheri Mahi Bani Padeya Karo Jhooth Meri Maa Boldi Kalyjug Mani Singh Dil Puttar Da Jeewan Sawariya
  12. BOLE SO NIHAL!!! DHAN TERI SIKHI - SATWINDER BITTI Dhan Teri Sikhi Dassien Kalgi Waleya Ve Kalgeedhar Panth Pyare Da Guran De Charni Itt Naal Itt Pa Lao Chudiyaan Nagar Kirtan Sunke Gall Put Di SAT SRI AKAL!!!
  13. WJKK WJKF!!! I have uploaded "Ek Onkar" by Inderjit Nikku on rapidshare for everyone 2 download, in the following days n weeks i will be uploading sum more, If anyone has a request please lemme know n i'll do my best 2 get it 4 u. This post is also avaliable here : Khulle Shere Special @ Sikhi United Inderjit Nikku - Ek Onkar Ek Onkar (Sri Nankana Saihb) Baba Nanak Daata Tere Jeha Mela Tera Bhana Yodhe
  14. BOLE SO NIHAL VEERA!!! Here are a some great dhadi jatha's GURBAKSH SINGH ALBELA DHADI JATHA JAGOWALE JATHA CHARAN SINGH ALAMGHIR DHADI JATHA SAMRAMA WAALIA BIBIA - BIBI AMANDEEP & BIBI HARPREET KAUR NABHAY WAALIA BIBIA All Great! If u would lyk me 2 upload any of their tracks or albums just lemme know. SAT SRI AKAL!!! Does anyone have the following track (full song) Dhan_Teri_Sikhi.mp3
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