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  1. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Phateh! Sangat Ji, i need a really nice looking kirpan, need to give it as a present to someone so need one that looks really nice, even better if it was packaged in a display case. I'm sure I would find one in India but I dont have time, need to find one in London or thereabouts (I live in Kent) I can't really find online, I've looked at sites like khalsakirpans.com, wayyyyyy expensive, so is there any shops in Southall or East Ham or something? Any help would be appreciated Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Phateh!
  2. vjkk vjkf I have to go back to what The Warrior said. Everyone seems to be talking like Sachkhand is a place like Heaven, that we will go there after we die? I know very little, but I thought this was Sachkhand, where we all reside now. I mean we have to achieve mukhti/salvation while we are still alive, like bhaji above stated that Guru Nanak Dev Ji taught us how to die while still alive and get to Naam and Satguruji and attain mukhti. If we do not get salvation we are not going to go to a heaven like place just because we have led a good life etc. The only way that salvation is going to happen is if we do Simran, so that would mean that any religion who mediates on Gods name, be it Vaheguru, Ram, Allah etc can attain salvation. Aplogies for saying anything wrong or out of place. Bhul Chuk Maaf
  3. I would agree with Jarnail Singh Khalsa, very nicely explained.
  4. vjkk vjkf With gurukirpa I am currently in the process of trying to control my mind, as in, beating the forneh/veechar/thoughts that enter the mind and make the mind wonder all over the place. At the moment I am very far away from accomplishing this becuase I still have a lot of forneh at this stage. But Simran is the only way to control this. We have to keep concentrating our mind as much on the sound of our own voice saying the vaheguru shabad. The punj choor will try their best to keep throwing the forneh to you to make the mind wonder but we have to fight them off and conentrate only on the shabad. Slowly but surely I hav full faith in guruji that if we keep putting the effort in that the forneh will decrease and eventually stop at which point we can move to further levels in our spirituality. I may have said something wrong, i mean no offence, like i said, i am still learning and practicing, bhul chuk maaf
  5. Vaheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguroo Ji Ki Fateh Bundha veerji, very nice post. I could learn a thing or two by your admiration for guru sahib. And I couldnt agree more with the fact that we have to control our mind when doing simran and fight the punj choor all the way. I believe Guruji says: Veechar mareh tareh taareh ult joon nah aveh I myself have many problem with forneh (thoughts) but with gurukirpa aim to put a stop to them so we can move on and get to Naam and achieve mukhti and then ultimately keep moving forward to one day talk to Vaheguruji. That brings me to the point of what you said about going to dharam raja> We need to obtain salvation before we die as gurbani teaches us. When we die we need to show the parvana (visa) of Naam to the punj dhoot when they come to get us when we die. If at this point we have not obtained Naam from Satguruji while we were still alive, then all that awaits us is the beatings from the jams and then dharam raja will judge us in the court and we will be given a next life of some being depending on which gun (satogun, rajogun, tamogun) we have spent our swaas in the most. If we get Naam from Satguruji by doing simran while we are still alive then dharam raja himself is summoned to tear up the accounts of all that we have done in the past and we are given a true 'clean slate' and we are free from the cycle of life and death. So I suppose my point overall is that we have to kill our veechar/forneh/thoughts and get to the stage of Naam at least to obtain the true happiness of mahraaji. I know very little bani, and may have said something wrong. I mean no offense to anyone and just intended to share my views on the topic. Bhul Chuk Maaf.
  6. it is important that if someone is in trouble and asks for help that we should help them in the right direction> Kharku asked for advice on what to concentrate on while doing simran. To tell him the wrong way, or tell him our own opionion not based on gurbani can waste his time and swaas. we should back up our reasoning with gurbani no matter what. i know very little bani, but do know that guruji says Tun Meh Tian, Tian Meh Jaania, Gurmukh Akaath Khaani (Someone else has already written this on this post as well) so therefore we should concentrate our mind on the sound of the shabad alone, our own voice when doing simran. if anyone can tell us where in gurbani it says that it is ok to concentrate on images or anything other than the sound of the shabad itself, please do tell. bhul chuk maaf
  7. papi v2 veerji does gurbani say that it is ok for beginers to use images at first during simran?
  8. Gurbani tells us> Tun Meh Tian, Tian Meh Jania, Gurmukh Akaath Kahani So our guruji tells us to concentrate our mind (Tian) on the sound (Tun). When you are saying Vaheguroo, concentrate on the sound of your own voice saying the shabad "Vaheguroo". Do not create images/pictues/photos in your mind, that is just another thought and it is Maya. You do not want to concentrate on Maya. Our guru is shabad guru and that is what you need to concentrate on. Bhul Chuk Maaf
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