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  1. Gurfateh I had to take a brief moment out of retirement to say that, that video was the most comical thing I've seen since Benny Hill was alive. I spoke to Pat t'o'doors (the grand master of hop scotch), the other day and he told me that he prefers Rockys veggie wrap over the 'Halal non-chatka horse meat served at McDougals' "Too doo doo too doo... Mmmm he ain't loving it" Seriously some of these Sanathan kids have taken one too many slaps to the head! Please wake up Anyway, just like Kizer Sozay... I'm goneeeeeeeeeeee
  2. You will become highly constipated for 40 days and 40 nights. To beat this you might immediately hop on one leg while rubbing your tummy and hopping on one leg.
  3. Kulfi - I love the way to surjitists all come along like buses at once and then all skate around the facts raised like armature Torvill and Dean’s... Vah Vah! Don’t worry about my Jeevan my friend, just like I told you before, I think you need to concentrate on yours with the mental focus of yoda. So now let’s examine what you and your fellow surjitists have posted: So when bhai Taran stated the facts about surjits penchant for chivas regal, kaka cisco stated “The alcohol stories about the Niddar Singh are pretty sensationalised though. Im not doubting if he drinks alcohol or not, but i've n
  4. Your grasp of the english language is second to none! The fact that surjit has "betan" all gatka master is open to debate my friend. The fact that no one has challanged him, may have something to do with the fact that most sane minded Gursikhs are well aware of the old saying - "if you roll around with pigs, you will stand up smelling of <banned word filter activated>". Also the fact that you choose to ignore his "f'ed up ideology" (your words, not mine), just show what kind of grip kaal yug has on you and your plain and simple mind. Ps. If you are looking for some addition
  5. That my young brother is called an Oxymoron. But those that believe that baba surjits "f'ed up ideology" can be ignored and that its ok to learn from him just because he's good at what he does, is just a plain and simple mo-ron.
  6. So you don’t agree that an "Gursikh" individuals Martial discipline cannot be separated from that persons Sikhi & kamaiy (from a Sikh perspective that is)?? We all know the consumption or Drugs and Alcohol are strictly not permitted in Sikhi, but that isn't what I or Bhai Taran Singh are questioning here, so stop playing silly buggers and deflecting dumbo. As for drunken master or kungfu these are of course brilliant martial traditions, but the fact remains that they do not have the same miri piri link to Waheguru the way that Gursikhi or the martial traditions of a Sikh does. You can cons
  7. "excess alcohol is no good for fitness and training" Cisco my friend you are seriously lost my brother and your cloak does not make your intentions invisable! "Excess" implies that "a small amount" or "some" is ok for a person. For a "Gursikh" to imply this, just shows that value of that persons kamaiy and Sikhi. Another bit of proof that people should stay well clear of surjit sin
  8. To the OP, I am not a doctor nor have I studied sport sciences at an academic level, but I do suggest you do your own research and find the conclusion that works best for you, your body type, your current nutrition plan, the time you have available to dedicate to proper cardio, resistance weight training and finally the preparation and consumption of natural foods and supplements that compliment your fitness regime. Personally I do not use creatine because I try to keep all my supplementation to my diet as natural as possible. Remember fitness and nutrition is a slow process that needs lots o
  9. What language are you speaking there young anakin?
  10. Listen anyone who advocates the consumption of -> Meat, Intoxicants incl. cannabis in the form of smoke or drink (& conveniently named something that sounds remotely Sikh like such as Shaheedi dehg) or Alcohol and justify it as being acceptable for a Gursikh was dropped on their head one too many times as a child... And I will happily come and meet anyone from and Jatha or Dal and say it to your face!
  11. May Maharaj's kirpa shine bright in to your blind eyes. I have seen so called Sikhs justify whatever their lust desires with one false explanation or another! However the fact remains that the irrefutable Gurbani is the only thing that matters and those with love in their heart and the Gurus word on their lips will know what is the truth and see the fake for what it is.
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