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  1. Show them Gurbani when they doubt you, they can't argue then they do man, im telling u people jus dont wanna exept something right even if all the evidence is int here face because the right way is usually the hard way. but yeah even if i do show gurbani they just go "you can say whatever but i know ur doing rong" lolll true say but as long as we have gurujee on our sides we;re stronger than everrrrrrrrrrr :D
  2. :LOLz: :LOLz: :LOLz: :LOLz: :LOLz: bahahha o man :lol:
  3. o o o i went there! :D ..the bridge thing you have to cross was scaryyyy but i wanna go againnnn :WOOHOO:
  4. bahahhaha o man ...calm down bhenjeeee lolllll wow hahaha
  5. it actually was like freezing cold when i went and my jacket wasnt enoughhhhh and i went in july as well so make sure u have something
  6. vaheguru. bhenjee i went about 2 years ago and the very same day we left, a glacier broke and some rocks totally fell and a bunch of sangat died. When we got to the glacier part before this happened i was pretty scared cause it was a thin route but my mom kept saying if this is were you are meant to die, then happily accept this hukum. The experience itself was amazanggg :nishaan_sahib_right: :BOW:
  7. haha ya woopsie! i thought i did my baddd :D whens the nex smaagam? lol

  8. hehe woopsie =) i thought i did that night :P

  9. someone came to atl!! :)

  10. your in atlanta!! =).. time to naam jaap! hehe

  11. haha nothing much! i was like i hope this is the right person :P hehe what bauot uuuuu

  12. :cry: omg i feel like crying thts so niceeeeeeeeeeeee
  13. i love reading things like theseeee :D
  14. vjkk vjkf! hows it going! haha i found out hehe :P

  15. I admit I cant wait for exams to be over :S
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