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  1. i got confused when i signed in hehe
  2. PrIdw cwir gvwieAw hMiF kY cwir gvwieAw sMim ] fareedhaa chaar gavaaeiaa ha(n)dt kai chaar gavaaeiaa sa(n)m || Fareed, the hours of the day are lost wandering around, and the hours of the night are lost in sleep. lyKw rbu mMgysIAw qU AWho kyrHy kMim ]38] laekhaa rab ma(n)gaeseeaa thoo aaa(n)ho kaerhae ka(n)m ||38|| God will call for your account, and ask you why you came into this world. ||38||
  3. vaheguru jee kaa khalsa, vaheguru jee kee fateh!! =)

  4. is the khalsa becoming some joke now? i've been seeing toooooooo many of these posts lately ...well veerji..u know what u did was wrong..and you basically got a big thupaar back from guruji for your actions...thank him:P and stop all this relationship stuffs...its not gonna benefit you in any way.
  5. and bhenji for me..i had one that was like already in a big trangle...so i didnt have those stringy things to deal with...it works much easier
  6. omggggg 12 pages in one day! :S
  7. hehe mehtab veerji has done it again! wootwoot! haha ... yeh bhenji, like if it doesnt seem like the family relationship is gonna get ne better, then stop the stressin n jus intro him to ur parents... cuz once day or another they will meet and it'll save u a bundle of stress to get it over with now so you can do some more naam jaap
  8. hawwwwwwww...don't read my posts in class muahaha i just did
  9. hahah nono veerji, that was a good post..you made A LOT of points! andddd you made me laugh outloud in class haha
  10. bahaha Mehtab Singh is jokes hahaha
  11. haha when i first saw the topic on the board "what the hell did God ever do for me?"..i was like ouch!...hehe
  12. ah i just had samosas when i got home from school yummmm
  13. vjkk vjkf! bhenji, in my opinion its wrong cuz its really gonna affect everything else like your simran. like said above, get hukumnama.. but since your only like 19 you should wait..thers a time for everything...
  14. happy birthdayyy!!

  15. vaheguru!! ... keep going!! ...ne1 got anything else... i love reading these
  16. Here ya go: http://www14.alluc.org/alluc/movies.html?l...ct=H&page=3 Enjoy I probably shouldn't have given you this site during midterm time ... hehe yay!!!
  17. vjkk vjkf gurvinderpal singh! where have you beennnn! lol... keertan at my place on sunday ... bettersee you there :)

  18. Hershi


    vjkk vjkf...the best thing to do is to call...1-209-824-4433 (U.S) or +919815117216 for India. ... as someone said kalgidhar (Baru Sahib) has the summer thing ....but i think Miripiri is only till like 12th grade..
  19. Hershi


    vjkk vjkf... sometimes it may seem like someone has them done, but they actually dont.. i sometimes get that lol ... but if you actually look upclose, thier just in shape! ...but you may be right
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