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  1. ok. one of us HAS to call ..haha cuz its been a lil to long since we've talked!bizmo misses pepto!!!

  2. OBAMAAAA!!!! i voted for him today!! anddddd he's givin his speech right now.
  3. your finally onlineeeeeeeeeee

  4. yeh, thats Coventry Smaagam ...i love this this too: ..its only like 3minutes so i have to keep replaying until i listen to it like 20 times hehe
  5. so its basically between Hilary n Obama.... i wonder whos gonna win!
  6. when i was little i was in loveeee with Home Alone!! esp the first two...i think it was "lost in new york" or something!.... havent seen it in forverr tho!!!!
  7. i had admit i had 2 and a half cheesy-bean burritos (with no tomatoes) todai!! hehe
  8. i admit i have no class till frudai! booyaaa!!
  9. hahah ur in the wrong topic thingy bro!
  10. ^^ i admit i was watchin dr phil, again hehe and it was about a guy with a star wars obsession!..he wanted to be wearing a star wars costume in his coffin when he died :D
  11. HAHAHAHAHAHA that happend to me today! i get too many knots in my nallah and they so tight that i cant undo them, i drink two litres of watar a day as well :D Okaaaaaaaaay!!! Moving swiftly on... now dont tell me that neva happened to you! .....unless your like my nani and use elastic instead of naalaay
  12. Happy Birthday!!! :D

  13. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Sorry :D its not funny! haha...imagine a rat walkin in on you and theres nowhere to jump!!!
  14. ehh has anyone ever had kachera naalaa problems!!?? haha...like you have to go REAL bad but your naalaa wont listen cause the knots to tight
  15. Ive had a rat come through the door of a bathroom when i was in India ..i didnt know where to jump on cause theres no tub ...like its a flat floor...and so i ended up jumping into the sink :D ...hehe
  16. ^^ yehh i sleep with keertan on! ... it helps i guess since i knowck out reallyl fast! lolz
  17. "wheres your chairji??" haha :D

  18. awwww my mom used to sing that for meee ..esp when i used to think there were big tall scary bunnies in my closet :D
  19. i heard drinkin milk before you sleep helps :D
  20. haha OOO yaaa...i noticed lol...i know 4 guyss who do it :D
  21. vaheguru jee kaa khalsa..vaheguru jee kee fatehhhH!!!

  22. im no one to judge but my honest opnion is guys who are like grown and still wear patka REALLY need to be talkin to about gurujis dastaar. patka was nottt what guruji gave us...i heard it started after some cricket player or something... but yeah..lil kids with ekeskis look soooooo adorable!!! i dont see it at all down here where i live but i went to a raensaabaayee in north carolina andd there was SOO many lil girls and boys with bana on n keskis... n they did wonderful keertan! ....thier gonna be such chardikalaa youths!
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