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  1. i never noticed that!!! :D ....haha watch him win too
  2. hahah that just adds to my list on why im moving to torotnO!!!!!
  3. start practicing... practice makes perfect :D
  4. I wasn't questioning anything. I was thinking about what they said. Don't I have the right to ponder things? im guessing their just letting everyone know that since thier amritdhari and still dont wear keski/dastaar yet thier not doing anything wrong since its not thier kakaar/rehit..? i dunno lol :D
  5. ^ sometimes its hard to make the nindiya stop since everyone thats doing it is like wayyy older.... you cant just people like veryone shut up and leave the darbar! haha.... i think little me needs to start speaking up at sangat as well when similar stuffs happens :D
  6. Happy Birthday fellow atlanta-eer!!! :D

  7. hahaha awww that must suck lol
  8. vjkk vjkf! yeah...just ignore those posts and pay more attention to the ones that r more inspirational-y :s
  9. haha o come onnnn im sure you got a lil beating sometimeeee
  10. vaheguru... that was such a nice read! thanks!
  11. Hershi


    At your age, it is quite natural to look for a life partner, and it is very natural to suffer a heart break. So wake up to the reality of life. First of all, have some respect for yourself. You are a creation of God, you are a daughter of Sahib Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee Maharaj. You are not a grocery item purchased from Walmart that someone can pick you up when he wants to and then dump you once he feels like. Stop degrading yourself. You are more than that. Thats excellant! I urge you to carry on with it! And what will that achieve? You want another chance with someone who "dumped" you? Some
  12. Hershi


    vaheguru... adraas is a biggie on this one.... fill your heart with sooo much love for guruji that there wouldnt even be a thought of turning your back on him. your where you are now becuase OF him. and he knws whats in for you. that line...if you take one step towards him he takes thousands towards you... i dont think he'll let you go that easily (just keep doing ardaas that you forever remain in his charan) :s
  13. and thier teaching thier children HATE becauseeeee...? :s :glare: :D
  14. haha we're too cool :s ..!
  15. WHAT is wrong with you guys?!?! like seriously..did you listen at ALL on what he said??....after listening..didnt you feel like all this seperation...hate towards one another needs to be demolished.......? didnt you feel lthat you should love EVERY sikh, every person, for guruji abides in them...but no some of you have to start talking about flaws...etc..etc... sorry to come off rude but seriously...i have sooo much respect for sukha singh and these previous points .... :D ... HE got up and said what was needed to be said...those of us sitting on our computers just chilin at home werent the o
  16. My mom told me when i was like five or six...me n my cousin went around the wholeeee living room/kitchen and poured baby powder n baby oil everywhereeee... hehehe... one of us had the powder n one us had the oil so im guessing..so we were like attaking each other with em and ended up making the tv/sofas/etc. turn white n greasy! muahah...i was a bad lil kid :s im pretty sure i got a lil beating for it...OOOooOooo definitly! :D
  17. haha :s i hear ya... same thing happened when i brought a freind to a local keertan session ... shes like woah! a free buffet!!!
  18. vjkk vjkf! bhenji guruji did soem mad kirpa on you for you to have enough courage to start wearing dastaar and present the khalsa image!...your situation sounds very very very familiar to mine... but you just have to stay strong.. know gurujis holding your arm and walking though it with you each second.. it'll get better hopefully :s but try to see the positive side to it... usually when people discourage you from something u believe in..the more you wanna show them, NO, this is right nad this is what im gonna do..! so keep your head up high bhenji!!!! and congrats :D
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