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  1. add 11 please..i know its not a lot sorry *Waheguru waheguru waheguru, pyaareo every single breath in his rememberance is precious! added to the khajana jeo! *
  2. If your a meat eater, i'd recommend that you switch to being a vegetarian..i mean that way your input of fast food decreases...no more burgers, bacon all that stuff..it makes a huge difference and then get on a machine! Work out, nothing else works...you need to burn more calories than you intake...if you dont like exercising on machines, then take some dance classes... I blast some kirtan or music at times and I go on the Stairmaster...or i take dance classes in Manhattan (bhangra and many other kinds)...whatever gets you excited and motivated to get up and move is good So Eat Less, Exercis
  3. hey kiddo, this guy sounds like a typical guy from a bigg city most of my friends are players and i can tell you right now from experience this guy is playing you, the reason hes not committin to you is because either he has a girlfriend and your just on the side or he doesnt think that your worth the trouble of a relationship...dont waste your time and move on...cuz your just an option in his life and he knows that...he knows all he has to do is tell you that he loves and he'll change and then you will melt and things go back to the way they were....been there done that...take my advice le
  4. If your located anywhere in New York City then I can help you out. I am a Marketing Specialist for State Farm Insurance and I can most likely get you a job with State Farm or something in my parent's company.
  5. im not saying name your child alexander but just incase you want to it means protector of mankind.
  6. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Welln I just finished my chaliya on Sunday and I wanted to make some degh to take to the gw. Does it matter that today is Thursday cuz I know some people say you shouldn’t do somethings on Thursday…and my other question is how do I make degh?
  7. Wow...she didnt just describe toronto punjabi society but new york society as well...i can relate to so muchh of it...you this poem take life down the streets of new york...
  8. why especially for women? i just dont understand why our fellow indians have to be so sexist and hypocritical...on one hand you say you practice sikhi but you cant practice the basic concept of equality...its just sad. plain sad.
  9. The Punjabi culture I know doesn't expect that at all. The Punjabi culture I know of expects everyone to be respectful of each other, and treat other's like they are part of their own family.This sort of thing is not limited to just Punjabi culture but to most, if not all, cultures of the world. Clearly it's a bunch of baloney. It does, expect it. I've noticed it many times here in NY that the girl gettyn engaged/married expects her fiancee not to be a virgin and where as he expects her to be one or for her to have only slept with him. Im not saying that girl's that aren't virgins are tre
  10. I guess i'm getting a little worked up because of the hypocrisy in general not specifically in this thread. I'm a virgin just thought i should add that. What shocks me and aggravates me is that its considered okai around most of the world that a guy in his twenties will not be a virgin and its accepted.he's not called names or reprimanded. Where as if a girl loses her virginity then she's called a "skank" automatically, even though she only slept with one guy who promised her they were going to get married (heard tht excuse many times) I understand that in sikhi pre-marital sex is considered
  11. dont yu think its hypocritical though..that its okai for the guy to not be a virgin but if a girl isnt one then shes a "h o e"... i asked couple of guys how they felt about this..some were like they actually dont want to marry virgins at all...those were the more modern punjabi guys tht yu find here in nyc and then others said that it depends on how many guys she slept with and who she lost it too..basically if she was in a serious relationship or not... in conclusion the guys said that they wouldnt mind if their wife wasnt a virgin but they wouldnt want teh whole world to kno about it... b
  12. punch him out...beat the <banned word filter activated> out of him...trust me if you dont teach him a lesson god knows he might do the same thing to the new born(once ofcourse this kid is older) he needs to be insulted and taught a lesson infront of the whole family. Go ahead and STand up for your rights.
  13. Okai Im a marketing specialist for State Farm Insurance so my job is really boring so whenever people come in to see agents i start playing with their kids... so i was chillen wid this lil girl and she started telling me about her crush..and she showed me this number love calculating thing (i used to do it a lot as a kid too)...basically i did for her and then she told me that her older brother and sister think its stupid and childish and that its not true...she asked me what i thought...and i have no answer... what do you guys think? stuff like that is true or not? i kno its stupid and chil
  14. whenever we have to throw away anything to with gurbani or sikhi we usually burn it...so im curious too is tht right or wrong?
  15. glen cove gurudwara in long island, ny has tables and chairs, they have like a fast food theme thing, the revolving chairs attached to the tables like McDonalds.
  16. Usually tht means tht u hv a medical prob
  17. Jasy

    Hair Issue

    wow! i am shocked as to how insensitive some people can get! the fact that he's even posting on this forum means that he cares..instead of helping him understand the meaning of kesh and what it means to a sikh..we are chastising him! we have to remember that when we point a finger at someone, we're pointing three at ourselves! "Hum Nahin Changey, Bura Nahin Koi" i dont think that he's only worried about his relatives, cuz if he was he wud hv posted on sum punjabi forum thing..not a sikhi one...his conscience is prolly bothering him..so lets all be helpful! Sorry If I offended anyone... =)
  18. hheheheh..thank ju thank juu!!

  19. hhaha.lol..i think he's trying to make a joke!
  20. bhenji tell your parents...dont waste ur time in these stupid relationships! our janam is too short to run after someone other than our Guru. I kno it's easier said than done but thats the right hting in teh end....run after ur Guru and not someone else.... I believe in love but still loving someone other than ur Guru is WRONG! " Bohut Janam Bichray Thai Madho Ehay Janam Tumarey Lekhey " god knows how many janams we've spent chasing others...lets chase Our Guru this time...ehh?
  21. Wot about a kayak - would tht count as a vehicle? ummm...no the real answer is racecar...hehehe..it toook me like 4 hours to get the right..atleast u got sumthng!!
  22. sikh literally means disciple...so a sikh someone who follows all of the Guru's teachings!
  23. Every moment of our life is an invaluable opportunity.
  24. wow tht is amzing...really makes re-examine ur perception of life! thank you for sharing!
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