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  1. Does anyone have the names of the 52 Kings who were released along side Guru Sahib?
  2. Does anyone know of any Gursikh doula’s in the UK?
  3. Anyway of petitioning the decision and getting Khalistan back into UNPO? Would definetly add clout to Punjab 2020 Referendum.
  4. I'm looking for a group of individuals to startup a Sikh Cryptocurrency. Please send me a message if you are interested in helping to set this up.
  5. That's why Dalits are following ram Rahim, they see his preaching of 'insaan'iate inclusive and not exclusive which I'm sorry to say is happening in Sikhi via caste based guru ghars. I need to learn what Guru Sahib teaches in his writings in order to explain that it is not exclusive but for all humanity.
  6. Tejvir


    I have full faith that if you go and do matha Tek and sit in Maharaj hazoori. Focussing on guru sahib you will realise why you did paath and Simran in the first place. If your lucky maybe you will even feel the bliss from kirtan. Don't be too hard on yourself and speak to Guru Granth Sahib ji. Try understanding what they are saying to you. Ive been in a similar position and have felt hard gone and disappointed in not doing nitnem and being lazy. I then try saying to myself I've been lazy and need to make up for it by going seva at the gurdwara as a punishment (even though
  7. Thanks for your question. I have had this avatar when I first joined the forum and haven't changed it since. At the time I identified as being British Sikh which I still do. Even though there have been many atrocities by the British in history I don't let this get in the way of knowing that I was fortunate enough to attend a Sikh school in this country and completing my education at uni. I would like to contribute to the society around me and think Sikhi is the way to starvation in the world and provide justice to those who are abused or oppressed. In order to do this we need t
  8. I think there is a will for a Khalsa Military force, and the panth does have people who are experienced in performing military duties in other armies. The key is where is such a academy to be set up. Ideally it would be in anandpur sahib.
  9. Please collaborate to mind map created do that we can gather information as a group and create plans as to what actions to take. Login: sangatcollaboration@gmail.com Pw: vaheguru http://mind42.com/mindmap/a96f5532-e31c-4e83-b489-de1a8aa4a0da?invitation=af7f077f-105f-42ec-85f5-bed21e27b59b
  10. Darshan Singh Canadian was a member of the communist party of India who was taken out for speaking against the Khalistani movement. Does anyone know what he said?
  11. Each to their own, i just wanted to add my 2 pence worth, Guru sahib bestowed us with the Sikh nation. The Nishan Sahib signifys the nation, Shaheeds, and sovereignty. We are free and I matha tek due to the beauty of the Nishaan flying high and do ardaas that it always flys high in all towns, countries, worlds.
  12. So you're telling me that there's been a Singh sitting outside the Indian high commision for 2 years and he's gathered no intelligence of who goes in or who comes out in past 2 years?
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