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  1. What meditation technique u using?
  2. What if ther is somet above him, and he has only shown his self to sants bramgianis, cus it does say in bani that a bramgiani can become one with him but cant put a anth (end) to him, for example, we buy some action figures and we make them play and the toys only kno of us and dont kno whats beyond cus its only been exposed to us and not the beyond, what if thats same in gods case, we are his action toys but he hasnt shown us beyond, if ther is a beyond.
  3. Tryed using this while doing simran and felt very different to how i normally feel when doin simran. It helps in stimulating your 3rd eye quiker as it uses frequencies thats activate that part of the brain Check it out and also read the comments under the video And leave feedback on here
  4. So what can we call good and what can we call bad when all is him and his doing, and its all a play
  5. dont get it tho, like what was the point in all this... what was there before all universe... was he that bored?
  6. If it was preplanned to attack darbar sahib, y wasnt the golden temple blown to pieces with the tanks they brought it? Why was it only aimed at bhindrawaleh? Surely if sum1 was planning to attack the golden temlple they would target the main thing wich was darbar sahib
  7. My linkhttp://www.shasterkhajana.com/ New Shastars added!! Dont Delay Buy a Shastar Today!!
  8. its been created by the gov its obvious.... do your research thers 0% chance that 3 viruses from 3 different continents, 3 different species would come together and mix. they just want to cut down the worlds population.
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