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  1. I have been many times. Each time we stayed at different hotels off resort. Rented a car and went everywhere in surrounding areas. People are VERY nice there compared to other biased areas.
  2. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki fateh! Does anyone have a link to a master lists of historical sikhi sites in Europe countries? I am looking for all the sites where Guru Nanak Dev Jee has been to and they either made a structure, gurudwara or monument in that memory. I would need exact cities/addresses etx, thanks
  3. Why should she sort it out? Because we as a society have set a norm???! This has been happening for generations! The era of armpit hair, chest/leg hair etx. It will continue to happen, tomorrow people will say hair is bad fullstop and we should all go bald!! THEN WHAT??? Sure it can be a medical condition. In Balpreet Kaurs case, it was, it was treated and all signs went away except for her hair. If it is not a medical condition anymore, why should she do beadbi of kes and take it off??? Because of what society says!? True killers of the panth is US, if we do not support our own brothers an
  4. Thats exactly the point. Drugs, intoxicants = sikhi!? There is no justification, end of! It leads you away from the main goal.............NAAM! Please close the thread.
  5. Okay.... After reading everyones thoughts on this, I got one question..... For those that say it is okay to consume (even for those Akali singhs that live only that particular lifestyle)... Explain this gurbani tuk from guru granth sahib ji... kbIr BWg mwCulI surw pwin jo jo pRwnI KWih ] qIrQ brq nym kIey qy sBY rswqil jWih ]233] Kabeer, those mortals who consume marijuana, fish and wine - no matter what pilgrimages, fasts and rituals they follow, they will all go to hell. ||233|| How can you justify ANYTHING, after reading this? If your guru is same as all sikhs, then you should not be
  6. Good thoughts Khaalis. S1NGH - you are welcome anytime! $110 is the fee right now, early bird discount which ends on Friday. AFTER that the fee goes up to $150. If you need more information, please visit singhscamp.ca........ got a few singhs coming from abroad, do consider, going to be really GOOD! Check trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vg-6GslklQE
  7. 2nd annual Toronto Singhs Camp 2012 Thursday, May 31st - Sunday, June 3rd Circle Square Ranch (Brantford) Come experience a weekend full of spiritual Workshops, Kirtans, Sports, Gurbani Vichaar, Rock Climbing, Horseback Riding, Archery and lots more! Registration opens April 1st. Limited spots available. Ages 14+ April registration $110 (Early Discount Period) May registration $150 For more information visit Toronto.SinghsCamp.com Email: toronto@singhscamp.com
  8. are these programs by youth? on stage/floor? It doesnt matter to me, but just curious
  9. Vaheguruu ji ka khalsa, Vaheguruu ji ki fateh Are there any programs happening in east london area between 25th til about 3rd of january? Smaagams/kirtan programs at gurughars, even sangats house kirtan programs... All program information would be wonderful! (preferrably the 'sangat style' ie. AKJ, youth, etx.) Or inbox me any numbers/contact information I can get in touch with. Thanks in advance :D
  10. Sikhroots, I am from Canada, so wouldnt know if UK committees work the same way. Usually here they are lenient in terms of leaving it upto us what we do with the maya that is in front of kirtanees. Some gurughars here are picky and complain that their raagis are missing out on their 'income', but mostly they are okay with us promoting something for a cause since they will look good in the eyes of the sangat! When we approach them correctly, they are okay and most times we just do our own thing, and have rarely had any problems.
  11. Vaheguruu ji ka khalsa, Vaheguruu ji ki fateh Currently in kirtans/smaagams, the occasional chraavaa in front of kirtanees usually goes directly in the golak. Instead, why dont we setup a system so that the chraavaa can be used towards charity/cause...? I.e. using a vaja cover in front of kirtanees, put a sign up saying the maya will go towards Canadian Cancer society. Im not saying that putting in the golak is wrong, but this is an idea that can be used for other charitable causes that are in need of donations at the moment. Even for family victims of 1984 that are still going through ha
  12. We need to come out with something BLOCKBUSTER type material for huge impact, not a B rated film that goes straight to video and hits some of our 'own' sikh film festivals. Hollywood producers want to make movies that get them $$$. We need our rich people, sikh businessmen with money that can approach them with an idea to produce a film that they will agree will have a big impact all over. We need to make QUALITY films NOT quantitative! A hollywood blockbuster that will be playing all over the world and it will hit the heart of India... just imagine! Is there any way for sikh organizations
  13. I just read this from akj.org about this... http://www.akj.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=5293 Approximately a month back, at kirtan of Bhai Manpreet Singh kanpuri, some one offered a book to Bhai Manpreet Singh ji Kanpuri on Jaap Sahib, when Veerji asked about content of that book, the person responded that it is about Jaap Sahib as "NOT A BAANI" and “ASHLEEL KAVITA”. At this, Manpreet Singh immediately responded aggressively and torn off the book and said that do not create a controversy, this Baani is a part of Nitnem & Amrit Sanchar and Khalsa and including my birth, whole Khals
  14. Khalistan Zindabad ji, Ill repeat myself in bold. It is NOT proved that gurpreet singh said anything against baba takhur singh at the ACTUAL EVENT (ie.one panth). This video you see is uploaded and done after that particular event. As far as I know, he did do a performance on stage but his 'kavishri' said nothing offensive! Anyone who is relating this event ONEPANTH as 'anti-sikhi' CLEARLY did not attend the event OR getting false second hand news!
  15. Couple of things to be noted... - first issue with the mock of baba ranjit singh presentation was done by KIDS. You dun simply stop them from their performance, imagine their state of mind in front of THOUSANDS if we all got up to stop them. Yes they were wrong, and they should have been talked to afterwards and from feedback im sure they were. One of the MAIN organizers of this event told me that all presenters were required to submit in their script and what they are presenting. Indians being indians, these scripts were changed last min and they didnt bother giving it into the organizers.
  16. Inder Singh, Read the top of my post. I have clearly said these individuals are not linked with any of these organizations. They are sevadaars from different backgrounds and all came down under one banner of ONEPANTH. I personally contacted them before this event and asked if such anti-panth organizations were involved in the planning of the event and the answer was no. Take it for what its worth ...
  17. Veerai, a humble request... Please get your facts straight before posting... I know we all have our views and judgments about certain groups but we should never jump to conclusions. I dont think you are from toronto, so before posting information from a second hand source and especially putting down a event like this and associating them with such groups is not right. This event was very well organized by a variety of individuals that are NOT linked with these organizations that you have listed. They have done seva every year in toronto in other programs such as annual 1984 vigils. I kno
  18. Bhenji, you can email me at singh.jaspaul@gmail.com and I will try my best to answer any questions you might have...
  19. A Kitchener WW1 hero remembered Private Buckam Singh fought for Canada in the First World War. He also inspired the Sikh community. But his story was almost forgotten. A ceremony was held in Kitchener today to remember Private Singh’s service. For video please visit: http://swo.ctv.ca/news.php?id=6169
  20. Email me: singh.jaspaul@gmail.com
  21. Veerai, pyari benti, please quote gurbani tuks correctly. jo maagehi thaakur apunae thae soee soee dhaevai
  22. What people say should be the LAST thing on ones mind!
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