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  1. Happy bday! best wishes

  2. SSA to all, My name is Kamaldeep Singh, a Music student studying in leeds. For a while I have wanted to record a purely dharmik dhadi jatha, being busy with my own projects I haven't had the time. But over summer next year i will have the time to record. Im looking for young people to submit a short audio or video clip of themselves just "jamming" or if possible either a rendition of "waar Baba Deep Singh Ji" or "Waar Banda Singh Bahadur". The EP will be aimed at the young Sikh community. I am looking to record 5 tracks to be released free of charge promoting Sikhi and dharmik geet. (all stud
  3. OI Chiteya. How've you been?

  4. Kiddah Little Veer There are loads of ways of tying your dhari up. I generally leave mine kulla, unless im gigging or going to a wedding. Ill try and explain one of the more common and quicker ways of tying up your dhari as best i can. Ah and if you do it this way, make sure you wash your dhari atleast once a day, otherwise it'll start itching. Firstly brush down the sides of your dhari. Spray hairspray/gel on the sides (Just on the sides yet). brush down each side while using a hairdryer on the sides, this will keep your sides in place. Ten what your going to need is some cloth (similar t
  5. being a music student studying music composition and production I listen and love a huge amount of music ranging from thrash metal, UK hip hop, drum n bass, reggae,punjabi folk...etc basically everything. god i love music, music is a universal language everyone can understand.
  6. My favourite poet/writer, Khalil Gibran is definatly someone you should check out. Hes a Lebanon born american who could read and write in sanskrit, syriac arabic english and a few others, which led him to read many of the holy scriptures from many religions. check out his book the prophet its one of his best works. also check out Christ's Choice by E. Havil Saviors Love Gong Kai warrior Saints Hope this helps
  7. wassup praa,

    i was readin ur last comment on babies names..

    i fink yuvraaj singh is a wiked name, for a boy.

    or for a girl i like neelam (neelu) lol sounds kwl or even simran

    thats just some that i like, haha


  8. what every happened to sikhi being about "universal unity"....rather than an us and them thing.
  9. I wouldn't wear a dhumala cus it dont look neat.I have to much pride to wear a messy looking pagh, Patiala Shai and African Pagh for me. You lots are well narrow minded though, saying stuff like a dhummala is the only way to tie a pagh. All I know is....I look DAMN good in a Pagh...especially a Turle-alli Pagh <<<<<<<Damn Fine...
  10. hear hear! also the malkit singh/daler mehndi turban makes one want to twist the left hand in the motion of changing a light bulb whilst lifting the right leg in an up and down motion! i think you two have just proved my point...and i dont starch my pagh, no one i know does. i think thats a bit stereotypical. And a patiala shai pagh is worn by most of the sikh community. and ye ur right...a dhummalla dont suit me...i just dont like the look of it.
  11. ....Ustad Vilayay Khan says in mirpuri "Je Akal Gaaney Da Raag Nai, Oh Gaaney Nai Allah Mangna"
  12. Do You Jugde People By Their Pagh/Dastaar? I've found that quite a few Singhs/Kaurs instantly judge someone by the style of pagh they wear.Personally I highly respect anyone that ties a pagh as it shows their pride in sikhi and confidence to stand out in a crowd. Well I moved to Leeds for Uni 6 weeks ago, and a few days ago I was walking round Corn Exchange and there was a Mr Singh on a stall selling kirpane, Kare etc. I saw him and i get well happy when i see another Mr Singh. I think i should state that he was wearing a dhumalla (to me i dont really care what style pagh someone wears) an
  13. does anyone know where i can learn gatka in leeds...or even in bradford/sheffield/huddersfield??? let me know as soon as please fateh
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