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  1. barsi was amazing ...maharaj's beant kirpa.... I was just thinking earlier and i thought i would share with all you peeps....baba ji stood for honesty, seva, simron, and naam bannee....heir jeevan speaks for itself....do we as the youth who have so much prem for babaji, live up to the teachings of maharaj....which babaji as well as so many other gursikhs have tried to help us understand??... its important to realise that more than rememebering babaji on these occasions....we should be remebering their jeevan....we should be going home not just thinking how much we miss them...but...what are we going to change in our lives, so we may be able to rememeber them with pride.... just thnking about my own lifestyle...amritvela is well hard for me to keep...but then i have so much prem for babaji...but whats the point in all that prem....even if they were here...i wouldnt even be able to look at them in the eye... the whole reason we have so much pyar for them is because of their jeevan right??...so lets practice that jeevan....and start at the basics....do selfless seva...that no-one is aware other than maharaj you are doing....do bhagti every free second we find...be honest and kind to all those around you...family, friends all the world!!! vaheguroo...i hope people went away realizing the jeevan of babaji and i hope maharaj blesses all of including myself with the ability to live up to babajs pyar for maharaj..... sorry for mistakes vahegurooo....
  2. god made me who i am....i love my kesh...wherever it may be.... people who say it is hard to get married because of it....the way i try to see things is that there is a bigger picture out there...bigger than wheather youre married or not....if no1 will marry you then o well thats the worlds loss...because i will tell you there is one person that will be your dear husband....and that is Vaheguru himself....its just another test in lyfe...dont worry....dont break your rehat over it....its not that important...nothing in this world is that important...love yourself for being who maharaj wanted you to be....we are here to impress the great man upstair...and he wont be impressed weather you get a rista or not...but more so if u can fight this crazy world in order to keep your asool i for one am so happy with my facial kesh...and it will never hold me back in doing anything in life...and if that means that i dont get married then o well....one door closes and another opens rite....but i will never shut that door to vaheguru...never will i write that letter of betrayal to my guru... also i heard a somewhere once a girl saying to her brother that "a girl looks to her brother, to see how a girl is to be treated in life...if her brother treats other girls like crap and judges them for there so called "imperfections"...then that is how that girl learns how other guys are meant to treat her"....remember guys these are your sisters...if you treat them indiffeently because you dont see them as your real sisters then that is exactly how one day some other guy is going to treat your blood sister.... sorry for mistakes
  3. what the hell....some peeps just addin their 2pence worth and spreading hatred.... have love not hate....if you cant love each other then it dont matter weather you read raagmala or not...your still going to pot...
  4. sounds out of order....we can provide ourselves with bedrooms but not maharaj witha place of rest....yes gurdwareh are in a bad state right now....but the majority of them still realise that there should be a seperate place/room for maharaj after sukhasan.....camp sounds great but...you only going to get blessings if you do satkaar of maharaj...and im sorry but sach khand seems basic understanding.... 2pence worth...sorry if affended anyone....im sure camp was realy good...but wheere there is a valid point...shouldnt really ignore iy
  5. firstly, if this girl is serious about learning about sikhi then theres alot of research you can do on the net plus you can also come to gurudwara sahib and guru maharaj will give you direction.....however sikhi in my interpretation is not religon, but a way of life, so it is not about converting, or taking amrit and thats it you are a sikh or part of the khalsa, you have to live as a gursikh, its a life long commitment.... http://www.apostatesofislam.com/ this is the link given below the ststement written by this person who wants to convert....its got a lot of negitivety in it, regardless of weather we think a religon is correct or not, i dont think it is right to slander other peoples belief....you could say that some stuff written there was fact(or not), but there was alot of negative opinions, this definately not the sikh way of thinking...so not the best start.. all in his hands
  6. gurfateh ji dalsingh101...this topic is not to judge non-amridharis or have any ill feeling towards them...it is a simple query to find out wheather it correct for amritdharis and non-amridharis to be a part of the anand karaj cerimony together as one.... completely agree with this post...i no so many people in a position where they are not able to keep rehit as well as they wish, simply because they are married to someone that is not amritdhari... however at the same time i can see exactly where jss's post coming from....there can be a amridhari and a non-amridhari that could be on the same path and so perfect for each other...so why shouldnt they get married??... thats the reason i agree'd with all info's post as aposed to jss's....because our rehit/dicipline in life is our love and dedication to maharaj else what is the point in having a rehit , what purpose does it serve??...and if marrying someone that is non-amritdhari whilst you are amritdhari is an infringement of your rehit then it is not worth it...as no matter how perfect the person is for you and how happy you will be together...no-one or thing in this life is more important than maharaj...and an amritdhari to marry a non-amritdhrari is to compromise your true dedication to maharaj.... i apologise if this affends anyone, that was not the intent, this for me is the truth in my opinion... sorry foir mistakes
  8. dont wory about waheguru coming in human form again as if you are a sikh, your faith in guru granth sahib ji will be so strong that you will never need waheguru in human form, guru granth sahib ji is and will always be enough. have faith in guru granth sahib ji and you will never need no-one else no matter how corrupt this world makes sikhi look like, as long as we have guru granth sahib ji, no-one will be able to corrupt it. be a true sikh to guru nanak dev ji (guru granth sahib ji) and leave the rest up to him. as for your original question, from a sikhi point of view i think it has been answered "papi" randomly bowing to someone who says they are god is ignorence, you want to bow to waheguru, bow to guru granth sahib ji. sorri for mistakes
  9. also can i ask why are you asking this question, what do you wish to learn??
  10. see i was thinking about that after i posted and still stand by what i said, if someone is too bow too this person who they beleive to be vaheguru, then as a sikh i have to respect them for their beileif, but that is exactly what it is their belief not sikhi a person that beleves this is not a sikh, just like a person that beleived in guru nanak dev ji back then was neither hindu or muslim, or anything he was a sikh i realise this leaves the door open for new faiths and cults, but i dont think that should concern me right, as long as they do not depict sikhi to be a part of that(such as the dereh that exist today) kal taaran gur nanak aayeaa, for me a sikh, guru nanak dev ji (in all 11 embodiements) is our only saviour in this age of kaljug(darkness) sorry for mistakes
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