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  1. fanks! so far i've got like 3 dates i fink - 20th Oct and 21st Oct and 27 Oct... p.s. :lol: @ emiJeha's sig
  2. awwww fank u soooo much!!! am obviously blind if i didnt see the link tht 'emiJeha' gave!! thanks agen pet! :TH:
  3. I dont wanna sound like a old Bibee but its buggin me now: It aint Bandi Chor - thats sounds like you sayin thief... its Bandhee Shohrr bMdI CoV ^^ thats supposed to say Bandhee: Bubeh otheh tip'ee, dhu'dheh noo siharee Shohrr: Sheesheh noo hohraa, Rahraa
  4. KKV

    Itchy Scalp

    penje my doc gave me that for skin i think u need to keep ur scalp moist all the time, trust me try oil. and yh, theres a really gd shampoo, its called vatika lollllllllll, its the yellow one and it really works. u'll find it in indian shops, lol :lol: or jus use sarooh'n dha theh'l - that way we'll smell u from mile... :lol:
  5. Way to ruin the thread girls...has anyone got a acctual reply to my question pls?
  6. KKV

    Dream Zzzzzzz

    sorry i got nuffin 2 say bout this thread but ur name made me laff (dopey) :lol:
  7. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ke Fateh :e: When the time comes if Maraaj wants you to go then you wil go :nihungsmile: Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ke Fateh tru story - i suggest u do Ardhaas for me...
  8. i meant like have u got like propa date? like 10 October 2008 or sumthin? I wanna go n tht but depends if my mom up 4 it - being a girl includes too many precautions.... :lol:
  9. :lol: well fanks 4 the replies!! i kno is in october and all but jus wantd 2 kno wat DATE it is like 10 October 2008...lol u kno? anyways I WANNA GO badly!! but my mom aint all tht sure - gettin all iffy at me bless her lol... sucks bein a girl
  10. As far as I know istranslated as follows: Aageh'yaa Payee Akhal Kee With permission/Hukam of Akhal Purkh Thabee Chalaoh Panth the leading of the Panth has been commanded (in so many words) etc n i got nuffin for the Shbadh about fake sanths... sorry if it aint right but yeh...
  11. My opinion is its really easy to point the finger and say he/she is/are a non Kesdharee. I feel as this is almost a fact that non Kesdharee are the REAL Sikhs - so to speak - non Kesdharee are the ones that go to the Gurdvaara with PROPER Nimerathaa; they sit right at the back..yeah okay one becuase they can lean against the wall - but EVERYONE does it - but main questionable reason I bet is that they sit at the back becuase they feel they have no right to sit up front with the Singhs and Singhnee'yaa. I accept that their is a difference between Culture and Religion - but since when has anyone got the right to say yeah 'he/she is non Kesdharee'. Its understandable to say that having Kes is the "first" step in Sikhism - to be recognised and representing Sikhism - but if I/we get all harsh and say that them non Kesdharee can't be labelled as Sikhs - where are non Keshdharees to turn? Being born into a Sikh family isn't enough of a base to say 'yes I was blessed enough to be born into a Sikh family now only we are Sikhs others arent'. Pushing non Kesdharee Sangath away based on their looks aint right. If you look into Sikh history there are such people that went BEYOND the apperance and walked the path of Sikhism and soon got Mukhthee. When we see a non Kesdharee I/we instantly assume he/she must do the whole panjabee thing i.e. eating meat,drinkin,smokin etc etc - but HOW do we know what goes in each others mind? They may be MAJOR MahaPursh's. Theres a Sakhee on such issue - well its related - I think it was Bhagath Fareedh Jee or Bhagath Kabeer Jee - cant remember the name now sorry - but the Sakhee goes as follow: Bhagath Jee understood the concept that the more people do your Nindheh'yaa the closer you become to Vaheguroo - he went to the lengths of getting a bootle - that looked like alcohol bottle and filled it with water. He went about the streets and staggered - as if he was drunk - he made out as if he was a nex level alcoholic - people about him in the streets looked at him and made comments like 'psssh alcoholic - look at him see how quickly such "great" Godly people fall' or 'see how even so called "Babeh" fall - they tell us about how great God is but still go about doing sin' etc - Bhagath Jee heard this and smiled - he said 'Nindho Nindho Mohkoh Lohk Nindho' To a extent non Kesdharee are blessed since people like ME/you go about doing Nindheh'yaa - there getting closer to Vaheguroo more than me NO MATTER how much Paat I/you do. Concluding, if you ask me non Kesdharee may not be lucky enough to be blessed with Sikhism YET - but if you Singhs/Singhnee'yaa are going to push non Kesdharee Sangath away WHO will save them? Only with Sangath can ANYONE Thar this world. p.s. sorry for the lecture
  12. I am needing some of zee...how you say...information jesh?...erm... we is all knowing next year is...err...Siree Guru Granth Sahib Jee's 300 years of Gur'Gadhee-ship...and zee information I am needing is...I am hearing many many many Sangath is...errr...gathering at zee Siree Hajoor Saahb in zee India and I am needing zee information of when is zee set date for this Smagham jesh? I am zee thanking joo jesh okay...okay if you didnt understand that scuse me - what am saying is everyone knows nex year is Siree Guru Granth Sahib Jee 300 Gur'Gadhee-ship and what I wanna know is whens the set date for all the Sangath to gather at Hazoor Saahb in India? I appreciate it if some can tell me asap pls fanks ya stunnin people!
  13. Bhai Anoop Singh Jee - Charan Saran Gur Ehk Pendah Jaa'eh Chal http://www.rajkaregakhalsa.net/audio/Kirtan/Sant%20Anoop%20Singh%20Una%20Sahib%20wale/Sant%20Anoop%20Singh%20-%20Charan%20Saran%20Gur%20Ek%20Penda%20Jaye%20Chal.mp3
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