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  1. fanks! so far i've got like 3 dates i fink - 20th Oct and 21st Oct and 27 Oct... p.s. :lol: @ emiJeha's sig
  2. awwww fank u soooo much!!! am obviously blind if i didnt see the link tht 'emiJeha' gave!! thanks agen pet! :TH:
  3. I dont wanna sound like a old Bibee but its buggin me now: It aint Bandi Chor - thats sounds like you sayin thief... its Bandhee Shohrr bMdI CoV ^^ thats supposed to say Bandhee: Bubeh otheh tip'ee, dhu'dheh noo siharee Shohrr: Sheesheh noo hohraa, Rahraa
  4. penje my doc gave me that for skin i think u need to keep ur scalp moist all the time, trust me try oil. and yh, theres a really gd shampoo, its called vatika lollllllllll, its the yellow one and it really works. u'll find it in indian shops, lol :lol: or jus use sarooh'n dha theh'l - that way we'll smell u from mile... :lol:
  5. Way to ruin the thread girls...has anyone got a acctual reply to my question pls?
  6. KKV

    Dream Zzzzzzz

    sorry i got nuffin 2 say bout this thread but ur name made me laff (dopey) :lol:
  7. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ke Fateh :e: When the time comes if Maraaj wants you to go then you wil go :nihungsmile: Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ke Fateh tru story - i suggest u do Ardhaas for me...
  8. i meant like have u got like propa date? like 10 October 2008 or sumthin? I wanna go n tht but depends if my mom up 4 it - being a girl includes too many precautions.... :lol:
  9. :lol: well fanks 4 the replies!! i kno is in october and all but jus wantd 2 kno wat DATE it is like 10 October 2008...lol u kno? anyways I WANNA GO badly!! but my mom aint all tht sure - gettin all iffy at me bless her lol... sucks bein a girl
  10. As far as I know istranslated as follows: Aageh'yaa Payee Akhal Kee With permission/Hukam of Akhal Purkh Thabee Chalaoh Panth the leading of the Panth has been commanded (in so many words) etc n i got nuffin for the Shbadh about fake sanths... sorry if it aint right but yeh...
  11. My opinion is its really easy to point the finger and say he/she is/are a non Kesdharee. I feel as this is almost a fact that non Kesdharee are the REAL Sikhs - so to speak - non Kesdharee are the ones that go to the Gurdvaara with PROPER Nimerathaa; they sit right at the back..yeah okay one becuase they can lean against the wall - but EVERYONE does it - but main questionable reason I bet is that they sit at the back becuase they feel they have no right to sit up front with the Singhs and Singhnee'yaa. I accept that their is a difference between Culture and Religion - but since when has anyo
  12. I am needing some of zee...how you say...information jesh?...erm... we is all knowing next year is...err...Siree Guru Granth Sahib Jee's 300 years of Gur'Gadhee-ship...and zee information I am needing is...I am hearing many many many Sangath is...errr...gathering at zee Siree Hajoor Saahb in zee India and I am needing zee information of when is zee set date for this Smagham jesh? I am zee thanking joo jesh okay...okay if you didnt understand that scuse me - what am saying is everyone knows nex year is Siree Guru Granth Sahib Jee 300 Gur'Gadhee-ship and what I wanna know is whens the set date
  13. Bhai Anoop Singh Jee - Charan Saran Gur Ehk Pendah Jaa'eh Chal http://www.rajkaregakhalsa.net/audio/Kirtan/Sant%20Anoop%20Singh%20Una%20Sahib%20wale/Sant%20Anoop%20Singh%20-%20Charan%20Saran%20Gur%20Ek%20Penda%20Jaye%20Chal.mp3
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