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  1. From what I've read on his Facebook page he was wearing a patka, people get kicked out of the early camping line all the time at Wimbledon, i find it sad that the moment a "brown" person is involved the race card is played immediately plus this fella isn't willing to give his real name, i'd love to hear the actual turn of events that led to him being evicted, Wimbledon isn't some two bit organisation, they are a huge company with a reputation to protect.
  2. Yes it is, bring back the Empire i say, that'll teach them.
  3. Oh indeed, but they are going to drag it out, i'd be surprised if they initiate it this year. Which passport, the little red one's are European so i guess they'll have to replace them as well but yeah, might as well prepare for the under-educated belly button that is "Great Britain" that voted leave to rear it's ugly head and teach those youngsters who never faced any racism what the 70's and 80's were like, good times ahead everybody.
  4. I don't understand why anybody is at all surprised by this, a lot of people who voted to leave did so on the basis of immigration and a fair few of these people see anyone who is non-white (as in no white and born in the UK) as an immigrant so you best be carrying you birth certificate around with you now fella's, you gonna be needing it.
  5. Ummm, yeah, no, i think you'll find we're still "European" for another few years yet, even when Article 50 is activated we're still in the "EU" for another 24 month's and when (and if) we finally exit the EU the UK as a land mass is still apart of the European Continent (geographically speaking of course) so can still be classed as "European".
  6. The Nihangs i know are UK based but two of them are from Hazur Sahib and even they have never eaten meat, maybe it's just a personal choice for them.
  7. Lol, too old to be an internet warrior i'm afraid, just an old fashioned Sikh who keep's himself to himself. I actually do know a few Nihangs and none of them eat meat(that i know of).
  8. Okay, I think i'll keep my old fashioned views to myself then, you know, the one where taking amrit means you don't eat meat.
  9. Great stuff, glad he's helping the youth but this (highlighted in bold), how on earth can you be an Amritdhari and eat meat sometime's, have i missed something in my near 40 year's on this planet.
  10. Bush is on facebook, this is his public link: https://www.facebook.com/gurcharan.singh.9237244
  11. This, nail well and truly hit on the head. Why oh why do we always assume a person with a Punjabi surname represents the Sikh community. I know a few white folk with traditional Christian surnames yet none of them are religious.
  12. This is probably a long shot but does anyone know if Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji Rara Sahib ever did a katha about the meaning of Japji Sahib, my aunt swear's she had a tape of him going through the Japji Sahib and explaining what each part meant, i know Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen did it as well as a few other's but have never heard of Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji doing it, can anyone shed any light on this.
  13. If that's a woman I'd avoid that part of town, never know what else you might find down there.
  14. Don't hold back now, i take it you don't like him very much then.....
  15. Maybe because it's easier to rhyme with Diwali, you know, like Kali Diwali......Anyway, Happy Bandi Chhor Divas to all.
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