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  1. dis might sound well obvious but ardas? but it has 2 cum frm da heart get ya frnd 2 wke u up or try doin it wid sum1 else? sleep on the floor? sleep wid da window open n dat way ull b so coild dat ull shut da window n get up but shut it afta u finishd? mke a chart or sumit like say if dnt wake up 2day dats no chocolate or sumit dat u like? try doin xtra bani b4 ya go 2 bed say 2 ya mind dat it aint gna luk 2 gud on ya karam widout amritvela it shud b like ur breakfast or ya intake of food shudn reli b missd i duno prbli no help sori if i sed sumit wrong
  2. Im not saying sikhi is easy what im saying is being in a physical relationship is wrong wa the hell anyway rather then askin us isnt it best 2 ask panj who will be in the form of maharaj? Ders no higher opinion then that or is everyone on this forum higher than panj?
  3. Gurfateh ji u know wat bani says vaemuhathaajaa vaeparavaahu || The Lord is absolutely independent, and totally care-free; naanak dhaas kehahu gur vaahu ||4||21|| O servant Nanak, chant His Glorious Praises. ||4||21|| I suggest if you unsure about how 2 do simran go 2 panj
  4. Gurfateh Ji ok mistakes happen but please penji go persh its gna b bare hard but ur not doing dis for any1 esle but ur relationship wid maharaj ders gna b a amrit sanchar in March in Coventry and u can go in sepertaley 2 talk 2 panj no one else needs to know hu u are or wat uve done keep it between u n maharaj BUT DUDE DIS FORUM BARE MASHED CONDONING RELATIONSHIP's is wrong man but penji if u need advice or have ne questions about amrit sanchar pm me
  5. Gurfateh ji OMG how scary is this was reading this topic n gues wa shabad dat ws listening to changes to this kee surunee pur munaa jis jaevudd avur n koe Seek His Shelter, O my mind; there is no other as Great as He. jis simuruth sukh hoe ghunaa dhukh dhurudh n moolae hoe Remembering Him in meditation, a profound peace is obtained. Pain and suffering will not touch you at all. OMG THIS IS A BRILLIANT TOPIC MY MATH IS SO LITTLE THAT I GOT LITTLE 2 ADD APART FROM ONE TIME I WAS CHATTING TO BHAI SURJIT SINGH WAHEGUROO N HE SED DAT 2 CONQUER THE MIND YOU NEE
  6. qoute -likkle crazy minnie -just for the record AKJ RENSBHAI IN WEDNESFIELD was booked at least 6/7 MONTHS in ADVANCED my opinion: SIKH SOC should have got there dates right and contacted whoever deals with AKJ rensbhai's oooooh someones angry lol^^^ someone didnt do there reasearch (i blame mandip) wHICH mANDIP are you referring toooooooooooooooooooooooooo??????? EVEYBODY LETS ALL GUROO GUROO JAP
  7. Gurfateh Ji I dont understand why this is a bad thing if a jatha is organising programs why u upset about it you should join in praanee thoo aaeiaa laahaa lain || O mortal, you came here to earn a profit. lagaa kith kufakarrae sabh mukadhee chalee rain ||1|| rehaao || What useless activities are you attached to? Your life-night is coming to its end. ||1||Pause||
  8. id like 3 extra large bass singh pizzas and large fries


  9. Gurfateh Ji Wipeeeee reinsbhai 2 days away and week after that Bradford Smagam wipeeee Bring on the Sangat n Kirtan n omgggg Ravinder Singh yesss yesss The man is 222 sikkk will never get over mere man at coventry!
  10. Pakhand

    Wolvs Uni

    im part of the society but dnt run it and it is quite good this year i went to the haloween lecture and it was wikid learnt loads of stuff i didnt know! So all u wolves lot come to the society n see for yourself rather than listening to hear say
  11. Gurfateh Sangat Ji I got quite a bit of facial hair but like one of dbibian sed once u wear dastar its like bladdd wears it gon n u knw wa i realised afta i took amrit that i use2 waste so much money on all dis dis next stuf wen reli d true beuty is inside WE ALL GOT MAHARAJ'S JOAT WATS MRE BUTIFUL DEN DAT MAN u knw wa d'more hair we have the more it japs namn with us ders a stage in sikhi wear evry hair on the body japs namn with us so the more we have the more laha we get Lol i get cussed 4 havin hair on me face and arms wear it proudly but not with 2 much ego! wen i get cused i jus
  12. Pakhand


    Gurfateh Ji Im studyin psychology n criminology is ne1 else Lol gupt singhni ill be lukin out 4 ya ill be like wers the nearest Gurdwara i hope it aint 2 far away
  13. Gurfateh ji ............omg dat makes sense makes u fink
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