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  1. This has to be the sweeeeeeeeeeeeeetest picture ever...BTW, FYI, it's my husband and I.
  2. Times Square Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy in NYC! Catch y'all there?
  3. Awwwwwwwwww....Amardeep Da Janam Din.. Gracias para helping me when I need it.. May God Bless you...and wish you many more!!!!!!!!! Where's the partay at?
  4. Wow, a litle narrow-minded there aren't we..? Suppose, when it comes down to India- it is not necessarily we "have to take that trip." It is more done out of the notion that yes..we should visit our roots, culture, and etc. So, what's your argument that we should live in confined places and avoid travelling on a plane as much as possible? Has anyone ever purposed contacting the airline beforehand and making accomodations ahead? (Sort of similar to how you schedule a wheel chair, or request a veggie meal, etc.?) It might work for those who are hella concerned.
  5. The fact that the owner of this mini-mart store is a turbanned sikh may have been used to the advantage by the robbers. First of all, in no way I support robbery but if someone is willing to go the extent where it involves robbery that person then is desperately in need of money. Whether, it is put to a necessary or a 'fajool' cause is something we may never know. Nonetheless, you specifically mention that its petty for a thief to come and steal from a store where a "Sikh" works. Just because that individual is a Sikh does not make him elite and therefore does not allow him to automatically
  6. I don't know man.... If I'd risk my life...for a thousand..or at the most three thousand dollars.. It takes gut to fight..but you have to fight rationally.. Suppose..a scenario..: -What if that night didn't come out as him or his family expected..and he was laid to rest to the next day.. I'm sure another prespective would have then been implanted.. Money is sure hard to earn, hard to get...and "hadd paseeney" di Kamayi..but money is not the b. end of all things. Fight when...your life is on the line..not for money :wub: Plus, he seems pretty well off...hence he does own a small busin
  7. I may act like my shoe size (10) ..but theoretically and very unfortunately, today does mark my 25th birthday..I need a shoulder to cry on..*wipes away tears* Meanwhile, thank you each and everyone of you for the wishes..They were much appreciated... Happy Birthday to Me!!! Hehehehhehe...
  8. EMMMMMMMMMMM Axe is good smellin'..but hey ..long as you got deo on ..its all good..
  9. Here is a direct link: http://www.waheguroo.com/donate/ But, you can also click the little donate box that the admin has hyperlinked in his or her main post.
  10. LOL, I had quite the blast with my grandma.. I took her shopping..and she was being nit picky like a freaken new-wed ..So, then I said just get something and let's go...Cause the store intercom was like "Customers, please take your purchases to the nearest check out stand. We will be closing in 10 minutes"..And then this gora walks by ( I know him from work) ..and says..my grandma looks pretty today ..( I go thanks) ..and my grandma thought he was concuring with her that I was being rude. She is all like "Dekh , Gora vi kehgeyahh ..eveh mere hadd passney leyo" ....lol.. Then, like she insis
  11. Representin' the East Syde with a 250mb storage on Hotmail (How Geekish?LOL)
  12. Wish you all the best! Happy Birthday!
  13. It's like one of those things..where...if you want to stay protected from STDs, you practice absitence. If you want to purely and ultimately remain vegitarian, the best way to do it is not eat out . Sometimes, at restaurants ...it is very easy to overlook some of the ingredients that compose the recipe. Infact, you'd think for pizza..you have the dough, cheese, and ingredients. Well, from past experience more items go in making the dough (farina, yeast, brown sugar, eggs, grantulated garlic, salt, wheat rye, olive oil, and etc.) than the pizza itself.
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