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  1. ooohhh Atam Ras is back?! yay! This year is defo lookin up :s
  2. Basava Premanand is India's leading guru-buster. He believes that the country's biggest spiritual leader, Sri Satya Sai Baba, is a charlatan and must be exposed. Basava Premanand says Sai Baba's 'miracles' are just magic tricks Basava Premanand has been burgled... again. It is the third time in just one month. But he is in no doubt of the thieves' motives. He suspects they were looking for evidence that he has collected for over 30 years against India's leading spiritual guru, Sri Satya Sai Baba. Mr Premanand believes this evidence proves the self-proclaimed "God-ma
  3. http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?showtopic=33625 :TH:
  4. Yup, i agree. It is injustice to those that really truly want to learn the warrior art. Its almost disillusioning people.
  5. I agree. However, Gatka has provided a platform for youth to come, network, learn about Sikh history and battles, recite naam and bani, and learn how to live the life of a true Sant-Sipahi. I do feel sorry for some youth though because they spend years learning it but its not really practical - in my opinion, in the long run Gatka is a waste compared to the art of true Shastervidiya. And from what ive seen, many Gatka akharas just dont have the discipline required to get them off the sticks and on to swords. Those are my views anyway.
  6. www.sikhsangeet.com www.saintsoldiers.net www.sridasam.org www.damdamitaksaal.org
  7. Every year. Every year when the Yudh comes around, people have to bicker about it. Every year, its the same old thing. Nihangs who eat meat and drink cannot be openly allowed to take part. Gatka is about jeevan as well, not just swinging some sticks around. You will also notice a lot of youth present at the Yudh - what kind of message would u be sending out if you done veechaar to youth not to eat meat or drink etc when you teach them Gatka, but then allow such people to take part in a gatka tournament? The only argument, in my honest opinion, that such people can argue with is that SOME ki
  8. Are there any other people who can speak up against the commitee-vala to say he was drunk? U need a more solid case because these people can easily say you are fabricating this - and without sufficient backup and evidence, they will make it seem as though you are seeking vengence for something. If the commitee vala was drunk, are there others who saw him in that state and prepared to stand up against them in a meeting? In regards to the kalgi, was it removed before the laavaan? Again, please try and get hold of the wedding film once made, if it wasnt removed before the laavaan. IN regards t
  9. Well its interesting because whereas we wouldnt put a gutka on the floor, we have no problem with putting laptops etc on the floor when using STTM for example. I guess the argument is that its all digital and binary ie. consisting of digits such as 1000100110110001. And therefore its ok as its not written by a "soul". U know have PDA's with Gurbani on and people carry Guru Jee around on it. Its kinda... weird thinking about it. There would be a big ethical debate if ever scientists tried to download a persons thoughts etc on to machine and i reckon Sikhs would be against that BUT we have no
  10. Gimme the tickets n i'll go n test it out for u. See how kind i am?! :s
  11. Passages sung from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee, Bhai Gurdas Ji's vaars, and Dasam Granth (maybe more) are classed as Shabads. Anything written by non-Bhagats, Fakeers, Gurus etc are mainly classed as Kavi's (poems) or Dharmik Geet (Religious Songs). Forgive my mistakes
  12. Look - be whatever, do whatever.... but BE a good person. A good human being. when you say give up Sikhi, you can give up ure saroop... but tell me, wud u reli love to start drinking? eating meat? sleep around? I would think the answer is no - u just want to be "normal" right? You can give up on Sikhi... but Sikhi wont give up on you no matter what. You cut your hair? it will grow back! you can pierce ure ears but what happens after a while of not wearing any earings? It seals back up to its natural form. So go - quit on Sikhi... but Sikhi wont quit on you.
  13. It is the effects of alcohol which are damaging - and i dont think you had enough to make you drunk or anywhere near "tipsy" so you shouldnt need to go pesh - just be more careful in the future and do more simran and paath.
  14. Gosh Okay its not that much of a big deal really. If u cant beat em, join em lol - it wud have been better to have two programmes on different days in the same city - that was my only point. I am sorry if i spoke out of turn before though. Chatanga, u were joking about the Rehansbhai being cancelled at Wednesfield right? Coz thats jus confused me propa now!
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