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  1. haha, some of these posts are funny. I love how we arbitrarily put up enormous lines saying at exactly this second u can be seen together, but any time before that you cannot. I see no problem in being seen with your financee... thats the whole point of being engaged yes? a guarantee that you will be married in the near future? Its strictly a culture thing.... old brown people tend to get all offended when they see non-married individuals of opposite gender within 100 meters of each other.
  2. Strange that would confuse you. If you are really that adament to find a non-alcoholic shampoo, read the ingredients and get ones without alcohol added. Honestly, unless u start drinking from the bottle, it doesn't matter.
  3. You should make sure its not a medical cause before trying out anyone else's 'desi diagnosis'. There are lots of easily treatable causes of daytime sleepiness or fatigue. Good luck.
  4. Personally, I'm of the western view and thus don't do it myself. Others do, and thats fine. Its more of a cultural issue rather than a religious one.
  5. If its causing so much trouble with their parents and yours, with you and him, from something as small as this, I think you already know that its not going to work. When people get married, it must be to someone that shares similar beliefs as themselves, culturally and spiritually, especially when it comes to issues like this. Good luck Bhenji!
  6. Khalsa4ever

    Not Equal

    Just because something was the norm 500 years ago, doesn't make it the norm today. Don't confuse the differences between culture and religion... Sikhi places women equal to men with regards to social/spiritual status... punjabi culture places men ahead of women. Gender roles about who works, who stays home with the kids has nothing to do with Sikhi. It is not necessary that the man must "be higher" than the woman as you put it otherwise conflict develops: what is important is both individuals understand what they are getting themselves into and COMPROMISE and to support each other and their go
  7. Buying a mac wont change the fact that it sounds like there is a hard-drive problem, as that is all CHKDSK will try to fix. If you've gone into safe mode, I assume that means that you've also tried to do a system restore? If not, give it a shot and restore your system to a time when everything worked ok. If there are glitchy files causing this, this will correct the issue. Also, if you have your Vista boot disk (or installation disk), (you can also find copies 'online') you can boot up into the recovery mode... so its running off of the CD/DVD and not the harddrive. This will let you run CH
  8. I bought it directly from the Victorinox India website a few years ago: http://www.victorinoxindia.com You can actually see it on the left hand side as a "top seller", however when I just went there it said the website was being updated and there are some issues with the images. Your best bet is to go there, and send an email to their feedback page and they should be able to help you out.
  9. Adopting a child is nothing bad, and fits with every one of our ideals as Sikhs. I think it should be encouraged more often!
  10. There is a very good chance that your problem has been discussed before... so use the search feature and see if someone has already answered the questions you have. Issues regarding caste and families are much more common than we would like to believe.
  11. To put it simply, all you need to do is plug in (assuming all your computer are running windows) your "central server" computer directly into your router... usually wired is better but wireless will work fine as well. Then set the name of the computer (right click "computer/my computer" and select properties, eg:"Media"). If you do this, you can access this computer from any other system by opening up a run box on any computer on the network and typing in \\"nameofcomputer" (eg: "\\Media"). Once it is opened up, you can make a shortcut or map a drive (in My computer, right click and select ne
  12. Yeah, I use option 1 at home with my home theatre PC... just give it a particular name or assign a specific IP address on your home network through your router, and then access it either as a mapped drive or through a simple folder link eg: \\home-pc
  13. Agreed. A sikhi forum should be used to analyse and help ourselves determine what we can do to make us better sikhs. That means lets stick with asking questions about ourselves rather than bringing up questions about others.
  14. I don't think it really matters either way, even with a strong Canadian loonie! But its obviously weighing heavy on your conscience, so donating it wouldn't be a bad idea
  15. Check out http://www.sikhdocs.org: they are an organization of docs primarily in the US, and have several contacts listed on the site.
  16. Amrit is supposed to be a rebirth in the eyes of your guru: but that doesn't change the fact that things happened. If these things are a part of your past, they are in fact a part of who you are, and should these things come up with a partner, they should be aware that this is a part of your past. The nature of our world is that people will find out everything eventually... either you can be the one to tell them, or they will find out some other, less controlled way.
  17. And it was written by Bhagat Kabeer jee, who used the abrahmic ideals of his surroundings, just as our Guru Granth sahib refers to the various hindu Gods and Goddesses. As Sikhs, we don't believe in "random magic events"... God did create the universe, but it was done in the ways that you would expect: the big bang, evolution. Read this shabad: http://www.sikhitothemax.com/page.asp?ShabadID=3750 This is because the rules that us humans have "discovered" are God's own rules, and this universe was created and currently operates under those very same rules. That's how we know that things like t
  18. Yoga is as much a part of sikhi as pens are a part of your daily diet. Its not essential or covered at all in sikhi, but that doesn't make it right or wrong. What gurbani says is that Yoga is a means to the end... its not an end in itself.
  19. WW1?? haha The americans support Georgia, but they don't care about them enough to back that up militarily. Russia is a bigger and more important ally to them then Georgia. This is a separate independent issue... I don't see anyone contractually tied to intervene in this situation (which were the triggers in world war 1).
  20. Its obvious you've never been in buisness... nobody makes a product, whether it be a car, software, or a tabla, without the hope of making A PROFIT. Maybe to you its harder to see being software the costs involved in making it, but there are many millions of dollars invested into research and development, paying software engineers, architecters, lighting buildings, etc that need to be recouperated when they sell software. If you disagree with them charging for it, this is capitalism. Do what you are supposed to do: vote with your dollar! Don't purchase their product, but use that money to purc
  21. Wow, I can't believe "they have enough money" is an excuse to steal. I'm sure your guru would be proud... Stealing is stealing... one of the three pillars of sikhi is working hard for what you have got, and certainly stealing isn't acceptable. The good thing is that now days with so much free software of pretty good quality, you don't need to steal to get software, most of the time you can get it legit for nothing or a nominal fee.
  22. lol... professional punjabi ravers!! haha but to the question, gurbani talks about Gurbani vs. Kachee Bani... whose definition is "Satgur bina hor kachee hai bani". Any song or any poetry, or anything regarding God is Sachee Bani, and we *should* listen to it
  23. Typical extremist thinking: If they don't act exactly like me, everyone else on the planet is wrong. It's politics man, he's setting an example... if you go into a Hindu Mandar, you can't just walk in expecting everything to magically convert to you... you go in expecting to pray WITH the people already there. He's doing nothing different, and setting an example to the Hindus that he also respects their ways, despite being different than his own practice. Don't you expect that whenever someone comes into Darbaar hall, they also matha-tek Guru Granth Sahib?
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