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  1. lol, i agree this is pretty hilarious, but please learn what the word "beadbi" means before throwing it around everywhere
  2. Khalsa4ever


    Veer, you have to let go of the "paap" ideology... there are no black and white rules, everything is a shade of grey. In your case, this person has walked all over you and is obviously not interested in this marriage. Not to preach, but that's why its important to know the individual you are marrying BEFORE the wedding. As for divorce, sometimes that is the right answer if things cannot be patched up. Some people are just not compatible with each other, and I suppose its good that you know it now rather than wait even longer until it becomes even more difficult. Let her go.
  3. Yeah just tell them we haven't decided yet.... or pull out a PDA and take a random hukam right there and bunker down and decide on one.
  4. lol... that happens more than you might think! But for the original poster, its nothing to be shy of. Your parents might be thinking that you will find someone on your own, and by not bothering you are letting you make your own decision as to who you want to marry. I would take advantage of that and keep your own eyes open.
  5. The answer is not one or the other. Gurbani says that waheguroo is in everything. That means that every decision we make is also waheguroo's decision! The way I think of it, God created this universe to operate under a simple set of rules... if you stab someone, they may live or die. They may bleed or not. They don't turn into a carrot. So the options of what is available is limited by these rules set out about how our universe works. Therefore everything that happens must be under waheguroo's hukam, because the laws of the universe don't allow it to happen any other way. But that also means
  6. That's kinda a bad question... EVERY RELIGION has people who have converted from "one" to the "other". Sikhism is no different.
  7. Since the game begins "immediately" after he attaches the badge the answer is simple. Jump the prison director. He'll have 2 black ones left. Therefore you must be wearing a white one. Now gimme my cookie!
  8. Hey Welly, and welcome to the forum! If you have any questions, please ask!
  9. For all those antidancers answer this: When you do exercise, go out for a run, work out, train, etc... why isn't what you are doing the same as dancing? Most of you listen to something while doing it, usually something with a beat that helps to keep you moving. And for those who say pssh well ya but ill listen to KEERTAN, then why can't that be applied to "dancing" as well? If its the lyrics that are wrong, then change the lyrics. Its not the dancing that's the problem.
  10. Yep, you're right. mannai mag n chalai panth | The faithful do not follow empty religious rituals. Every sakhi I've ever heard growing up always involves our Guru doing something, somebody asking why, and then the Guru explains and everyone becomes wiser. This is the way to spiritual salvation... otherwise blindly following something is no different than a ritual. So absolutely, look around, ask questions... if someone doesn't know an answer, keep asking others. If there is truly something that you are doing that has "no explanation" or sounds utterly ridiculous, think what would your guru
  11. leave it up to 'sikhs' to start animal worship... :S
  12. Political or military, that's just semantics. Replace everywhere i wrote "political" with "military" and the thought experiment still stands.
  13. Rajdeep, all your quotes simply say "Satgur bina hor kachee hai bani". That's a different topic for a different thread. We are talking about dancing.
  14. Well although I disagree with many points that are usually brought up for Khalistan, i'll play the devil's advocate. Although Sikhism is a religious movement, the Khalsa I would argue is a political one. Many of the identities of sikhism, the colors, the turban, the kirpan, etc are all things that in gurbani, it says that having an item or dressing in a certain way will not bring one closer to God. However these things play a greater role... because in addition to helping ourselves to reach Waheguroo, we have an additional responsibility as members of the Khalsa, to spread justice and truth i
  15. First of all, all those quotes on the end of the last page dont refer to dancing for the sake of entertainment, but the practice of several sufi saints to dance to reach God. Just like bani says wearing certain robes or clothes won't help you reach God, there's nothing wrong with doing them. Secondly, the double standard here angers me... if this was tasteful bhangra done by BROWN people, would this be on here? Time to grow up and worry about our own sikhi before chastising others.
  16. I think we have to differentiate what is "sikhi" as per the SGGS, and what is part of a khalsa identity, because I do believe these two are different. While covering one's head as a sign of respect is certainly ok with sikhi, the fact that you use a bana, or a gol turban, or a patka, or a chunni is more cultural rather than spiritual. From Asa di Vaar (14):
  17. Question: if the bani is used accurately and completely (with its meaning that all men are created from the same God), then what harm does it do? If anything, it helps to convey the message of bani in these movies. I'd argue this is a good thing! Edit: just watched the extended trailer too and didnt see any evidence of the bani being used. That said, the bani fits PERFECTLY with the ideas being conveyed in the trailer... that the extremists forget that all men and woman are born from the same God. This is similar to the sakhi where guru sahib was brought before the muslim rulers and this same
  18. When Guru Gobind Singh took amrit from the panj pyarai, he didn't need the presence of any other guru... all that was required is the Adi Granth and punj pyarai.
  19. 1. A pilgrimage is traveling to a holy place just for the sake that its holy. That is the situation with those that are required to travel to Mecca at least once in their lives. Gurbani says that in itself, it has no value. Nagar keertans are slightly different... and actually the exact opposite. In a pilgrimage, the people have to come to the "holy place". A nagar keertan was originally developed to bring the guru to the people. That way the people in various cities etc could have darshan of our Guru without needing to travel to one specific location. In reality, its more for them, then it i
  20. Honestly, never... You just have to be the right person for the right job. I have never come across any discrimination when applying for jobs: the hard part is getting an interview, once you're in and they realize you're not some FOB, you got the job no questions asked. Its rare that race or anything has much to do with it. You may think you're a good applicant, but don't forget they don't want just a good applicant. They want THE best applicant. It may be worthwhile going back to a couple of these "failed interviews" and asking them what about your application could you improve on. Maybe as
  21. Well I guess thats up to each person individually... at one point you're saying that you want to go to india, but you don't want to use an indian owned airline to do so. Seems a little counter-intuitive. Either way, you're giving India money. I don't know the whole air india story, and frankly I doubt anyone here does. But if it makes you feel better to fly another airline, then go ahead, its worth $200 for some piece of mind. That said, you're thinking of doing something now for an event that happened more than 2 decades ago, now with a Sikh Prime Minister and more prominent sikh politicians
  22. Our guru granth sahib is a living guru... and surely you remember that all our living gurus traveled the world and SPOKE to the inhabitants in their own language. Its insane to demand that everyone has to learn only ONE language to understand SGGS... our gurus tried their hardest to break down all barriers to spread their knowledge to the world. That means that they travelled as far as they could go, they spoke as many languages as they could, they invented gurmukhi originally to prevent only a small minority (i guess that would now be "punjabis") from hogging all the gurbani. Gurbani is for
  23. haha, wow, what an <banned word filter activated>! Anyways I started a reply then got bored. I posted what I had so far: wow Asif... you truly are a remarkable scholar. You remind me of a preschool kid trying to denounce someone's PhD... something u know absolutely nothing about. I have answers for every one of your points, but it seems a waste of time to preach to someone who has already misinterpreted and actively tries to sell their own views, ie: a bigot. It gets even more hilarious as you use versus from the Quoran to try to make points as to why the SGGS is incorrect. In case yo
  24. Just do nitnem in space!!! Then you'll be above everyone and not have to worry! Waheguroo jee ka Khalsa! Waheguroo jee kee Fateh! So the second someone decides to do gurbani on the space station, we're all screwed Waheguroo jee ka Khalsa! Waheguroo jee kee Fateh!
  25. Waheguroo jee ka Khalsa! Waheguroo jee kee Fateh! You'd better hope that no one decides to do their nitnem on a plane... :happy: Waheguroo jee ka Khalsa! Waheguroo jee kee Fateh!
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