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  1. could you also get back to me to my views expressed in the point just above your post ^^^ Sat Sri Akaal
  2. "Brother, for me IT IS THE REAL SAU SAKHI. I dont care if u believe or not." okay ... i get what i needed out of you, my point here is that you believe that this is the real sau sakhi, do not force your views on to others on this forum or anybody else for that matter by writing in a bias manner, when you say things like ... "Now, in 1984, a Sant in Phagwara from Dukhniwaran Sahib Gurdwara, gave a part of the real Sau Sakhi to my uncle who is a kathavachak and granthi. " just because you believe it to be true doesnt mean it is, im sorry to be the one breaking this to you. so please dont writ
  3. "The sant that gave the Sau Sakhi to my uncle, was a very rehitvan Sikh. So i dont think we should doubt a rehitvaan Sikh." The sant was 'rehitvaan' , sorry I do not know what this means, but him being 'rehitvaan' is not fact it is opinion more over it is your opinion and you are entitles to it but again you should not write with bias as it influences the reader. ** im assuming here that rehitvaan means a good thing ** "Anyways, revolutionary and gianvirdi, when did i say this version is 100% the real one.. It could be a possibility.... " in your first post you wrote this singh ji ... "Now
  4. "Most Sau Sakhis are tampered with. Versions were circulated (with appropriate changes) during the mutiny of 1857, prophesising a joint Anglo-Sikh victory over the Mughals. The Namdharias circulated versions in the 1860s supporting the claim of Ram Singh to be a reincarnation of Guru Gobind Singh and the future ruler of Hindustan. The supporters of Maharaja Duleep Singh impressed upon him a version in the 1880s prophesying his return to the Punjab as Maharaja with the help of the Russians. New editions of the Sau Sakhi continue to appear to boost the claims of impostors. Now, in 1984, a Sa
  5. Sat Sri Akaal Am I correct in saying that Dr. Manmohan Singh is the most educated country leader in the world, I think he is the only leader with a Phd by the fact he as "Dr." prefixed to his name Sat Sri Akaal
  6. why cant you have a tattoo and have amrit ? i think its ok
  7. Jab Jab Hoth Arist Apaara Tabh Tabh Deh Turea Avtaara Sri Guru Dasam Granth
  8. "I have heard that Guru Gobind Singh ji's Baaz (falcon) was called 'Rustam' - after the Persian Hero of Firdaus' epic 'Shahnama'" i can second that
  9. if im not mistaken Sri Satguru Gobind Singh Ji had an elephant called parsadi/prasadi however i could be mistaken sat sri akaal
  10. Im guilty of not reading the whole thread thoroughly so please forgive me if i repeat or overlook what somebody has already said. I believe having the 'himmat' (will/energy) to have ishnaan, do naam simran, take part in kirtan , read gurbani be it asa di vaar from sri adh granth sahib or chandi di vaar from sri dasam granth sahib or any other bani for that matter, is a very big 'pun/poon' i think thats the correct word, what i mean is that its a very high value deed. in my opinion wether u have stayed awake from the previous night to do naam simran in amrit vela or have specifically woken up
  11. "Sant baba jarnail singh ji pita ji maharaj" can somebody explain this one to me please no offence intended , just seems a bit too much for me
  12. aap shayi hoya, sachche da sachcha dhoya

    Baba Harbans Singh Ji Kar Sewa

    Gurudwara Bangla Sahib Delhi(India)


  13. IT?? And hence the nit picking starts, if you start highlighting in bold those who unintentionally refer to the Guru Granth Sahib as 'it' after referring to *the Guru Granth Sahib* before in a sentence, you would probably need a new thread with loads of pages to contain the examples in . * in english language even though I'm no expert i couldve have used 'it' again here it doesnt mean im being disrespectful, its just how the english language is, as its a shortened version and hence saved typing, isnt this the same as writing down GGS or SGGS or WJKK WJKF or whatever? .... ( im not look
  14. I have a recording of a shabad of which the words i think are " Bhagath Vachal Sun Hoth Ho Niraas Ridhe Patit Pavan Sun Asa Oridare Ho", I cant find this in the Sri Adh Granth Sahib or Sri Dasam Granth Sahib, I have spoken to someone and they say its in Bhai Gurdaas Ji's writings, can anyone help me find it ? P.S is there also something called Bhai Gurdas Ji's Svaiya ? Sat Sri Akaal
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