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  1. Keep doing simran. Weird symptoms are normal, just ignore it
  2. fix your health including exercise and eating. fix your sleep: http://khojee.wordpress.com/2012/01/29/shabad-to-cure-insomnia/
  3. the dark night of the soul is an important process for one's spiritual growth. you cant stop it by distracting yourself. it's impossible to run away from it for long b/c it's always there. but you can get through it. all you have to do is keep on keeping on. be patient. the magic formula here is seva simran satsangat ardass.
  4. your friendships are based on karmic relationships of give and take between each other. when the karma is finished than the natural attraction of the friendship also finishes. let them go if need be. also, worlldy people, and even religious people, frequently don't want you to change b/c they have some sort of benefit from you remaining the same. if you change they lose that benefit. listen to your soul and you can't go wrong. you will make new friend.s
  5. Sant ji was forced to tell Sikhs to defend themselves after police forces repeatedly tortured and even killed innocent nonviolently protesting sikhs. Before the level of violence against protesters was ratcheted up Sant ji would tell people to not resist arrest and to remain nonviolent. Afterwards he told them to get away and not get arrested by any means necessary. The government controlled newspapers spread propaganda against the movement and the actions of the government itself backed him into a corner. However, he very clearly, in front of the entire world, followed to the letter Guru ji's hukum to only raise the sword after all other means had failed. He exhausted all peaceful means. Even up until the final battle he was willing to negotiate. Longowal's betrayal is discussed here: http://www.bhindranwale.net/sikhismbooks/thegallantdefender-chapter11.html http://www.scribd.com/doc/45704391/Longowal-letter2
  6. if you do it consistently for 3 days you will find that it's much easier after that. just tough it out for 2 or 3 days.
  7. eventually a stage comes when you do need a guide, but i believe circumstances will be created to connect you with one when you need it. i wouldn't worry about it. shaking happens to me to, its normal.
  8. gupt singh, having a job gives a person great solace, b/c they know they can take care of themselves if they have to. it lets a person stand up for what is right b/c you no longer depend on the person who is promoting the wrong. i would get a job and do lots of simran and sangat. this you you become stronger externally and internally. then just do it. don't ask her. sometimes parents just bluff to try to control their kids. and if you do lose her, the truth is she was never yours to begin with!!
  9. go to satsangat everyday. there is salvation there and shelter. the energy of meditating in sangat is immensely powerful. over time this energy will build up the power inside of you, you will be empowered to change your bad habits and to stand tall again. when dealing with wrongs from the past i find that two things are very very important. one is to forgive others and ourselves too. the second is to learn what we can from it. sometimes people ask why did this happen? b/c we almost never receive confirmation of the reason why this question can destroy our peace of mind. don't bother asking it. it's bhana, leave it at that and ask what can i learn from this? how can i use this to make me a better person/sikh?
  10. if it doesn't cover the head it's not a topi. it's fine. but i do feel singhs should wear dastars and not duo rags as Guru ji's hukam is to wear dastar and not to copy rappers.
  11. If the love for Guru ji is inside your heart than your outer actions will reflect this love. If it doesn't matter how temples are decorated then why do devotees everywhere of all dharms keep their temples clean and decorate them with offerings? love. love shows in your actions. In one of the puratan granths it is written that Guru ji was asked why kesh must be kept. 'This is the modern day, so why keep it as it's not necessary?' asked the questioner. Guru ji said the sun, the moon, the air, the ground etc, all of these things are the same as in previous ages. But the difference is that in this age mens' hearts are weak and quick to make excuses.
  12. veer ji, Guru ji's Hukam is that an Amritdhari can only marry another Amritdhari. Not marry someone, and then have them take Amrit afterwards. so be careful before getting in too deep. also, sikhs are not allowed to mess about before marriage, not even a little. Not saying that you're doing that btw, but gorian usually have different mindsets. Race and caste shouldn't be issues for Sikhs, unless you're thinking about them in terms of cultural compatibility.
  13. SunSingh


    anyone can take Amrit, regardless of whether they are bald or not.
  14. Exactly, the above passage also emphasizes the different FORMS of the Guru.
  15. your parents, like most parents, probably prioritize academic and career achievement along with rishtay over all else. if you can show them examples of singhs who have excelled and show them that sikhi will not harm your education they may calm down a bit. also, if you make a lot of changes all at once that may be too much for them. maybe introduce only one or two changes at a time after Amrit to ease them into it. people have something invested in you remaining how you always were. when you change it upsets the status quo and the fight to keep their investment safe. maybe they want to remain asleep in maya and seeing a gursikh bothers them. maybe its something else. but i've noticed people try to hold others back from changing almost always for petty reasons. ask yourself what worldly benefit will they get if i don't change? then you can show them, in a really clear way, that they can still get SOME of these benefits from you. and just brush under the rug the fact that some of those ''benefits'' they will never get from you again.
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