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  1. is still.........JustME

  2. aaaaaw thanks for the concern guys.....feeling much better and virus is out my system......

  3. waheguru.......is the live broadcast working? i went to akj.org and clicked on the link but it took me to the wrong page with no link to live feed?! HELP?!
  4. Waheguru Jio Last nites katha at willenhall gurdwara was amazing, Giani Ji went throught the whole maryada of doing Dasam Akhand/Sehaj path........ Did anyone record it? PLz post up links if anyone has it, i reccomend everone listen to it..... Waheguru
  5. This topic has been discussed many times, please do a search on thr forum. Topic Closed
  6. http://www.isikhi.com/Forum/tabid/55/aff/3...ic/Default.aspx yeah they got it sorted - heres the link to the discussion
  7. that was amazing thanks for sharing I Let Only Vaheguru Evelate YOU!!
  8. WJKK WJKF ISikhi is actually a free application so you should not have to enter in your bank card details. Download Itunes to your laptop via the Apple website and you will be asked to make an account, from what i recall, you may need to give your bank details but iTunes will not debit anything from your account unless you pay for an application. If you are simply downloading iSikhi, there is no other way to do it other than through the iTunes app store, even the link on the iSikhi website will refer you to the iTunes app store. WJKK WJKF
  9. aaaw thanks sangat jio..........ill be brave tonight and give it a go!! wish me luck!! :D
  10. That sounds great pahji, ive read through the tutorial and i think i manage all that without too much difficultly... just to clarify will that upgrade work for the 1gen iPhone? thanks jio
  11. Mod Note: Nothing is being promoted, each side is entitled to their sance on this debate. This topic is however being moderated for Quality Control.........so keep it clean and try to debate in a adult manner.....
  12. so so true but so so difficult to put into practice.........especially by me......... :mellow:
  13. JustME


    You make it sound like you are the victim here :rolleyes: :lol: before the vultures set in to this topic and tell how how you will "burn in hell for all enternity" blah blah blah I would go reccommend going pesh simply because your sikhi has suffered so much, and panj pyaareh are the roop of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, you will feel much better talking to your father about this situation than any of us murakhs here...
  14. pauVI ] pourree || Pauree: krqY kwrxu ijin kIAw so jwxY soeI ] karathai kaaran jin keeaa so jaanai soee || The Creator created the world; He alone understands it. Awpy isRsit aupweIAnu Awpy Puin goeI ] aapae srisatt oupaaeean aapae fun goee || He Himself created the Universe, and He Himself shall destroy it afterwards. jug cwry sB Biv QkI ikin kImiq hoeI ] jug chaarae sabh bhav thhakee kin keemath hoee || All have grown weary of wandering throughout the four ages, but none know the Lord's worth. siqguir eyku ivKwilAw min qin suKu hoeI ] sathigur eaek vikhaaliaa man than sukh hoee || The True Guru has shown me the One Lord, and my mind and body are at peace. gurmuiK sdw slwhIAY krqw kry su hoeI ]7] guramukh sadhaa salaaheeai karathaa karae s hoee ||7|| The Gurmukh praises the Lord forever; that alone happens, which the Creator Lord does. ||7|| </FONT>
  15. WJKK WJKF Saad Sangat jio, heres my dilema I have a 1gen iphone my pyaari muumy ji got me as a present.......currently it is running fireware version 1.0.2, which is a realy old version........i wanna upgrade, but i just worked out that my phone is actually jalibroken.........so if i update via iTunes, im gonna 'brick' my phone................ I wanna put apps likes iSikhi on there so i got access to bani but my firmware is so outdated it wont install any newly devleoped apps. I think the person who sold my mum the phone put this InstallerApp program on there but that dont work any more....... So how do i do this guys? Some links to an idiots guide to upgrading the firmware would be useful, ive tried looking and none of it made sense....... Thanks in advance. WJKK WJKF
  16. With beant kirpa, we are able to go to baba ji's diwaan yday...........such an amazing experience.......vichaar and katha was next level as Giani Thakur Singh was also there doing katha before baba ji's diwaan.............all sangat showed so much satkaar for maharaj...............nearly 85% of sangat still until Maharaj had gone to satchkhand before leaving Dhan Guru ki Gursikh pyaareh!!
  17. i realy dont understand this concept.......couldnt one assume that u refer to the opposite gender and pahji/penhji becuase fair enough they may not be your brother or sister but they are someones..........cant pehji pahji be used as a respectful term to refer to someone as a simliar age to you..........like we call most bajuraks, baba ji, bibi ji If you dont call them penji/pahji, what do u call them? "oi ji" is starting to sound appealing if everything is considered some immoral sin.......... :rolleyes:
  18. i look down alot........at others..........but i guess what im realising that im actually looking down at people cos i see in them the things i actually hate about myself.....
  19. gUjrI mhlw 5 ] goojaree mehalaa 5 | Goojaree, Fifth Mehl: duie kr joiV krI bynµqI Twkuru Apnw iDAwieAw ] dhue kar jorr karee baenanthee thaakur apanaa dhiaaeiaa | With my palms pressed together, I offer my prayer, meditating on my Lord and Master. hwQ dyie rwKy prmysir sglw durqu imtwieAw ]1] haath dhaee raakhae paramaesar sagalaa dhurath mittaaeiaa |1| Giving me His hand, the Transcendent Lord has saved me, and erased all my sins. ||1|| Twkur hoey Awip dieAwl ] thaakur hoeae aap dhaeiaal | The Lord and Master Himself has become merciful. BeI kilAwx Awnµd rUp hueI hY aubry bwl gupwl ]1] rhwau ] bhee kaliaan aanandh roop huee hai oubarae baal gupaal |1| rehaao | I have been emancipated, the embodiment of bliss; I am the child of the Lord of the Universe - He has carried me across. ||1||Pause|| imil vr nwrI mMglu gwieAw Twkur kw jYkwru ] mil // naaree mangal gaaeiaa thaakur kaa jaikaar | Meeting her Husband, the soul-bride sings the songs of joy, and celebrates her Lord and Master. khu nwnk iqsu gur bilhwrI ijin sB kw kIAw auDwru ]2]6]15] kahu naanak this gur balihaaree jin sabh kaa keeaa oudhaar |2|6|15| Says Nanak, I am a sacrifice to the Guru, who has emancipated everyone. ||2||6||15||
  20. mÚ 5 ] ma 5 || Fifth Mehla: jwicku mMgY inq nwmu swihbu kry kbUlu ] jaachik ma(n)gai nith naam saahib karae kabool || If the beggar begs for the Lord's Name every day, his Lord and Master will grant his request. nwnk prmysru jjmwnu iqsih BuK n mUil ]2] naanak paramaesar jajamaan thisehi bhukh n mool ||2|| O Nanak, the Transcendent Lord is the most generous host; He does not lack anything at all. ||2|| Guru Ji doesnt now many days one must beg, for some its a few days, for somes a few months, for some a few years and for some a few life times.........but dont give up.............keep begging...........because when He comes to embrace you..........the time that proceeded that will be worth all the pain and anguish........... slok mÚ 5 ] salok ma 5 || Salok, Fifth Mehla: hrxwKI kU scu vYxu suxweI jo qau kry auDwrxu ] haranaakhee koo sach vain sunaaee jo tho karae oudhhaaran || O deer-eyed bride, I speak the Truth, which shall save you. suMdr bcn qum suxhu CbIlI ipru qYfw mn swDwrxu ] su(n)dhar bachan thum sunahu shhabeelee pir thaiddaa man saadhhaaran || Listen to these beautiful words, O beauteous bride; your Beloved Lord is your mind's only support. durjn syqI nyhu rcwieE dis ivKw mY kwrxu ] dhurajan saethee naehu rachaaeiou dhas vikhaa mai kaaran || You have fallen in love with an evil person; tell me - show me why! aUxI nwhI JUxI nwhI nwhI iksY ivhUxI ] oonee naahee jhoonee naahee naahee kisai vihoonee || I lack nothing, and I am not sad or depressed; I have no deficiency at all. ipru CYlu CbIlw Cif gvwieE durmiq krim ivhUxI ] pir shhail shhabeelaa shhadd gavaaeiou dhuramath karam vihoonee || I abandoned and lost my fascinating and beautiful Husband Lord; in this evil-mindedness, I have lost my good fortune. nw hau BulI nw hau cukI nw mY nwhI dosw ] naa ho bhulee naa ho chukee naa mai naahee dhosaa || I am not mistaken, and I am not confused; I have no egotism, and commit no offense. ijqu hau lweI iqqu hau lgI qU suix scu sMdysw ] jith ho laaee thith ho lagee thoo sun sach sa(n)dhaesaa || As You have linked me, so I am linked; listen to my true message. sweI suohwgix sweI Bwgix jY ipir ikrpw DwrI ] saaee suohaagan saaee bhaagan jai pir kirapaa dhhaaree || She alone is the blessed soul-bride, and she alone is fortunate, upon whom the Husband Lord has showered His Mercy. ipir Aaugx iqs ky siB gvwey gl syqI lwie svwrI ] pir aougan this kae sabh gavaaeae gal saethee laae savaaree || Her Husband Lord takes away all her faults and mistakes; hugging her close in His embrace, He embellishes her. krmhIx Dn krY ibnµqI kid nwnk AwvY vwrI ] karameheen dhhan karai bina(n)thee kadh naanak aavai vaaree || The unfortunate soul-bride makes this prayer: O Nanak, when will my turn come? siB suhwgix mwxih rlIAw iek dyvhu rwiq murwrI ]1] sabh suhaagan maanehi raleeaa eik dhaevahu raath muraaree ||1|| All the blessed soul-brides celebrate and make merry; bless me as well with a night of bliss, O Lord. ||1||
  21. Self Percept (Atam Updesh) Why are you so engrossed in worries? Why are you afraid of some one? Who may kill you? The soul is immortal; it neither dies nor takes birth. The present is here and now, the past is irrecoverable and the future will be good. Don't fret over the past and don't be worried about the future. The present is going on. Why do you cry? What did you lose? When you were born, what did you bring along, which has been lost? What did you produce which has been perished? It is here that you gained and it is here that you lose. The man comes to; and goes from world, empty handed. What you own today was not yours yesterday and will not be yours tomorrow. It does not and will not belong to anyone. You consider it your own and rejoice. This happiness of possession leads you to utter grief. Yours is this world. Start from where you feel to; stay where you desire and wind up where you want to. It has no beginning and no end. You don't fear anyone, but yourself. You are the fright and also the frightened. Change is the truth of life. What you consider as death is life in reality. In a moment a multi-millionaire is turned pauper. Give up the feeling of possession, great & the mean; differentiation of friend & foe. Then all is yours and you for everyone. Your corporeal being is a product of air, water, fire ,sky and earth and it merges into the same leaving behind neither blood nor bones. Still yours existence remains the same. Then ponder over what you are. Wake up! and become the eternal sons of the Almighty. You are the great and unique manifestation of Nature's power. All the divine powers are possessed by you, like a tree hidden in the seed. In fact you don't fear anybody; you don't have any worry, suspicion, pain or grief. You are His dear ones. Surrender yourself completely to Him. Always, remember the "Waheguru" (God) to achieve salvation. Let your life be guided by the saying "Whatever God wills, is good". Be content with the will of God. Remember Him both in pleasure & pain. Compiled by His Holiness Sant Isher Singh Ji Maharaj
  22. JustME


    havent read something this inspiring for a while.........enjoy............ Vahiguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Vahiguroo Ji Ke Fateh Dear Guru Pyare Sangat Ji, There is non higher than Ik-Oankar, everything is in the hands of the supreme consciousness and in our lives we move about like leaves in the wind. We are all subject to the Hukam of the divine Majesty. May we stay in love with the feet of this Majesty and look to no other till the last breath. Even in a moment as individuals we are particles of dust on the earth. In the cosmos of space we are dissolved like a molecule of water in an infinite volume of water. In the infinite expanse we are swallowed up like the rain falls into the sea, but again in the moment, we cannot see the noose of time tightening its grip. Unfortunately in our illusion we loose sight of this. The face is behind all. Our Satguru does not remain hidden, but the veil remains over our eyes. Satguru Ji is infront of us, but we shut our hearts off from the powerful loving presence. Our minds conceptualise everything we see, and thus we loose the innocence, the fascination, the beauty of this life. Everyday we tend to loose our laughter and joy, in the seriousness of the mind. We judge, we make statements we cannot prove, we point fingers at other souls on the same journey of life. We mock them for supposedly taking a wrong turning, but do we really know the destination? Have we become one with what we are searching for? Surely we can only know if we have arrived there. We remember our own humaness and forgive ourselves, but we forget "they are human". We seek forgiveness from Sri Akal, and the Panj Pyare, but we cannot even in a dream forgive anybody else. That would be destorying our ego, something which the mind clutches onto each second. Everyone we see who is different we place into a dark box of conceptuality. If something does not relate to our ego and concept of "I", we discard it as heretical. We fool ourselves into thinking our way is the right way. We loose the beauty of individuality, the creativeness of the Master, and we pervertedly call for homogenity. We fail to see each specie in life has many shades and varieties, myriad ways of existence, and countless forms that we cannot ever hope to quantify. Again we fail to see this individuality in our fellow human beings. The very nature of IK-Oankar, the Sargun Nirgun Nirankar does not ring a note in our minds. We say everything is in the hukam, but then we seek to condemn. We seek balance in our existence, but we remain blind to the equilibrium that has played its flute since the beggining of time. Every beautiful flake of snow, has a structure different to the next. Infinity plays its tune in everything, that is the hand of the infinite that created and creates all, ceaselessly. We confine this endlessness into a narrow alley way, that only the elite can squeeze into. We cannot see the flood, the torrent that cleanses the dirt away. All we see is the stagnant pool of our thoughts, ever producing an odour that only the cannibals, ghosts and ghouls enjoy bathing in. To master the mind is to master the age, even though our ego likes to believe we have mastered our minds. Thus to compensate we seek to control others, and make them emulate. We all try to keep the status quo, and the social confirmity in groups. Those with us are right, those who are not are wrong. The Guru has told us no ideology, no religion, ever survives the onslaught of time. In Mir Mehdi and Kalki Avtar this is illustrated. In Sau Sakhi the fate of the Khalsa is told again and again. However in this minute, in this negligble space of time, our own ideologies are the only truth, which of course we believe will last forever. Our leaders, our Sant, our Group, our Jatha is the elite in the Panth. That have the "God-Given" yardstick of morality to measure every other group or individual. Those that conform to the standard are fine, those that do not, fall into exclusion and are the subject of attack. Bibek Bibeki are terms that are used day in and day out. In Parasnath Bibek and Abhek were consumed by Agane, in order to see the truth. Agane being the Parkash of Light or Jot in each person. Hence why in the 33 Swayyae, "Jagat Jot Japai Nisbasar", rituals, fast, ritualistic penance and meditations we do not believe in, only the worship of the radiance of Parmatma. Agane is a reference to this "tap". To burn away ones impurities, via the radiance of Vahiguroo. It is easy to love those that love you, but hard to love those that do not. Therefore in this state of mind we cannot see the Sargun in that person. However we find many excuses, day in and day out, with no real justification. Those others say this, or believe this, or do this, so why love them? Let us just throw stones at them, then everything will be solved. Then this sense of frustration within me will also subside. Is that Sikhi ? If we are perfected, if we are choosen, there is no need to venture into other peoples existences, but our own. The completeness and balance will talk for itself, and magnetically attract others. The sense of insecuriy, and paranoia however tend to plague the deluded mind. Which can only send out hate via whatever channel is disposable to it. In anger we loose intelligence, and drop to an idiotic state of mind where no sense of reason or argument exists. It becomes a war of them and us, this is a sorry sad state of mind. However the adrenal glands fuel such behaviour, but the length of such a high temper is finite, as the body will have to suffer as well as the mind. People do not search the Shabad as Guru directed, but listen to examples of the Shabad via somebody else's interpretation. They lack their own ability to research the Guru. Therefore really they become followers of some elses interpretation of Gurbani, and naturally all others but this are wrong. Their leader was infact enlightened, like no one else has ever experienced this since the beggining of time, and to them religion started at the birth of their leader. They cling sentimentaly on to the memories, of the "chardikalah days of the puratan Singhs", but they cannot see the intrinsic goodness around them today. In the cases of broken families, this network provides valuable support for those that have no emotional support. They forget the words of Guru Nanak, that those that believe, their family become exalted. The love they recieve from various groups, compensates for the lack of it from their own family. Those that enter the Gurus Path by taking intiation, do so in many known instances to disguise some underlying deficiency. In society the criminals are said in some sociological theories to contribute and aid the Elite. In this way the self proclaimed "Elite" in the Panth, wind their networks to include those adept at extortion, violence, and theft. They keep this relationship to provide, a way of dealing with their inadequacies. Unable to look at their "enemy" in the eyes, they loose honour by sending thugs who are in the garb of Sikhi. This is the so called Sikhi of today and this trend sadly is present world wide. We see ourselves as a Panth but forget our wider duty to humanity as the larger Panth and all as Gods children. We fight amongst each other like Dogs over scraps. We fail to see that we are the children of the same father. The arguments that occur are really due to other underlying competitive reasons. The resultant jeslousy eats away at us, in order to recognise it we must have it ourselves naturally. It eats us up like maggots on a corpse. One meaning of the word Dharma is to be civilised. In psycology and sociology, this is highest concept of man, being able to tolerate and live with each other. The ancient Greeks and Indians divised many systems to keep the peace. In terms of Sikhi, a parrallel is when Guru created Amritsar a cosmopolitan place, a utopia within a state, where Guru built Mosques and Mandirs, and provisions for all. Today the Panth is tribal. It is divided, by the Pandits on high. People now take amrit to join Sants or Groups, not the Panth. They say, "Our amrit is higher due to such reasons". Are people taking Amrit to surrender to the Guru, their Man, Tan, and Dhan? Or to your tribal ideologies? Are they taking it because of their own depression, family problems, or sexual orientation. There is already a group of Homosexual Amritdhari's fighting with their orientation, which is apparent to all by their campness. Is it that you have you got problems with your self esteem, that abusing everybody else makes you feel better? Or being with the "tribal elite" makes you feel secure? Does your group condemn caste, but then never allow inter-caste marriage. As well as remarriage to those that are divorcees? Maybe they keep face to their tribe, but have no real Dharam. The following are a few questions that have to be asked by the youth . Hasten to add very stupid questions, but they are the present state of affairs : Are you somebody who condemns two people dating, and infact you are now with one of those individuals yourself? Or that you simply did that to be with one of them? Have you actually condemned alcohol yourself, but then sell it in your shop? Do you believe in respecting your dharam infront of the wider world, but care nothing at knocking someones dastar of in haste? Do you believe in religious tolerance, but then condemn every person that does not fit your puritanical views? Do you comment on peoples personal lives, when infact you are an adulter yourself? Is your frustration vented out because you lost your potential partner to someone else of another tribe? Or they liked someone not from your tribe? Is your facism so pronounced that you make women destroy their own feminity and beauty, so that you can control them? Does this make you feel like a man? Do you hate another tribe because someone you like, likes them more than she/he likes you ? We follow many external rites, we live in an external and artifical world. Has our Sikhi turned this way? Are we looking within or without? Does the two hours of simran we do, justify slandering everyone else for the rest of the day? Does the Nitnem for an hour, justify the sense of self righteousness and the condemnation of others? Does our Nam Abhiyas and Amrit Vela justify our aggressive stance, which is to the extent of attacking others? Does our vegitarianism become real love ? Do we attack those that eat flesh or like the Namdharis who were convicted in their faith of being Vegitarian actually closed down the Slaughter houses ? If you wish to attack anything, bring over your mind with love, into Sehaj. Then you can change those you hate, internally, instead of trying to intimidate them externally. If you are strong, which is what you portray to the world. If your Sant is so high, if your leader or group are the best, and that they have so much spiritual and physical power. Then this is a humble benti to the charan of such great Gursikhs: " You have so much strength, your way is true, you are a strong community then please dont pick on the few weak people who do not agree with you. Guru has said people like you will fight hundred and thousands of enemies." Therefore go out of the surreal world of the internet into the real world and then finish of Al-Qaida. Close down those who believe in living Gurus like the Nirankari’s and remaining Darshan Dasi’s that have Derey in your areas. If you are against cigrattes and alcohol, make a political movement to stop them. Stop the testing on animals and slaughter, and the use of leather as clothing. Stop the destruction of the rain forests, the decline of the Ozone layer by use of Chloroflurocarbons. If your vegitarianism means so much, then surely you would be trying to do something bigger, than condeming those that consume flesh. Surely to eradicate the source, means more that abusing the user. Stop the use of pesticides on crops that kill the small mice and rodents, promote organic crops, and ban the use of non-organic food in the langar. Otherwise the blood is on your hands whether you choose to see it or not. For each grain of wheat, many micrograms of pesticide have killed. Therefore live up to your ideals. Think of Sarbatt Da Bhalla, something which we read each day three times at least. In conclusion, if this post offends that was not is not the aim. If you are really secure about your prowess, beliefs and strength, then do not bully the weak. Choose to forgive and forget, and live and let live. Khalsa is about freedom not enforcing ideals on anyone. We have to see that we are all hypocrites compared to Satguru. If we keep this is mind it will help us all to get along. If you are convincted then do not pick on the small fry, chase and catch the Sharks. Kamalroop Singh Vahiguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Vahiguroo Ji Ke Fateh
  23. Just when i thought that closing the other useless topics you had started may enlighten you to post something worth reading and inspirational............U realy have outdone yourself. Topic Closed.
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