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  1. 2 Singhs have become Saheed in Kotkapura firing by killer police of Punjab many injred so badly one of the victims have got 40 pellets on his back some have lost limbs the police used SLRS and Pump action guns in big way,
  2. The judge Singhvi was biashed from day one and his comments on sikhs for justice petition is wellknown.It is unknown in legal history any judge will order hanging of mentally unstable person the real terorrists r judges.These types of people have fake national pride while they send their chidren to western world.The NRIS can hold protests aginist these types of fake people.
  3. In dukhniwaran Patiala taksal sells shasters at in very concessional rates then last shop in lane has rare shasters like teer kaman and iron teers Singhs can buy these shasters,
  4. These r nice Shasters I have seen a khanda in a shop in Patiala apart from jambiya sword.
  5. A very nice analysis but there is some motivation and honesty on part of some organisation fighting for sikh rights for example Manvinder Singh Giaspura was the person who exposed the hondhchiller killings but sikhs for justice tried to take credit for the cases which was contested indepentdly by Manvinder Singh Giaspura through his lawyer Brijinder Singh loomba which extended the jusisdiction of probe to guagoan and patuadi area but peermohhamad has no role the result was the detection of new sites of massacres.One must see the no of visits of hondh chiller committee and sikhs for justice visited the enqiry commission .The hondh chiller committee and its legal team fought cases which were falsely claimed by sikhs for justice.Mandeep Singh who shot the person responsible for beadbi of Guru Granth Saheb inside Shanewal police station legal case is fought by Manvinder Singh without charging a single penny from his family and their lawyer brijinder singh is fighting free of cost it is known to all lawyers of ludhiana.Same lawyer is fightingthe case of singhs charged with shingar blast,khanna,patiala blast apart from guiding all major cases which has given a new life to defence.The sikhs living aboard should support these low profile and unknown persons taking risks.Further the performance of these people is much better than the hi profile human rights groups.He has also highlifgted uranium leakage in punjab waters which is claiming thouand of lives.
  6. Please do not demean the kakar each shaster is valuable my 9 inch kirpan can. divide a solid grill into 2 parts it is lack of fighting spirit which resulted in wearing of blunt kirpans we call ourselves liberal and created good professionals but forgot the solider like featues result was 1984and fake encounters of sikhs if we convert our fold the khalsa into true milatary form then we will be able to save ourselves.
  7. It seems the stage is set for war due to certain devolepments one rapid increase in Pakistan nuclear weapons secondly rise of muslim fanatics and hindu fanatics on both sides.Another blunder Indian overconfidant officials made to chanllenge china on sea on south China sea and other places and utterances of their hinduwadi scientists that they can destroy China in mintues and chnese doctrine of 2003 in which it has excluded India from first strike and stated it will and has capabitity to destroy indian missiles.This makes clear that there is going to be war and India is going to be suffered.Shamsere u should address Sant ji in respect u have ignored many young singhs r raising slogans in favor of khalastan so there is determined support for it which should be admitted.
  8. It is said despite losing case in court they did all with help of officials.
  9. That lady sister of Sarbjit is making fun of sikhi she is not aware of definition of sikh given in rehatnama and sikh rehatnamas.Secondly it was also reported earilier that He did convert to Islam just to escape death sentence.Noone forced anyone to become muslim it was their own decision.Earlier also Dalbir Kaur did make demeaning comments about sikh fighters
  10. I do not blame if u call our guru bible while other religious books r treated like books as it contains fiction storeies but Guru Granth Shiab is guru its words r guru words gurshabad if u listen to it in open mind even u may not be knowing gurbani u will understand it.Second concept is Guru Panth it is khalsa panth represented by Panch piaras,we have great sikhs like Bhai Taru Singh ji ,mANI sINGH JI WHO GAVEUP THEIR LIVES LIKE TRUE SIKHS.DOES RADHASOAMI SOCALLED GURU HAS GUTS TO GET HIS SKULL SEPERATED LIKE TARU SINGHJI .He is busy diverting river water to his dera in beas making farmers poor of 80 villages poor and homeless by encroaching on their lands what kind of guru u call him.
  11. I just did not want to discuss this unsignifacant topic which has been importance by Indian media.First India is boasting that it has deployed antimissile systems in Delhi and its missiles can destroy China.In a book written by w.e williams in 1994 Critical mass HAS NOTED NUCLEAR CAPABITIES OF ALL nations .It has noted that China has devloped most advance anti missile defence not dependant on missile to missile defence but deploying laser defence and copied the defence project of defected US scientist Gerald bull ho was killed by mossad gunmen before the start of 1991 gulf war .China in 2003 has warned India incase of any deployment of offensive missile system it can and will launch preemtive strikes and most impotantly it has kept India and Taiwan from its declaration of not first use of nuclear weapons,in the same book there r details how china stole neutron weapon tecnology from USA.So if brahminwadi scientist and beaurucrat overestimates themselves and threaten china it will be suicidal for India as China has already deployed multimegaton missiles in Tibet. 1 megaton is equal to 1000 kilotonnes .First atom bomb dropped in Japan was 20 kilotonnes. So do not give much importance Brahamanwadi boasting of threatening china or India joining elite club as Pakistan .Israel and even Iran have more advance cruise missiles which can dodge the anti missile missiles and few years back Pakistan tested it.
  12. This shows communal bend of mind of Jakhar families his father in 1987 has said"e can afford the death of 14000 soliders to wipe out 15 million sikhs from India Balram Jakhar is his father who said it.Mr Jakhar should be grateful to sikhs that this kind of people r allowed to survive in Punjab,and those bussineessmen who support anti sikh people like Ashutosh r amaasing wealth and r living in Punjab.
  13. On 27 april the Punjab and Haryana high court has increased the scope of probe of 1984 from Hondh chiller to Guragoan areas and patuadi also probe not covered by Nanavati commission in Public interest Litigation filed by Manvinder Singh Giaspura versus state of haryana cwp no 3821 /2012 earler similiar petitions filed by sikhs for justice were dismissed by same bench .Now commission headed by garg has powers to seek police help.It is great boost for victims now it is for victims to come forward and follow the example of Nirpat kaur in sajjan kumar case .It is great efforts by Manwinder Singh giaspura and good perofessional work by his lawyer Brijinder Singh loomba with limited resources.We encourage such people with moral support moral support is more important than finacial support. Soon judgement will be available in the website of high court
  14. U seem to project ur self higher than Guru first be a good sikh .Guru ji said Rehat Pyari mujh ko Sikh Pyara nahi.U seem to forget the misdeeds of nirmals,udasis after the Ranji Singh when these sects controlled the gurdwaras .They used to exploit the sikh women and introduced hindu practces in the Gurdwaras and all udassis and nirmalas supported and helped Mahant Narain dass and others in massacre of sikhs see the book about Akali morchas wriiten by some writer josh
  15. Bro these r not my points but these r contents of Rehatnama dictated by Guru Gobind Singh ji and use of word Sirgum by Guru Nanak dev ji .Those mona sikhs r welcome who r out of ignorance went the other way or swayed by others Bhai Rajnona has given the direction but others who has bad intention have adopted dehdharis or cuts hair just to call them modern take the example of a girl being a sikh who demeaned sikhi in reality show of MTV in roadies should not have any place in our fraternityand these kind of people have no regard for sikh saheeds.
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