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  1. Maachis , no doubt about it, I own DVD version of this movie. It really makes u cry , songs are good , good actors , director.
  2. did I say something ????? no never , how can i ? hah , never.
  3. WJKK WJKF this is only quarter final of malaysian gatka dal. copy below link in Internet Explorer and ur download manager will start downloading. http://s17.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3EYZUKZ...EG1UFCBFO3GF19E
  4. i dont think anything wrong in it. it is one of the most neccessary things for parchaar. but no one realises. the kids and even adults will know our history better with this media. As kids are always watching cartoon network, they too will watch sikhi animation with same interest. Yes no one can take gurujis place in movies , so , this animation is the alternative if we want fast parchhar of sikhi , fast parchaar is need of time. this is the best idea if some one can materialise it. so take guru sahebs blessings and start at once.
  5. what is this man , why cant some one upload antim sanskaar video ? :wub: @ @ why its so late.
  6. yes it requires brains to understand. btw thanx 4 compliments.
  7. good u reminded us all ,we never knew that it was liberation, ok, see already we are in sad mood , so please dont talk such things.
  8. balley sheraa , i m very happy that there are gursikhs in russia too. WJKK WJKF btw something is better than nothing , so keep it up.
  9. hi davinder singh its said "paani main rah kar magarmach sey vair" so what happened was ok. some are already punished. :wub: it was a great event for promotion of gatka among sikhs. thats why it was broadcasted . that further helps promotion. understood or not. And there was no manmatt.Actually u dont know what is gurmatt and manmatt. hence forth behave ur self, understood.This is ur last warning. or action will be taken. btw i dont agree with moorakh for making gatka a sport. gatkaa is only and only for sikhs . if its made a sport then every one even ciggarette walaas , tambaku walas will learn it . so keep this precious thing for sikhs only and that too khalsa.
  10. congratulation to moorakh mugadh and his team for this great event. :wub: i was there sitting just behind row of vvip ,in front of international gatka competition banner (big one), in white round dastaar and specks. :e:
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