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  1. WJKK, WJKF: I was curious is anyone could direct me to some online resources or could perhaps give me some gurbani references that make the case for why a Sikh woman should NOT be accompanied by male relatives/brothers during the laavan ceremony? I need to be able to respond to some family members who say there is nothing wrong with this practice and that this is "custom," but I disagree. In general my understanding that this is a hindu tradition which like so many other it seems have made their way into Sikhi due to ignorance of guru sahib's teachings amongst some within our community. As I see it, women are taught to be equal in our faith and I would argue that the laavan are for the couple only as they are building a new relationship with one another that is centered around Guru Sahib and no one else should be involved. This is the time for both the bride and groom to stand as equal partners on equal footing... do I have this right? Any feedback you guys can provide would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I don't believe it is available in Punjabi, but you can purchase on Amazon.com and they ship worldwide... http://www.amazon.com/Fighting-Faith-Natio..._pr_product_top
  3. Waheguru Je Kha Khalsa, Waheguru Je Ke Fateh: I just wanted to chime in as I see this thread has had some recent activity in light of the recent controversy surrounding the Sojhi curriculum at Fremont Gurdwara which I understand has now been removed... I'd like to thank everyone who has weighed in so far. I continue to believe that there is a great deal of potential for an entity like the Sikh Research Institute. As mentioned in my original post, they have done some good work such as helping with the making of the Widow Colony. But the good that they do should not give them a pass when they are wrong. I am convinced, now more than ever, that the worldwide sangat, particularly those here in North America need to stand up and refute some of what Harinder Singh is saying. Just to recap, here is a sampling of the more controversial aspects of Harinder Singh's "research" courtesy of Panthic Weekly: Do not believe in Dasam Granth Promote meat eating Promote pre-marital dating, do not allow parents in their camps Promote 3 bani nitnem with only 6 pauri Anand Sahib Do not believe in reading gurbani for our soul, only for research Believe Guru Granth Sahib Ji is a book of knowledge and not Pargat Guran Ki Deh Carry Guru Ji in suitcases to their camps etc Do not believe in Chaur Sahib, Parsad bhog, Guru Ji's bastar and other daily sewa Has changed Gurmantar from Waheguru to Vahguru Has removed reference to Sri Nankana Sahib from Ardas Has changed Dohre - from Guru Manyo Granth to Guru Panth Has disrespected Guru Ji by saying Dasam Pita Ji was saved by sikhs in Chamkaur (vs Guru saves us all) Has written disrespectful things about Pancham Pita's shaheedi and believe if Sukhmani Sahib could not save Guru ji from hot tavi, how can it help a sikh's problems I'm all for people having an opinion but he should be prepared to back these up. Ideally he would participate in a debate similar to the one that the Singhs in Toronto had with Kala Afghana a few years back. Bhai Bhinderpal Singh would strike me as a good person to participate in such a debate. From everything that I have heard, Harinder has so far refused to participate in a debate each time he has been requested to do so. I think we should try and identify folks within the community who are just as articulate as he is and tackle each one of his blasphemous assertions...just my two cents. Thoughts? Comments?
  4. I know they have developed a school curriculum for use in punjabi classes but I don't know what it consists of either....I believe it is called Sohji ( http://www.sikhri.org/program/solutions/sojhi.asp) Can anyone on this forum who has attended their workshops or listened to one of Harinder's lectures comment on them? Did you find the information he presented to be accurate? Was your experience more positive or negative? FYI, I noticed that they have a workshop scheduled in Toronto on August 9th entitled "Sevaadar"...perhaps some of the sangat from there who frequent this message board could attend and report back on their experience? There are links to some YouTube videos on their websites for other workshops/retreats they have conducted for those of you who are interested as well... Siddhak Retreat Promo Video: Grihast Retreat Promo Video:
  5. WJKK, WJKF: I was curious if anyone here had any additional insights into San Antonio based Sikh Research Institute? In taking a look at their website, http://www.sikhri.com some of what they do is to be commended. For instance, they helped to put together the movie The Widow Colony about the Delhi Riots which won widespread critical acclaim in telling the stories of the victims and their search for justice. But I'm also left scratching my head and wondering about what exactly they teach as part of their training seminars as it relates to Gurbani and moreover what it means to be a Sikh. Has anyone here participated in or have any direct knowledge of their work? Their executive director, Harinder Singh is a common speaker at various Sikh conferences throughout North America, particularly those aimed at the youth. Yet, little is known about who he is or where the institute gets its money. I have come across various bits and pieces on the internet suggesting that the Institute is nothing but a cult run by so called academics who have twisted Guru Sahib's teaching to fit their own individual tastes and desires. Unfortunately, I haven't seen alot of evidence to back up those claims... So this begs the question, are they a legit group or a wolf in sheep's clothing? :gg:
  6. BUMP...spread the word...although the event is tomorrow, you can still contribute afterwards online at http://www.jackiespeier2006.com/events?id=0030 Hope to see some of you there! :0)
  7. Sikhs4JackieEventFlyer.pdfContributionForm052006.pdfACTION ALERT: PLEASE FORWARD TO ALL INTERESTED PARTIES. SUPPORTING DOCS ATTACHED Dear Friends: Waheguru Je Kha Khalsa, Waheguru Je Ke Fateh!!! The California Sikh Community is pleased to announce an “Afternoon with State Senator Jackie Speier,” Democratic Candidate for Lt. Governor on Saturday, May 20, 2006 from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m in El Sobrante, CA. For complete details, including venue location, please e-mail host committee at sikhs4jackie at yahoo.com. All contributions welcome, including from those who are unable to attend (U.S. and legal residents only!). Senator Jackie Speier is currently the only state elected official to have a Gursikh on her legislative staff in Sacramento. She is a strong supporter of expanding hate crimes laws to better protect all Californians, including Sikh-Americans who have suffered tremendously in the aftermath of September 11th. Most recently, she helped facilitate high level meetings between national Sikh civil rights groups and California prison officials in an effort to prevent inmates who practice the Sikh faith from having their hair forcibly cut and/or removed. Senator Jackie Speier’s legacy as a policy-maker and public servant, begun over 25 years ago and continuing today as Assistant President Pro-Tem of the California Senate, is one of leadership, passion and courage. Jackie’s story and her commitment to public service began in Guyana in 1978 when, as a young congressional staff person, she nearly lost her life in an attempt to uncover the facts regarding the Reverend Jim Jones and his People’s Temple followers in Guyana. Over 900 people died that fateful day, including Congressman Leo Ryan and four other people traveling with him. Jackie was shot five times and left to die. As she has said many times, those 22 hours alone on the tarmac waiting for help to arrive molded her philosophy, her zest for work and life, and allowed her to see that no one is guaranteed a tomorrow. This extraordinary event has shaped her legislative agenda, her commitment to giving a voice to those who are not heard, and her tenacious ability to fight for her constituents and for the State of California. Jackie’s work has touched the lives of literally hundreds of thousands of Californians. Her uncompromising integrity and leadership have helped her make a difference, particularly for the women, children and seniors of our state. Over the past 25 years, Jackie has set an unprecedented record of over 300 pieces of legislation signed into law by both Democratic and Republican Governors. She has authored groundbreaking legislation in child welfare, health care, consumer protection and education, much of which has been used as templates for national legislation. In 2003, after a four year fight against powerful interests, Jackie Speier won Californians the right to control their personal financial information. Hailed as “landmark” legislation by the San Francisco Chronicle, SB1 protects consumer’s privacy against invasion by financial institutions, their affiliates, and identity thieves. Jackie’s privacy legislation provides California with the strongest protections in the country and is looked to as a basis for privacy laws nationwide. As Lieutenant Governor, Jackie has pledged to reinvigorate the higher education system in California and to continue her work as a watchdog of government waste. For more info, please visit: Jackie Speier for Lt. Governor Website Photos of Senator Speier visiting Fremont Gurdwara in March 2006: Panthic Weekly Senator Speier Fremont Gurdwara Visit
  8. WJKK, WJKF: I just came across this on BBC News . It is a montage of various photos of families whose lives were forever changed 20 years ago today... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/spl/hi/pict...ries/html/1.stm -Gurfateh
  9. WJKK, WJKF: THE BROADCAST JUST WENT DOWN!!!! :wub: 1:21PM PST 10/23/04
  10. WJKK, WJKF: FYI, Bhai Manpreet Singh is due up sometime soon....this just keeps gettin' better and better! :wub: )))) Anyone know if Dullah or any other North American/UK Keertanis are there (other than Apardeep Singh)? Keep it up guys, this is amazing! -Gurfateh
  11. WJKK, WJKF: You can find this book online by going to Bookfinder.com website. I did a search and it yielded the following results, which you should be able to view directly here: http://www.bookfinder.com/search/?ac=sl&st...6026688_1:10:29 If that doesn't work, just go to http://www.bookfinder.com and enter the title of the book. There are several reputable book dealers online who have this book in stock both new and used. Used prices start around $13.49 USD, New for $33.25 USD. Good luck! -Gurfateh
  12. WJKK, WJKF: FYI, if you live and go to school in California, you are allowed to wear your kirpan provided it doesn't exceed a certain length and is securly strapped into your gatra. The case that established this is: Gurdev Kaur Cheema v. Harold Thompson, 67 F. 3d 883 (9th Cir. 1995) Also, the Sikh Coalition has a wealth of information about what your rights are when it comes to wearing your kirpan in the school and workplace. If you guys ever run into a problem, please be sure to contact them. Go here for more info: http://www.sikhcoalition.org/InfoKirpan.asp -Gurfateh
  13. WJKK, WJKF: Am I the only one here who sees an inherent contradiction here... AKJ UK is holding a program at a Gurdwara that associates itself with a particular caste? Huh?!!! Am I missing something here people? :T: -Gurfateh
  14. Waheguru Je Kha Khalsa, Waheguru Je Ke Fateh: Lest we forget sadh sangat ji, that Dr. Singh is a member of the Congress Party, the same Congress Party which was at the helm during the '84 genocide campaign against the Sikhs. Also, keep in mind that Zail Singh, a supposed "Sikh" and President of India at the time, stood by and did little to stop the atrocities, so you'll have to forgive me if I pass on the sweets for now. Instead, I will take a wait and see approach on this one....should he actually become the next PM, it'll be intersting to see how he handles the issue of those Congress Party officials who have yet to be brought to justice for their crimes against humanities against the Sikhs during Bluestar and in its aftermath... -Gurfateh
  15. Waheguru Je Kha Khalsa, Waheguru Je Ke Fateh: I've gone ahead and updated SMART as to how they can go about viewing the clip in question. It shouldn't be long before I hear back from either through e-mail, or possibly direct on this message board.... A big shout out to "gsingh" and "pheena" for making the clip available. :wub: As always, I'll continue to keep you guys posted. -Gurfateh
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