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  1. Anyone that has been in the country for two years and not found regular jobs and is having to depend on a community, should actually go back to india. I am sorry half of these people would not give you the time of the day, people should not automatically think, that becuase these people are SIkhs they will be community focused, all they care about is making money and getting permenant residency in the UK by an means. If they are so concerned about their situation why do they take drugs? They have the mental capacity to get to the UK illegally but not the intelligence to give up drugs ! I cannot imagine any of these people in Punjab helping anyome else that are in their perdicament now, look at the familes of the Shahedes and the Ex- Sikh Army personnel of 1984 who cared for them in Punjab. If they can find work I wish them all the success, but if they cannot they should take the best option and go back to Punjab.
  2. Yes you are right I am a coward , please tell me what we should do .
  3. Pakis are scum and should be shot , we need to standup to these people . Why are they targeting Sikh women, we should start to target their women for affairs . This is the only way they will learn.
  4. Looked how messed-up our community is we need to deal with this <banned word filter activated> now before it becomes worse. ************************************************** West Midlands family in £80,000 benefit fraud Wednesday 26th October 2011, 11:29AM BST. A family of five who pocketed almost £80,000 through a Black Country benefit fraud have all been spared an immediate jail term. The racket lasted almost eight years and involved three different properties in Smethwick and Edgbaston. The con involved newsagent Mahroof Hussain, 44, his wife Farida Bi, his lover Manjit Dhillon, and his sisters Farida Begum and Jamilia Bi. Dhillon, 41, gave a false name for her landlord while living in a house in Smethwick owned by Hussain and collected £40,805 over almost eight years, Wolverhampton crown court heard. Farida Bi, 43, pulled an identical trick on a house in Southfield Road, Edgbaston, owned by relatives, bringing in £16,753. Farida Begum, 39, made similar false claims getting £14,302 over four years on a house in Bowden Road, Smethwick and Jamilia Bi, 35, pulled a similar con that netted £4,446 . The women each admitted making false claims while Hussain pleaded guilty to allowing his wife and lover to make false claims. Dhillon was given a 10 month suspended jail sentence and 150 hours’ unpaid work; Hussain from Rotton Park Road, Edgbaston, got a 12-month jail term suspended for 18 months; Farida Bi and Farida Begum, of Rotton Park Road and Bowden Road respectively, each received six month suspended prison sentences and 100 hours of unpaid work. Jamilia Bi of Manor Road, Smethwick, was given a 12 month community order under supervision and 100 hours’ unpaid work. Read more: http://www.expressandstar.com/news/2011/10/26/west-midlands-family-in-80000-benefit-fraud/#ixzzG3q86EmEm [/left]
  5. Listen if lieing is a big deal for you then you are right do not nor marry her, and do not have a 2nd thought about it just forget it. Also do not feel sorry for her just becuase she is from India, alot of people from india live a better standard of life then people in the UK. The question of beasti can be solved by the girls parents by just saying the guy in the UK did not want to marry and leave it at that. In my experience people from India especially the younger people think NRI's are stuipid and they ( the people from india) are much more clever and wise etc, they do this and try and take advantge. Espesially the freshies here in the UK they think they alot more astute, and devious then anyone else and no-one can work them out!. The question of Sikh rights has come up, yes I understand this issue but if you look at Sikhs in Inida today a good percentage of youth sadly do not care, the men just cut there hair I have spoken to freshies here in the UK and I get the impression that people do not care about SIkh rights. People in india care about MONEY and getting out of Punjab in anyway possible and 98% of the time its not because they are being persacuted in anyway. Look at the young people that go to Gurudwara programmes they are Sikhs that have been born in the UK, hardly any freshies, whats stopping them from following Sikhism in the UK!
  6. The problem is the whole thinking of Islam, the muslim scriptures preach hate there is no way round this either the muslims follow the quran or they do not. There if the Quran preaches bigoted hate and discrimination against non Muslims then this is what muslims will follow and believe. If you think the problem in Malaysia or Indonesia is bad, look at all strongholds of Sikhism other than India, there are bigger majority of Muslims in every case , take the UK the Muslims population is exploding just look at primary and secondary schools in major cities like Birmingham and London, the majority of pupils are Muslim , when have you ever seen a majority Sikh schoold ? Problems of integration are going to get worse in the UK and innocent people will probably get hurt. We should lobby the govertment to stop immigration of Muslims to the UK, and send back the illegal immigrants, illegals in the UK are out of control .
  7. does anyone know what happened to this case , what happened to the sikh girl.
  8. does anyone know what the population of muslims was in punjab and india pre-mughul empire not in 1947
  9. I am no historian, but what I do know from Sikh history, and the Histroy of Punjab and India. I would have thought there was a low percentage of Muslims in Punjab and India, therefore the Muslim religion and culture etc is alien to Punjab and India, the Muslims in Pakistan and India are larglely decendents of a largely hindu population that was forcefully converted to Islam, where largley Hindu famlies converted , Hindu women were forcefully married and raped by the Muslim mughul invaders to become baby making machines, the aim of the Mughuls was to cause mass genocide of the Hindu people and change it to a Islamic country. These people that are Muslim and live in Punjab and India and call themselves punjabi should leave and go back to Saudi Arabia where there rapist grandfathers came from, West Punjab was stolen from the Sikhs, in no way are Muslim true Punjabi's, the Mughul empire was trying its best to destroy Punjab, why do muslims even call themselves Punjabi ! They deny where there ancestory has come from, and how their ancestors where forcefully converted to Islam " They are truly a <banned word filter activated> race" , a race created from hate with no roots and no true birth. I know what I have stated is strong, but is this not fact if not please state otherwise. Some questions I have. what was the population of muslim is in Punjab and India pre mughul-empire.? why did the Mughuls TRY and invade India was it mere expansion , enslavement, forced religious conversion ?
  10. yes I agree with the last reply. why is'nt this on the news? Why are'nt the MP's speaking about this in parliment ? Why is this not on the news, or a documentary? Why is the Sikh bodies not pressuring the goverment ? WE ARE TRUELY WEAK .
  11. we need to help our own people first where ever they are in the world, not other communties . Why, because Sikhs charity resources are thin on the ground I think, the resources should go to Sikhs. There are numerous agencies out there that cater to ther communties but not the SIkhs ? We should cater to our own first, identify our problems then combact them.
  12. Do you live in the UK. If most of the Mulslim community and the mosques support the Jihad against the west, then why should't the goverment monitor them. Sharia law is already implemented in the UK when it comes to divorce.... Unqualified racist, sexist men ruling of divorce ? what is the goverment thinking?
  13. Where is there a good Sikh restraunt to eat at in Southall , and names please !
  14. I hope one day that we start training our own Granthis, for how long will we get granthis from India? Next 7 generation ? I hope not. The Granthis need a decent wage in the UK, maybe starting at £18,000 - rising to £25,000. All donations given by the Sangat goto the Gurudwara not the Granthi. Also we need to weed out the Granthis that only follow the path to migrate abroad, this is totally wrong although it probably happens. People should not be looking to become a granthi to become rich, rather the granthi should be focusing on the Guru and teaching the sangat and not worring about money. As a side point the whole teaching of Guru Granth Sahib, should be done in english and then once the sangat start to understanding, slowly learning Gurbani. I am pretty sure that the Guru Granth Sahib have different langauges within it, and Guru Nanak devi ji and Guru Gobind Singh Ji spoke different langauges to convey the teaching of God. What is the point in sitting in the Gurudwara if one does not understand, other than hearing and experiencing Gods blessing, but we need to understand them as well and practice them .
  15. We will never get justice from the Brahmin tyrannts in India. We will only get justice when all of us truly follow the GURU and , as the Guru states act as one entity. The Hindu murders could never have attacked Harminder Sahib, Akal Takhat , other Guru Houses , and kill and rape our people if are own people were no involved some how and were not weak. This is a wake up call for all Sikhs. INDIA is our enemy and Sikhs living outside India should treat India as our enemy. SIKHS need their own country.
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