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  1. No, I cannot prove the conversation I have had. I did not have any intention to disclose it, as you can see I have been a member for a few years but only posted now. In this thread there were a lot of questions in regard to the owner, and a lot of misinformation. Some of the information can be garnered from the previous thread in regard to the academy. logically why would a Gursikh want to take the keys off the 'sevadars' if his loan were being repaid, not just the interest, and face the shame within the community. Brother/Sister you don't need to take my word, think about it logically, and as
  2. Yes, I have spoken to the legal owner, and I can only promise you that I have no personal relationship with him. The statement from the academy even tells us that the loan has been secured and is still outstanding. The statement from the academy at the last fundraising told us that they had refinanced the loan, and it is untrue, 1.2m is still outstanding. I am personally very upset that the academy will be closing, and it will put shame on our community that in an affluent Sikh area, we have not be able to fund it.
  3. Waheguruji ka khalsa waheguruji ke fateh. A few facts, not one penny has been repaid towards the loan taken out, contrary to the messages from the academy sevadars during the previous fundraising requests The person who raised the loan has not interfered in the running of the academy, and he was assured by the 'sevadars' that they would assume responsibility of the loan 2 years ago. The current value of the building is considerably less than what was paid for it, and therefore the legal owner has no benefit, and will likely make a loss if he were to sell it A question that needs answering,
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