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  1. rap wouldnt sound good for gurbani because rapping doesnt sound like it comes from the heart
  2. since two weeks now i've been going to this new sikh youth group. so far it's mainly like just a lecture about some of the meanings of the gurbani. does anyone have any ideas for topics we can discuss or something where everyone would be more involved? if u have been to some type of sikh camp or group could u please share some of the things u did
  3. as long as u dont MEAN it in a certain way u can do it. like if someone stuck up their middle finger but didnt know what it meant then that should be fine. the things we do and say dont always have the same depth in meaning. like if u say "i 'love' that guy" u may have any level of "love" towards something
  4. i like it and it's a good idea but i dont think rap gives you the feeling for religion as well as gurbani
  5. of course sikhs are not responsible. it's not true that sikh kids are not disciplined. that's just <admin-cut> and lots of people talk <admin-cut> u should just ignore because only the TRUTH matters! stereotyping is never right because each individual is different not groupable. For example, there are scientists, actors, and different talents from all parts of the world not just certain types of people are good at the same thing
  6. :D another extremely sad devilish story. why cant people just treat people the way they wish to be treated?
  7. flowing beards look the best to me. :D ) but my case is different because i'm a girl and i dont wear a turban like boys do. why is it so rare for girls to wear keshkis but much more common for boys to wear turbans and patkas? not that i would only do what's common but it is still annoying how there's so much difference in standards for males and females.
  8. there shouldnt be anything wrong with gel. i have to put some on cause without it my hair frizzes up like crazy
  9. :D @ geez i already regret not staying so much. i dont know what was wrong with me. i really enjoyed the part i saw and thought the translations were the best part. hopefully they start doing that more
  10. well that show makes it look like fun stuff but they do really gross things like use parts of animals (eg. blood, eyes, liver) to make some type of brew
  11. thankyou i'm very interested in jaam marg. do you believe in that picture though?
  12. wiccans are known as witches and u've probably heard of witchcraft
  13. what about religions like wiccan which curse people and what about religions with really stupid rituals where they kill animals and stuff?
  14. actually i was really trying not to answer them that way so i was really surprised.
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