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Found 2 results

  1. My fiance comes from a poor family in punjab. Both her brothers are total nalayaks of the worst kind. Their wives disrespect their in-laws and do constant fightings at home. So her parents basically very dukhi with their sons and daughter in laws. One would expect my fiance would have some kinda sense in her head to keep the contacts with me well, because she's obviously getting very nice saure (us). But sometimes some of her status on watsapp tend to be shrewd. For instance, if i didn't call her for few days, she would not tell me but put on her watsapp status "what kind of love you have ? no calls" or something along those lines. Recently she put her watsapp dp with a mean girl face and quote in punjabi (translated) "right now i am sad , but when i become happy, i will make whole world sad" And today's : "I am a nice girl , but i only maintain relationship with those with whom i feel at heart" I fail to understand at whom are her such watsapp statuses directed ? Is it me , or am I just making a moutain out of a mole ? or is it directed towards no one . I told my parents, even they were angry about it . Even i was angry.
  2. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh ji, I've been attending weddings since ever basically lol typical. But its soon to be my own. So basically someone in the family found/recomended a girl for me to my parents and things got rolling from there. I plan to take Amrit in the near future. I want to get into keeping rehit before i take Amrit so i know i can commit to keeping rehit instead of taking Amrit and then seeing if i can keep it or not. The proposed girl for me is not kesdhari at the moment. I'm hoping here journey will lead her onto this path soon. Now both families are typically punjabi. Hardcore partiers etc. 1) I just want the Anand Karaj to take place, Guru ka Langar and we all go home. I realize this is a dream world fantasy of mine. Does anyone think this could be possible? I dont listen to music, i dont dance drink or eat forbidden food- i dont want all this to take over my own wedding. So can there be a compromise as im pretty sure both families will never agree to a total no party policy. Hows no meat no alcohol and i will not be dancing like a lunitic? Just food, deafening music and people dancing... And when should i make all this clear to the girls family? I think this could potentially be a deal breaker. 2) Is the Kurmai and Chunni ceremony Gurmat? I've seen how the groom is given dried fruits nuts etc in his palla/parna thing and then fed a shuwara/dried date. I don't understand what this represents so am questioning whether this is Gurmat at all. I've seen this take place in the Darbar Sahib. What is this all about? And can I take part in all this? 3) The maiya/mehndi which takes place on the days leading to the wedding. Haldi doh stuff is applied to the groom/bride-to-be. I really dont fancy that. Too intimate and spray on fake tan would do the same job! Pretty sure this is not Gurmat. 4) Groom & Kalgi- this is a no no right? How come this happens all too often? Why is nothing said/explained to sangat before/during the Anand Karaj? And the groom holds a sword- any reason? 5) Can this all work out between me, a kesdhari hoping to soon take Amrit, and a non kesdhari girl? Pul chuk maaf ji.
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