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  1. Looking through historical paintings related to Punjab, in general, and Sikhs, in particular, I have encountered a turban style that looks like the patkas/keskis that small kids war but also has some similarities with dumallas. This style can be seen from very early Sikh paintings of the Gurus and also in late British paintings. The turban helmet of the Sikhs was also based on this style. I think that it stopped being used in the 1850s because the triangular shaped turban; that actually had developed as a cover for the smaller turbans; became immensely popular.
  2. Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji k Fateh, Another post stating my thoughts and beliefs. Working at a construction site my job is escorting workers / vehicles and looking after things, due to the nature of the institute this is required at the place. The Site manager and supervisor were concerned about me going in the actual construct site due to me unable to wear a hard hat because of the Turban. Not saying anything yet (Manager needed HIS Manager's views) even though I could have had stated "Sikhs are exempt due to Turban..." However, I had to mull it over before stating a
  3. Watching Akaal Channel on Sky TV earlier today elections programme in Raja Sansi area. I didn't watch the interview with this local properly, but the distinct 'Dastaar' surprised me. Anyone know if this is some type of hybrid for head protection due to work ?
  4. Guest

    Shower kirpan

    I use a small kirpan when I shower in which I tuck it into my dastaar, I just wanted to know if this is right, also sometimes when I take my small kirpan out of my dastaar I forget to put on my everyday kirpan which I wear (I don't do it on purpose, I just forget) is alright for me to do japji sahib path to ask for, forgiveness and do benti that guru sahib ji stops me from this this again?
  5. Question is above - How is it comfy for you? It really annoys me , I donĀ“t know how to tie .. If it is to tight I get headache if it is too loose, it gets off while sleeping - and when I am asleep I turn around much and pull the hair out that makes me awake Lol, I can tie good dastaars etc, but I fail in doing Jooras - never learnt it proper Have you got some tips or videos etc..? @ Moderator please movie this thread I guess I posted it in wrong section.
  6. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh, im a female. I am very very much inspired by anyone who ties a dastaar. I really want to tie a dastaar. So, during the covid lockdown, I started practicing to tie a dastaar. My kes is very very thick and long. You can't even tie a bun on my hair. My Bunga is very big despite me making it like a jalebi shape.Im still practicing how to tie a dastaar but it's not coming in my hands. I really don't know how to tie a dastaar despite seeing so many videos, despite seeing someone else tie theirs in front of my eyes. I know that I will continue to practice e
  7. Guest

    How do you wash a dastar?

    Vjkk vjkf how do you wash a dastaar? I don't want the colour to fade so how do I stop that as well?
  8. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Does anyone know how to tie a Puratan style Dastar, the same type of style that Guru Gobind Singh Ji or Guru Hargobind Ji wore?
  9. Gurfateh Ji, Sangat ji, does anyone have a contact (shop or outlet) in India where I can order proper Khalsa Royal Blue F74 malmal dastaars? The really deep blue shade (almost purple looking) that doesnt fade? Nihung colour. Thank you. Vaheguru!!
  10. Vaheguru Je Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Je Ke Fateh I have been wanting to tie a dastaar for a few years now and will one day hopefully soon, but I have noticed that some Sikhs, (particularly men and aunties) see a woman with a dastaar on as ugly? I never really gave this much of a thought, however now it's making me think, how will I find a husband if everyone thinks I am ugly? I know how I sound, and I also don't really know what I am asking, but, do we really look, ugly? Do you really think dastaar on amritdhari women should not be allowed? Why is it that amritdhari men are so against having a
  11. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh I am a Sikh girl who has recently started wearing a Dastaar. I chose to do this as I wish to live in the bana that the Guru set for us. I am also Amritdhari. One question came to my mind... Is wearing a Dupatta/Chunni required if I am wearing a Dastaar. From my belief, Dupattas/Chunnis are meant to cover hair as a sign of respect for the Guru. Wearing a Dastaar permanently takes care of that. However, I see several women that have Keskis, yet they use a Dupatta/Chunni to wrap it around their breasts/bust. Is that the whole point of a Dupat
  12. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh Hello everyone I am a Sikh girl living in Europe and i wanna tie Dastaar, but i don't know how to tell my parents about this, because nobody in my family is wearing turban and I don't know if they are cool with it. Almost a year ago I started learning Gurmukhi and about Sikhi in generall and now I'm learning Path and Kirtan. Now I'm not ready for taking Amrit, it's a big descision and responsibility. Sikhi is a way of life so I wanna go it step by step.
  13. Guest

    Tying A Dastaar

    So I have been tying a Dastaar for over a year but I still don't feel I can tie one properly. I used to tie a dumalla and it would hurt my forehead and my ears went all red by the evening. Recently I started tying a gol dastaar. I first do a bunga which is all fine. Then I have a separate 2m cloth and rap it round for solidity. When I tie my dastaar I tie it 2 times over my forehead otherwise it becomes loose with only 1, and when covering the top I do it before my other larhs but It doesn't look right from the back. I tried the covering off the top at the end but same thing happens. My proble
  14. Guest

    Long Hair

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji Ki Fateh I need help in tying my kesh (very long) before making a dastaar. Currently my mom ties a joorha & patka on my head but for a long time coming I want to start tying a dastaar. One major obstacle for me is preparing my kesh before making a dastaar. I've tried making a dastaar with the joorha my mom ties, but it sticks out of the dastaar and makes it look very awkward on my head. Tying a bunga also does not solve the problem. I'm very depressed and was wondering if anybody has any suggestions.
  15. Guest

    Turban Questions

    Hi everyone I have decided to wear a turban for the rest of my life. I have some questions that I would like your help with please - and only sikhsangat posters would be experts :biggrin2: So here goes - I am tying a round turban with an orange keski underneath. My technique is to tie a orange keskhi. I then get the larr and cover my head by holding it directly vertical in the centre of my forehead i.e. joora and orange keshi is covered. Then I wrap it all the way around and I tuck in the final larr at the end. So the questions - 1. I have noticed some people have turbans which are flat
  16. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa..Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. I want to know about turban types.Recently I have started to learn how to tie a dastaar..but I don't know which one to buy,I came to know about Full Voile,malmal and Rubaia types.So which one should I buy and what are diffrences between the types ?
  17. Guest

    Jathebandi Confusion

    Ok So I tie a round (gol) style dastaar. Almost everyday I have people who think I am a singh from Damdami Taksal. Now I don't have any problem with taksali singhs, but I don't want to be called a taksali because I haven't gone to any taksal its kinda like having a false identity but I have been told by some people that when I do path I am just like a taksali. ( I have done akhand path seva bfore). I know It seems like a pathetic problem, but it could turn bigger in the future What should I do Should I go along and act the part of taksali and then go to a taksal later in my life or shoul
  18. WJKK WJKF My freind showed me this video today does anyone know how i can get in touch with these Singhs? and r they amritdharis? plzz tell .. i reckon they are doing something good we should try show them our support.. plzz if yous know about them .. please tell me really want to get in touch with them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4DsYARpzzA
  19. I tie my pagh going left to right... But I am told that this is wrong and it needs to be tied right to left ... Is there any real maryada behind this... I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter but I wanna know for sure....
  20. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ke Fateh! Sangat Ji, the reason I have started this topic is to allow sangat Ji to give their views/opinions/reviews on dastaar (i.e. size, material, style/type, tips & techniques). Even though I know there are many post regarding the dumalla or dastaar, I thought it would be great if we are able to have all questions/queries and answers under one post (help me especially). Few questions for example: What material is best for dumalla/dasaar and Why? Length of your/common dumalla/dastar? Experience you have gained from learning to tie your dumall
  21. Curious, have you ever ordered a dastaar online? Why or why not? I'm starting an online dastaar company and would love your input. If you want to learn more, sign up here: http://bit.ly/sikhturbans
  22. Guest

    Tight Dastaar

    VJKK VJKF Sat sangat jeee. I had a question regarding the tightening of the dastaar. I had asked this question in various locations before. One of my friends who is very well educated about sikhi told me I should try and wear the style of the akali's. I asked them if there dastaars would come loose and he told the key to why there dastaars would not come off in the war times is because of all the shastar they had in there dastaar. I dont really have any shastar so is there any other style that gives a tight dastaar that will not come without shastar. P.S. I tried tightening the lad of my das
  23. Guest


    Gurfateh Sangat Ji, Benti to all, has anyone recently been to Italy, (by plane, not boat, or by foot).. I was wondering what the airport and security checks were like, as there was quite a commotion last year about dastaar's and kirpans being taken off/overly searched. It would be great to get some feedback or any exeprience in regards to this, Dhanvaad, Daas. :cool2:
  24. Guest

    Baana Or Graduation Gown

    Vjkk vjkf! Got graduation ceremony....sangat jee...it wud b gr8 to wear a baana with kesri dastaar mayb with gown on top. Is this ok? is it ok to wear gown like this? Any suggestions what to wear khalsajee?
  25. Ok so ive started this thread as i didnt want to clog up big_tera's topic on his circumcision crazy theory with my thread. Here it is pretty clear and simple why do girls go for particular type of guys and islamic grooming cases. It's nothing to do with big_tera's nonsense theory of circumcision its all to do with physical attraction and Islamic ideology of conquest over the kufr (non believer). If we look at muslim women who date Sikh men or find them attractive, we need to look at why they are dating them is it because of their Sikh religion? no is it because of their shaved face / trimm
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